Summer Travel Essentials For A City Trip

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Are you planning on going to a sunny travel location? Lucky you! Personally, I’m always the happiest when I go to a sunny destination. Very cliché, but the sun makes everything prettier and happier. Let’s talk about summer travel essentials for your upcoming city trip!

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I am leaving for Barcelona in less than a week so I am gathering my travel essentials. We can’t take as much with us on a 4-day trip compared to a full vacation. So, we have to make decisions in the stuff we’re bringing. What’s important to take with you and what can you leave at home and possibly buy on the destination?

Please follow the measures and guidelines provided by your government regarding the situation around COVID-19. This blogpost about summer travel essentials is meant to help you for your future travels when it’s safe to travel again.

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Summer Travel Essentials For A City Trip!


Obviously, the most important summer travel essentials: clothing. I always try on my outfits before packing them. This way I know how the outfit looks and most importantly: how the outfit feels. You don’t want to take any clothes with you that feel heavy or already a little too warm. I always make sure to have loose, but stylish, and light outfits that breath when it’s hot. You won’t make me happy with a very tight short and a very tight top. I’d rather have a tight short and a looser top or a tight top and a looser short. I’m even more happier when I wear flowy dresses and skirts!

Furthermore, I do recommend packing different outfits. Here are a few of the summer travel essentials for different situations.

Going out to explore the city

A good pair of trainers or very comfortable sandals are a musthave in my suitcase as summer travel essentials. I love my white Adidas Superstars, it’s super basic but I can walk hours on these shoes. And I do really like my Fred De La Bretoniere sandals and slippers. They were pretty expensive, but I can walk on them for a very long time as well. Amazing when it’s hot and you don’t want to wear trainers!

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Beach time

Some cities are on the coast which means you can have some beach time if you’d like! Definitely bring your bathing suit with you to have a swim and some tanning time. Since we can’t take a lot of stuff with us on a city trip: try bringing a hammam towel. It’s a lot less heavy, dries really fast and doesn’t take a lot of space in your luggage like a beach towel. I’d also suggest on bringing some flipflops, a hat, sunglasses and some easy clothes to throw on your bathing suit. You want to feel comfortable if you need to travel with public transport to your hotel!

The real adventurer

Some cities are located in the most beautiful areas. It’s perfect to go on an active hike and enjoy the nature and surroundings. Doing this, you need to be prepared. I suggest to take one pair of really good trainers with you, possibly even running shoes. And some clothes that try quickly, for example just workout clothes. Whenever it’s pretty hot, wear a hat or cap to cover your head and prevent possible headaches. A backpack is the easiest bag to bring with you. You can load it up with enough water, food and other necessities like sunscreen and powerbanks!

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Skincare and make-up

Skincare can’t miss in this summer travel essentials. It’s so important to take good care of your skin whenever you go outside. I recommend having one for your body and one for your face. Personally, I’m allergic to perfume, only on my face and neck, which means I need to have a sunscreen without any perfume in it. My favourite is the Clinique sunscreen. It doesn’t irritate my skin and works really well! I’m not picky of the sunscreen for my body. Usually I have one from Yves Rocher or Nivea.

I used to always take my entire skincare with me during travels. Nowadays I use make up wipes from Clinique and a day and night cream from Clinique as well. Especially on the shorter trips, it’s so much easier to pack. I do take more skincare with me if I leave for longer than a week.

Make-up wise, I like to pack my Anastasia soft brown dipbrow, mascara, a concealer and some blush or bronzer and lipstick for the night time. I hardly wear make-up because it’s just going to sweat of my face, let’s be honest. However, the Anastasia dipbrow sticks on no matter what and I don’t mind wearing mascara as well. I do always have a sunscreen chap stick with me!

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We all need some accessory with us. We can’t forget about our favourite sunglasses and possibly a back up one. I also like to take a cap or hat with me. Especially if I go hiking: it prevents me from getting headaches! I’m a fan of my Fitbit Charge 2 and I love taking this one with me to track everything, from steps to my heartrate during the day. It’s also my favourite alarm in the morning.

As I mentioned earlier, I do recommend taking a hammam towel or blanket with you. Either for tanning on the beach or when you want to relax in the park! And a good book is always nice to have with you. I also recommend taking a small wallet with you, with only the necessities and a small amount of cash.

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I can’t live without my camera so this is the first time I take with me, besides my phone obviously! Don’t forget to bring all the charges, possible extra batteries and power banks. Did you know it’s possible to charge your camera with your power bank? I didn’t, but someone at the store told me when I bought my new camera. I love reading, so usually take my e reader with me. So much easier to travel with and you can take all the books you want with you!

These are all the summer travel essentials I take with me! I’m packing up my bags on Tuesday night and leave for the airport during the night. So, so excited. If you would like to follow my time in Barcelona, don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram. I will be posting loads of stories and pictures. Which summer travel essentials do you always take with you?



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4 ultimate summer travel essentials for a city trip, packing tips, packing guide, summer city


  1. Such a helpful post 🙂 I never think to try on outfits before I pack but you’re so right about testing them out first – my next holiday is in a few weeks and I will definitely be doing that now.
    I’m also going to Barcelona next year so I’d love to hear what you get up to and what you thought of the trip!

    Sammy | Self-Care Sloth

    1. It’s so easy!! And even on holiday you know exactly which outfits are nice. I’m going to write lots about Barcelona, so good to know you’ll read them. 😀

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