8 Travel Safety Tips For Women

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We can’t deny the fact that travelling isn’t always safe. There’s a lot to keep in mind when you travel to make sure you’re safe and everything goes well. It doesn’t change the fact that travelling is absolutely amazing. It does mean that you have to be prepared because you don’t to get involved in unwanted situations: especially as a female. Here are my 8 travel safety tips for women.

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I’m not talking about super difficult preparations that take loads of time or money. No, I’m talking super simple. Easy ways to be prepared and more importantly: to feel prepared and safe. Because if you don’t feel safe while travelling: there’s no fun in travelling. Right? Here we go!

Travel safety tips for women 1: Always, always have a power bank

The first and most important thing: always carry a fully charged power bank with you. You never want to get in a bad situation without a phone because the battery was too low. Always make sure that you can reach ANYONE with your phone. A power bank is a lifesaver, just plug it in with your phone and it charges while you’re on the go. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and it’s lightweight.

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Travel safety tips for women 2: Share your live location with your friends

Are you going out on your own when you’re on a trip with friends? I suggest you share your live location with them if you leave the house or when you travel home. They can keep an eye on you and see if you stop for an usually long time at one place. And if you get in trouble, they know exactly where you are or the area you’re in.

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Travel safety tips for women 3: Research your destination thoroughly

Researching your destination is always a lot of fun. I love finding out secret spots, great places to eat and places with a gorgeous view. When you’re at it: also look up some of the local safety information. It’s good to know which areas are better to avoid late at night, how the local transportation is, what the reviews of your accommodation are and what are the risks of the activities you’re planning? You need to know this before your trip begins.

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Travel safety tips for women 4: Don’t keep all your values with you

Of course you need to have your bank card, your mobile phone, maybe a camera or some cash with you. But don’t take all your valuables with you. Leave some locked up in your hotel room. I suggests to take two credit cards or bank cards with you: one to take with you, one to leave at your hotel. If your bank cards get stolen, you always have a back-up. Same with a copy of your passport. And don’t have any of these valuables in a backpack to carry around: you want to keep an eye on your bag!

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Travel safety tips for women 5: Don’t trust people too easily

Some people are really good at getting our trust while they absolutely don’t deserve it. Don’t be fooled and always be aware of the people you’re talking to: even if they are really, really nice. You always make friends while travelling, and I believe that 80% of the people are talking to you with good intentions. Be aware of the other 20% that is NOT.

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Travel safety tips for women 6: Keep an eye on your drink

This one is not only important to think about while travelling, but also at home. Always keep an eye on your drinks if you’re out. Doesn’t matter if you’re at a bar, a club or a restaurant. Make sure that no one has the chance to do something with your drink. If you’re not sure, don’t drink it and order another one. Better safe than sorry.

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Travel safety tips for women 7: Blend in as much as you can

A little general tourist safety tip: try to blend in. If you want to be the victim of pickpockets: look like the typical tourist. For example: the Parisian style is very classy. If you show up in Birkenstocks, a short and a simple tank top (preferably with a camera hanging from your neck): they know you’re a tourist. And like it or not, tourists are usually the victims of pickpockets. Make it harder for them and try to dress like the locals.

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Travel safety tips for women 8: Spend extra money on safety

I know: we want to save as much money while travelling. Some things are not worth saving on. Sometimes it means that you have to spend more money on taking a taxi home at night, or pay more to stay in a safe accommodation. I also suggest to build a financial cushion for example: to always have enough money to return home. If something goes wrong, you always have enough money to buy a plane ticket back home.

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Easy, simple safety tips for women. Easy, but definitely worth trying. We women kinda need to look after each other while travelling. So please share your safety tips while travelling! What’s something you always do to be and stay safe?




  1. This is such an important post. I get annoyed that we have to take this precautions, but it is so important that we do!

    I am so bad at keeping my phone charged, so I definitely need to remember to charge up my power bank and have it with me all the time.

    Sammy | Self-Care Sloth

    1. It would be so nice to travel without having to think about our safety! I really recommend buying a power bank, it’s so easy. 🙂

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