5 Useful Travel Tips For On The Way

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Am I the only one who absolutely loves reading travel tips? There is always something new to learn and more to figure out. Some of those tips will save your trip or even make it a lot better than it already was. These are my 5 favorite travel tips for on the way!

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I have shared lots of travel tips on this blog, like my tips for vegetarian and vegan travellers and my tips to become a responsible traveller. I feel like travelling is always an on-going learning curve. We figure out what works and what doesn’t work. The only way to learn, is to actually go out there and find out what you want and need. It is different for every type of traveller.

5 Useful Travel Tips For On The Way

Download Google Maps offline

I am sure we have all used Google Maps during our city trips and longer trips. It is the perfect app for your city walks and road trips. It always knows what’s going on and you’re never unpleasantly surprised. However, we don’t always have internet when we travel. Google Maps has the option to download the entire map of your destination and save it offline. You can use it as you would regularly but don’t need any internet connection.

Pack your bags logically

I always need some sort of system when I pack my bags. Especially if you’re packing a backpack. I pack the essentials at the top of my suitcase so I can grab it immediately when I open my suitcase. If you are travelling to a cold and warmer destination, make sure to pack your backpack in the order of the countries you are visiting. Will you visit the cold destination first? Pack the summer clothes first so your clothes for the colder weather is on top of your clothes for the warmer weather – which means: you’re able to grab those ones first!

Book your accommodation on the destination

If you are backpacking or travelling without a schedule, try to book your accommodation at the hotel itself. Find your accommodation on Booking, save it and visit the hotel or hostel on the destination and ask for the price for your stay. It might save you some money if you book directly at the desk or on their own website. Always worth a try!

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Use local transportation

Cabs and personal drivers are expensive as hell, especially in bigger cities like Paris. There is almost always the option to use the local public transportation like the bus or metro but there are other options too! One thing I hate about the metro is that you’re not seeing the city because most metro lines are underground. Bigger cities like Paris have steps or scooters to rent and use around the city. If you are travelling in Asia, let’s say Bali, I would suggest renting a scooter as well. They even have electric scooters!

Use online check-in even if you have luggage

I love using online check-in, even if I have luggage. Yes, you might still need to wait in line but it is perfect to secure your seat and get your boarding pass. Airports like Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam have baggage drop off points. Check-in online and drop your luggage off at this point to avoid the long lines at the check-in desk! It is time saving and definitely less stressful as well.

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These are my favorite travel tips for on the way. I always use them, although I sometimes choose the easier route and book my accommodation in advance. However, if I would travel multiple countries or go backpacking in the future I will definitely use this tip of booking on the destination. These tips will all make your trip more effortless and smooth and who doesn’t love a smooth travel trip?

What are your favorite travel tips?

5 must know travel tips during travelling, tips to use while travelling, travel facts, travel talk
5 must know travel tips during travelling, tips to use while travelling, travel facts, travel talk

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