Apartment Tour 2021 | Living Room, Dining Area & Workspace

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The time is finally here! I officially moved to my new home at the end of January. The last weekend of January to be precise. It’s been a long journey and I had to wait almost a year to get my keys. It was bittersweet to move here and I’m showing you a little apartment tour in this blogpost and sharing how I’ve been doing and why I choose for this style of furniture.

Home decoration has always been a passion of mine. Not the biggest one I have but I absolutely love shopping for home décor and to find the ultimate pieces that fit together. I’m sure everyone wants their house to feel like a home. It is the place where you, especially now, spend almost your entire day. You sleep here. You eat here. You live here. It needs to feel good!

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Many people thought I was crazy for buying my furniture so early on. For example, I already bought my dining table, tv table and my four dining chairs in the summer and autumn of 2020. I had the space to store them and it was nice to already tick some boxes. I used my dining table as my desk for a long time!

I’m going to share where I bought some of the stuff. Pretty sure most of the furniture was bought in Dutch stores, but I do have some international stores as well. Did you miss my previous post about moving? Read my blogpost where I give you a life update about graduating, moving and freelancing.

Apartment Tour 2021 | A Bohemian and Farm House Vibe

Alright. Truth be told – I have no clue what style my house is. I called it bohemian at times or farm house another time. It’s a more Bali vibe as well and it came out exactly how I had it in mind. I loved matching different styles together!

Living room

I wanted my living room to be the ultimate relax place. A place where you can wind down, read a book or watch a movie with a friend. It’s the place where I have my evening tea and enjoy looking at the view outside. I love doing my creative work on the couch in the evening. It’s become a cozy spot and I’m happy how it turned out!

The living room products

My couch is from Ikea, it’s called the Ektorp couch and I have the light grey cover. I’ve had this couch for over 3 years now and it’s still just as comfy. My coffee tables are from a store called Profijt Meubel (it’s Dutch) and my tv table is from a store called Pronto Wonen (Dutch again). The rug is from Leen Bakker (surprise: Dutch) and the art on the wall is from Pronto Wonen and a store called Casa.

I have white and beige curtains in the living room. The white ones on the photo are see through from the inside, but the apartment complex can’t look into my home during the day if I have these closed. The beige ones are a lot thicker and are nice in the evening to keep my home warm and make it look nice and cozy.

The dining area

This spot is pretty simple but I love how it turned out. It’s a nice spot to look at the view while eating my lunch or dinner. I have all of my fruits in the wooden basket which I bought in a local store. I’m happy with the wooden vibes in this area!

The dining room products

My dining table is from Pronto Wonen, it’s the same series as the coffee table. My dining chairs are from de Bommel Meubelen and my wall thingy (which I love) is from a home décor store called Xenos. The lamp is from a store called Gamma. I know all of these are Dutch, but I thought it’d be nice to mention them anyways. I’m sure other international stores have similar items! I’m not sure where all my decorative items are from!

The work space

One thing I wanted was to create a good work space. I always work from home. I have a remote parttime job and I have my two businesses to run at home. It’s important to me to have a space where I can sit comfortable and do my work! As I love travel, I wanted this spot to have some travel vibes. It’s my creative and inspirational corner at the same time.

The work space products

The desk is from Ikea and I absolutely love this corner desk! It’s so big and it has to option to have change the height as well. Not a fancy one with those up and down buttons, but you can alter the legs. I have a small lamp from a local store! All of my prints on the wall are from Desenio.

The rack is from another local store and I have a few special items on here. I have two souvenirs from Spain and Portugal and I’m so excited to collect more in the future. And I have my crystals for good energy!

The kitchen

My kitchen is pretty basic. I wrote a blogpost about me picking out the kitchen! It’s a off-white cabinet with dark grey/black/brown countertop kitchen. There are only a few things I added like the coffee machine. I’m a coffee fan, I almost always have a cup of coffee in the morning. And I absolutely love cooking so I wanted to have a kitchen with more countertop space for cooking! This is the right size for me. Read my blogpost about choosing and designing my new kitchen!

I’m so happy with this living space. It’s the perfect balance between living, eating and working. I have a big balcony as well with sunshine during the afternoon and evenings. I’ll see the sunset every night and I’m truly so grateful!

Would you like to read a part II of this apartment tour? I’ll show you the bedroom, hallway and the balcony once that one is finished!

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a bohemian apartment tour in 2021, home decoration inspiration

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