22 Things I Learned At 22

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This past week was my birthday week! I turned 22 on Wednesday the 17th of October and I have decided to do a blog post about the life lessons I learned during my 22-year-old life. This is such an “adult” age, but I still feel like a teenager sometimes!! I wish I could stay 19 forever but that’s not going to happen! I think this year will be full of more life lessons, so I love to document this each year to see what I’ve learned.

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1. When it comes to friends: quality over quantity. I much rather have a few really good friends that are there for me when I need them, than a lot of “fake” friends who are only there for the fun times. My close friends don’t live near me at all, which is kinda sad, but it’s fun to see each other and meet in different cities! It’s okay to leave friendships when you realize they aren’t any good to you. I’m so happy I realized this now at 22, instead of wasting years of my life to friendships that aren’t worth it!

2. Health is the most important thing in life. This is something I have always kind-off known, but never really admitted to myself. It’s only since a few weeks that I completely prioritize my mental and physical health, no matter what anyone says about it.

3. I have really thick skin. It may not always look like it, but especially over the last year: I have gotten really thick skin. I care less and less about what other people think of me and I have started to do my own thing: regardless of what anyone thinks of it. Also, I believe that people who do not get your life decisions aren’t the people who are the closest to you. For me, I only have a few people who truly know me and only these people know why I make the decisions I make. I don’t care about the opinions of others who THINK they know me, while they don’t know me at all!

4. I LOVE asparagus. A really random fact, but I never really had asparagus before Spain 2017 when I had a few asparagus in my salad and I loved it!! It’s definitely one of my favourite foods.

5. I’m perfectly good on my own. I don’t need people around me to feel good or okay. I’ve gotten to know this about myself in this past year of living on my own: I like being on my own and living alone and I don’t need anyone to keep my company.

6. I don’t need to have positive people around me to have a good time. I’ve also learned during travelling that I don’t need to have positive people around me to have a good time. I’m really good at making my own plans and I get happiness out of other things if people around me are trying to bring me down, doesn’t matter when or where in the world! I believe that happiness comes from within and not from the people around you.

7. It’s totally okay to say no to things. I used to NEVER say ‘no’ to things, but I’m doing it more and more lately and I love it!

8. I have become less and less of a people pleaser. In the past years, I’ve always prioritized the wellbeing and happiness of the people around me over my own. However, I realized that almost nobody does the same for me so I basically stopped being a people pleaser and started doing my own thing and thinking about my own wellbeing and happiness and I absolutely love it. I’m not a selfish person at all, but I believe it’s good to be selfish sometimes.

9. I still love writing. When I was younger, I loved to write but I couldn’t write after my 16th birthday. I had no imagination, became too much of a perfectionist and I couldn’t write anymore. This blog learned me that I still love writing and that writing makes me the happiest of all times!

10. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Man, I was such a perfectionist. Especially last year! I had such high expectations of myself which resulted in me getting physically sick. This year, I learned that it’s absolutely not worth it. Good is good enough.

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11. Travelling is SO important. Travelling to me is the perfect way to find out who you are and what you want in life. To get away from the daily life and the people around you: that’s when you get to know yourself!

12. I’m not a morning person. As much as I wish I was: I’m simply not a morning person. I am not at all.

13. Productivity is key. Still learning to be productive, but I’ve definitely learned that being successful in life requires productivity. You can’t reach your dreams if you aren’t hard working. Which brings me to my next point!

14. I work extremely hard for the things I want. When I want something, I don’t wait and waste time: I start working for it. I’m such a hard worker and I am perfectly okay with cancelling plans to work on my dreams instead! I also don’t mind spending money and investing in the things I want and in the things that will bring me closer to my dream.

15. I love meeting new people. New people bring you new ideas and new perspective of life and the world! I especially love to meet new people while I’m travelling and I can’t wait to go solo travelling and meet lots and lots of new amazing people!

16. I like buying quality stuff. This means that I rather buy one pair of shoes that cost me 100 euros and will last years, than each year a pair of cheap shoes that will only last me a couple of months!

17. Family is important. I always try to keep my family and closest friends close to me, but especially my family. It’s always the place where you can go home!

18. It’s hard to be yourself. Am I the only one? Even though I’ve got thick skin and stopped being a people pleaser: being yourself is hard in a world where everyone tries to change you, people who think they know you better than you know yourself and sometimes I feel like no one knows who they are.

19. I love wearing business casual outfits. My fashion sense changed over the years and I love to wear business casual outfits, it makes me feel more put together and ready to take on the day! I love that I have my own sort-of style at 22 years old!

20. I love my car. I got my car last year and I absolutely love it, I love the freedom it gives me!

21. It’s okay to do things at your own pace. Don’t rush to get things done because people around you have done it already. It’s okay to graduate college at 25 instead of 22!

22. I love the outdoors. I’ve always known this: I love nature, I love to be adventurous and being in the outdoors! I hate to stay inside, I much rather go out and see the world and do things.

Those are my 22 facts and life lessons, even though not all of them are life lessons obviously! Here’s to another great year, hopefully. Cheers!



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