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As much as we all have our next destination in mind, we all need to have some inspiration from time to time. Even if their just guides, the best food places, activities or even a whole new destination. It gets us out of our own comfort zone. We learn about new places that weren’t on our list before. Sometimes inspiration is all we need to fulfil our dreams.

The internet is massive and there are loads of resources to find about travel. However, it’s harder to find resources that will fit our wishes and needs. Here is the list of my favourite ways to get inspiration!

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Oh, the queen of inspiration. This is the best place to find EVERYTHING you need. From DIY’s, to hair tutorials, interior design (love this) and anything about travel. The great thing about Pinterest is the variety of content and the possibility to place a link behind the photo. Did you find a photo about the beginners guide to Paris? Click on it and 99% of the time you’ll be redirected to a blog or website with the guide. It’s the perfect place to find photo inspiration, but also to find great blogs and fun people!

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I might be biased, but I love reading travel blogs. It’s so cool to read about their experience and story. It might be completely different to your story and that’s what makes it so fun. Everyone has a different perspective during their travels. This is also your chance to get some insiders information about the city or region you’re going to visit. For example, my “The Beginners Guide To Paris”! It’s full of information to make your next trip the best it can be.

My favourite all-time travel blog is The Blonde Abroad. Not only looks her blog absolutely stunning and incredible, she has the best content ever. If you’re a woman: this is a lovely blog for you to read. Full of tips for safe travels as a woman, inspiration about solo traveling and amazing packing guides.

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Vlogs, travel diaries and guides: anything better than photos are videos. A video tells more than a thousand words to me. It shows the beautiful living nature, the vibe of the place, the way of living in most of the videos and you get to know some of the activities in the area. I’m such a fan of YouTube to find travel inspiration and I guarantee you will find great stuff on here.

I love watching travel diaries and Aspyn and Parker are amazing at making these travel diaries. Their (travel) vlogs are amazing as well. Alex and Dan have a fun YouTube channel with travel videos and vlogs on it. Her personal channel Alex Centomo has great content as well.

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When I’m not behind a screen working or blogging, you’ll most likely find me reading a travel book. I’ve been collecting lots of travel books about travel writing, photography books and a book about backpacking the world. This is amazing to get inspiration and I promise your travel wish-list will keep growing. All of the Lonely Planet books are incredible. The entire website is so fun to explore and they have so much travel content (obviously). I have three Lonely Planet books and they are my favourite.

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I also have a Dutch book, which is more interesting for the Dutch readers. It’s a backpacking book from We Are Travellers and my wish-list just keeps growing. I never thought about backpacking in Costa Rica but after reading that chapter: it is on my list.

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If books are a bit much: magazines are amazing as well. Lonely Planet has a magazine and the National Geographic Travelers magazine is so fun to read as well. It’s more serious content with lots of amazing photography and interesting facts about traveling.

I’m sure you will find great stuff somewhere between these tips! Your bucket list might keep growing, and making a decision won’t be any easier. There is so much to explore. Be sure to share your favourite way to get travel inspiration!




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