How To Take Care Of Your Skin While Travelling

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We get so into the moment and the love of travel, that we might forget to take care of one really important thing: our skin. It doesn’t matter where you are: your skin is precious and should be taken good care of. You don’t want to look back and regret not taking good care of your skin. After reading this blog: you know all the basic stuff to do!

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How To Take Care Of Your Skin While Travelling!

It doesn’t matter if we go to Bali and be in the full sun, or if we’re going skiing and sit down in the sun for a little while. Or when we’re hiking and will mostly be walking in the woods with a little sunlight. Nope. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot, cold, snowy or rainy. Our skin asks for good care!

Hot & Sunny Weather

Everyone knows: sunscreen is our best friend in hot and sunny weather. Just start the day by applying sunscreen before getting dressed. Even if you’re just going out to explore! It will protect your skin during the day and it’s so important. We often forget how damaging the sun can be, even when we’re not tanning. Apply sunscreen every hour or so – depending on the sun – whenever you’re tanning to prevent a sunburn and other damage of the sun. It doesn’t particularly mean that you won’t tan as fast as you would without sunscreen.

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I even think I tan more equal and prettier whenever I apply sunscreen. And if it would slow down the tan process: what does it matter? We should just embrace our natural skin tone. I do, but I have to be honest: I just look way more healthy with a little bit of tan. It’s perfectly fine to take a little while like days or weeks to get a tan. It doesn’t have to be done in just one day!

Rainy & Cold WEather

My skin gets really dry during cold weather and even with it’s raining. I live in the Netherlands and boy, it rains a lot here. Moisturizing my skin is so important during these days. I’m not a fan of skiing or snowboarding or any form of sport in the snow. However, I do know that the sun can be extremely damaging whenever you’re just chilling at the après ski bar, in the sun, with the sun reflecting on the snow. No wonder people get really bad sun burns during skiing and all.

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Overcast Days & Change in Seasons

Even on overcast days it’s so important to get your sunscreen on. Personally, I don’t really use sunscreen in the winter when it’s cold and raining because I don’t really think it’s necessary. However, when it goes from summer to autumn, winter to spring or spring to summer: I do use sunscreen. Even if it’s just a small layer. Even when I go to work and be sitting inside for a while. It’s just for those moments outside in the sun. Those little moments can build up to long moments being unprotected in the sun!

The sun is more dangerous than we think even though most of us love the sun. I love the sun and I’m really a sunny-weather girl. Give me some sun and I’m one happy girl. But we can be happy girls and happy boys while wearing sunscreen. Gotta admit: sunscreen does get a little sticky sometimes. It’s just another excuse to take that very nice shower in the evening!

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Furthermore, moisturizing is so important. I’m guilty of forgetting this which leads my legs to be the driest creatures they can be. It’s horrible. And it takes me a few weeks to get them look normal during the summer. I just forget. It’s not something I do every night. I’m better at it during the summer since I’ll be wearing shorts, skirts and dresses and I want my legs to look good. But isn’t that stupid? Why should I take better care of my legs during the summer than during the winter time? Especially during the winter: they really, really need to be moisturized. I promise I will do better next winter!

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I do like to use facial mist sprays while travelling to moisturize my face on-the-go or just to get some coolness on my face. It’s really hydrating! I would also suggest to take some eye crème with you or a really nice cleanser that will balance and hydrate your skin. If you like to wear foundation: a foundation with SPF is a really easy way to protect your skin! Last but not least, do not touch your face during the day. Especially while travelling! You carry so many bacteria with you on your hands (I don’t want to gross you out) and you don’t want to bring these bacteria’s on your face like that. You know, if they want to get there: they will. Try to wash your hands a lot, use anti-bacterial hand gel and you’re good to go. Water is really good to hydrate overall, so definitely try to drink lots of water.

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I’m not the best at some of these things but I’m definitely working on it and trying to use them every single day when I need to! I hope you’ll do the same and think about the damage of the sun. We only have now to take care of our skin. When it’s too late, it’s too late. Better be safe than sorry!

What is your secret of taking good care of your skin? I’d love to know and it’s good to share our tips with eachother. Even the smallest things make a difference!

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skincare tips for travel, how to take care of your skin while travelling, travel tips
skincare tips for travel, how to take care of your skin while travelling, travel tips


  1. Totally agree with the sunscreen! Even when it might not be super hot an sunny, you can still get burned – I’ve made that mistake more than once! Thanks for these tips!

  2. Yess!! This is such an important topic! I wish I’d had this guide on me whilst I was backpacking! I must admit, I kinda forget about my skin care! I especially felt the tip about overcast weather and wearing suncream – New Zealand tricked me!!

  3. Being travelers, the elements do take their toll on the skin which bears the brunt of the vagaries of the weather conditions. Traveling takes us one day to hot weather places and the next day we may be in a place that is freezing. Essential and basic skincare is an absolute necessity when traveling. These are some amazing tips for taking care of the skin while traveling. Keeping hydrated is a great help.

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