Why I’m Passionate About Responsible Travel

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Hiya! Happy Tuesday, or another day you’re reading this. I’m back with a talky blog post and this one is all about responsible travel. I love writing the travel and city guides, inspirational posts or informative posts but once in a while – I love to write a simple blog post. Just me, writing and talking about a subject. This one is about responsible travelling, as you may have noticed – the direction my blog is moving towards.

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Now I know responsible travelling can feel a bit like “ugh, here we go again” – and that’s something I am trying to avoid. I’m not here to lecture you or to give you restrictions during your next trip. No, that is not my goal here. Every traveller travels for different reasons, even though the main reason may be the same (to travel the world). So who am I to tell you what you can or can’t do? Exactly, I’m not the person who should be telling you that.

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story time, blog, why i'm passionate about responsible travel, personal story, wanderlust, travel, tips, inspire, responsible travel

That’s something I feel is important. Travelling should feel like freedom. Like we can do anything we want. There’s no one to stop us. And I want responsible travel to feel the exact same. No “ugh” feelings during your travels. Travelling responsible should be easy. Nothing much too think about, but stuff we can do in a short amount of time.

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I only became more passionate about responsible travel at the beginning of this year. Last year, I wrote a few blog post about responsible travel but they were more sporadically. Sometimes, a blog post about responsible would appear, same as blog posts about photo diaries and a beginners guide here and there. To start off with my blog last year and the beginning of this year – it was very lifestyle and travel based. Still love these subjects, but I wanted to create more of a niche within my lifestyle and travel subjects. I know I have been writing tons about responsible travel, but I am definitely passionate about responsible lifestyle as well. I’m leaning towards this side on my blog but will definitely continue to write fun inspirational blogs with a litttttttle touch of responsibility. Maybe.

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The reason why I became more aware of travelling responsible has to do with my current study. I am still in university and hopefully I will graduate somewhere in June 2020. I’m studying Tourism Management and I am specialized in online marketing. Do you have question marks above your head? Why is she into responsible travel while she’s specializing in online marketing? Gotcha. Sustainability has been the biggest subject during my four years of studying, especially during my first two years. Frequent readers know I’ve been to Bali and some might even know it was a study trip. I was there to do a destination research and look into different perspectives of tourism – the locals, the businesses, the environmental organizations and so much more.

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That’s where it all started, in Bali. Even though I have had plenty of subjects about sustainability, it never really crossed my mind to do anything with it. In fact, when I was travelling through Bali – my blog only went live a month before. I was very much a newbie to blogging, had no idea what to do and was still finding my way around the blogging scene and looking into what I wanted to write. My research in Bali opened my eyes about responsible travel. I saw what the locals do to get tourists, why they suffer in touristy crowded places and still greet us with the biggest smile on their face. I saw how many international hotels were build in those busy places while there weren’t a lot of locally owned hotels. At the same time, I saw an environmental organization freeing baby turtles into the ocean. I saw the kind people helping tourists around in Kuta. I saw how important tourism is to all those people.

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And that’s important to know and why I want to change the way I travel. Yes, how I travel. I wish I could empathize the word “I”. Because here, I’m not talking about why you should do. No, I am talking about what I want to do. I want to travel while keeping all those perspectives in mind. I want to travel, see the world and think of the local community. How can I help them? How can I be sure to not offend their traditions and culture? Where can I stay so they will benefit the most? I still want to travel to far destinations, which means I have to take the airplane. What can I do to, not only to make up for the emissions of my flight, but to help in any other way to improve the environment? What can I do to travel responsible? I’m nowhere perfect in this. But thinking about it, makes me feel happy and inspired to travel better. In a different way without limiting what I want to do and see.

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Because as I mentioned before, one of the best thing about travelling is the freedom we have. We don’t have to give up on the freedom if we want to travel responsible. There are so many other ways and I love writing about it. Easy, simple ways. It can be difficult to be “a good tourist”, whatever that may be. I hope I’m here to give you a little guide into travelling responsible. So you won’t think of it as the “ugh, here we go again” but think of it as added value to the experience you already have. That’s why I’m passionate about responsible travel (and writing, and photography).

What are you most passionate about? Travel or non-travel related. I’d love to hear it!



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story time, blog, why i'm passionate about responsible travel, personal story, wanderlust, travel, tips, inspire, responsible travel
story time, blog, why i'm passionate about responsible travel, personal story, wanderlust, travel, tips, inspire
story time, blog, why i'm passionate about responsible travel, personal story, wanderlust, travel, tips, inspire
story time, blog, why i'm passionate about responsible travel, personal story, wanderlust, travel, tips, inspire


  1. I love seeing more people open their eyes to responsible travelling! The planet we’re on is absolutely beautiful, and it’s our job as it’s inhabitants to keep it that way. I’m passionate about sustainable living but have only really dipped my toes into sustainable travelling earlier this year and it’s definitely a learning curve. I can’t wait to see how your content develops in the realm of responsible travel! xx
    El // welshwanderer.com

    1. Yes, definitely! We all have to work together and learn together. Thanks you so much for this sweet comment! 😀

  2. Sustainability and travel is a new concept to me but one I will definitely keep in mind the next time I travel. Being more environmentally conscious is important everywhere – home and elsewhere.

    1. I agree! Every little thing we do helps – at home or while travelling 😀 So good to read you’re going to keep this in mind.

    1. I’m so happy you’re thinking about your travel plans. It’s so easy to take small responsible decisions. 😀 Have fun on your next trip!

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