20 Things I love about spring

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Spring is finally here! The weather in the Netherlands has been awful in the last couple of weeks. We have had some nice days, followed by snow and rain a few days later. Typical Dutch weather. I love the winter, especially around the Christmas time, but since it’s now April: I’m ready for some nice weather and sun! I made a list about twenty things that I love about spring. I hope you enjoy!

1. Ice cream
In spring it’s finally socially accepted to eat ice cream! I absolutely love ice cream, and it’s so nice to get an ice cream and eat it outside in the sun. Especially when everyone else is enjoying the ice cream and you’re just with one big group of happy, ice cream, eating people

2. Open windows
I try to keep my windows closed as much as possible during the winter, because it’s so cold. During the spring time you WANT to have your windows open and enjoy the warmer breeze and sun in your room.

3. Running in the early morning with the sound of chirping birds
Running in the morning is peaceful and quiet, especially when you hear all the birds chirping in the background. It’s not as cold as ins the winter, but the mornings in the spring time aren’t warm either. I used to run a lot, but I somehow fell out of love with running. One of my goals for this spring is to get back into running.

4. The sound of trees rustling in the wind
The trees look so sad in the winter time. No leaves and hardly any birds chirping in the trees. In this time of year, the leaves start to grow back or the tree gets the beautiful blossom. Life comes back into the trees, they start to look happy again and the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind is such a comforting and relaxing sound.

5. Planning your summer holiday(s)/plans
This is usually the time where I start to plan my holidays in the summer. I don’t have a lot of plans, because I’m leaving for Bali in just a week. I consider my Bali journey as the big holiday of the year! However, I will go back to my beloved Paris and I’ll start planning that trip in the upcoming weeks.

6. Switching your dark winter clothes to colourful spring clothes (I won’t judge if you still wear black)
I love wearing black clothes in the winter time. It’s kinda socially accepted to wear all black in the winter, while you’ll get some strange looks if you wear all black in the spring time. No judgement here, because I absolutely love wearing black clothes in spring. But, it is the time of the year to get out your colourful clothes! Not saying you have to go all bright yellow or fuchsia pink, but some little colourful items are very welcome in my wardrobe! I will miss wearing my big, cozy scarfs.

7. Spring cleaning
Cleaning has never been my favourite activity, but it somehow grew on me since I live on my own. That feeling after cleaning your bathroom or kitchen, or after vacuuming your floor is one of the most fulfilling feelings I know. What I do love is cleaning out my closet and donating the clothes that aren’t my style anymore!

8. Reading outside in the sun
Reading was always my chill-time, my “me-time”. A time where I used to completely forget the world around me and get completely lost in the book. That has changed since I went to university. It seems like I can’t find the time or peace to sit down in my chair and read a book. I still like to read, and in the spring/summer time is the time of year where I try and take some time off to do some reading. Reading outside, with the sun on your face, is so relaxing and gives me that little bit of extra relaxation. Especially when you hear the birds chirping in the background!

9. Enjoy coffee outside of the cute coffee shop
Sad to say, but I think I’m addicted to coffee. I just love coffee. A cappuccino, a latte or a cortado: I want it all. The coffee shops are one of the most cosiest places in the autumn and winter time, while in the spring: I want to go outside and enjoy my coffee on the terrace or cute bench in front of the coffee shop. It is the best time to change your “warm” coffee to iced coffee! One of my faves as well.

10. Flower season
Flowers! I am one of those crazy flower girls and I can stand hours in front of the shop thinking about what flowers I should get. They colour your room or place and I love the smell of flowers as well. I love tulips, but my all-time favourite flowers are the peonies. I can’t wait to buy some peonies and make my place look lovely! (they are crazy expensive though)

11. Breath-taking sunsets
The sky has the most amazing colours during the sunsets in the springtime. It’s just a rainbow of dark sunsets colours that make me so happy. I can sit outside and watch the sunsets as long as it takes. It’s that little time of day where I can completely relax and enjoy the beautiful nature we have.

12. Long nature walks
I have two favourite seasons for long nature walks: autumn and spring. Those first few days of warmer weather always give me the urge to walk outside. I love going to the woods, the beach, or the park to enjoy the nicer weather and get some vitamin D.

13. Driving around with your sun glasses on and car windows rolled down
So, this is a little thing that I really enjoy. It’s so simple but it makes so happy to drive around with my sunglasses on, my windows rolled down and to enjoy the sun and the warmer spring breeze in my car.

14. Leather jackets
Kinda goes along with number 13, but it’s time for leather jackets!! I’ve happily replaced my winter coat for my leather jacket.

15. Fruits and veggie season
I love all the fruit that comes into season around the spring/summer time. During the winter time, I usually buy the frozen fruits but I can’t wait to buy some fresh fruit!! And, it’s almost nectarine season and that’s my favourite fruit.

16. Picnics in the park
Picnics are such a springy or summery activity, just sitting around on your blanket with some home-made food (or from the grocery store) and eat it with your friends/family and just talk and catch up with each other. Picnics are sort of my way to catch up friends. It’s casual and fun!

17. It’s easier to wake up early
So, I am really not a morning person. Absolutely not. I wish I could say that I was, but unfortunately: it’s so hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. Especially in the winter time when it’s still dark outside. It gets a bit easier when the sun is out in the morning, it makes me excited for the day and motivated to get stuff done!

18. An (good) excuse to shop your spring/summer clothes
Honestly, every occasion is a good occasion to shop for some clothes. But, buying new clothes for the new season is such a fun shopping-spree!

19. Wearing sunglasses
Yes, sunglasses. The ultimate accessory to celebrate that the sun is shining. And, it’s a great accessory to hide your (sort-of) bad hair-day as well.

20. Everyone seems to be happier in the spring
The sun is out, the birds are chirping, the leaves are getting green and there’s flowers everywhere. People are more likely to go on a walk, enjoy a cup of coffee (or wine) on the terrace and enjoy the nicer weather. It just makes us happy, being outside after the winter is definitely something I look forward to!

So, since our spring basically just started, I wasn’t lucky enough to find some nice flowers, fun places or a lot of little animals to photograph. Honestly, I drove around for two hours but I couldn’t find anything that I loved. I will go out with my camera in the next couple of days and do a spring photography post soon! I was lucky enough to find a mommy cow with her little baby, so I’ll share that one photo with you. (the mom is like “don’t you dare come near my baby”)

Foto 07-04-18 16 14 15

What is your favourite spring activity?

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