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Yesterday was Black Friday, and even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the Netherlands (and I’m not sure why we even have Black Friday): I went all out on Black Friday. Here’s what was on my wish list and what I have bought!

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I’m not the biggest shopper but when I do go shopping: I make sure to make the best of it. My mom and I have our monthly shopping spree in Rotterdam and I love to just enjoy that day and shop till’ we drop. Furthermore, I’m mostly an online shopper (because who likes the rush in the stores anyway?) but the real shopping days are much more fun!

As far as I know, most people are aware of Black Friday and the Cyber Monday that follows after Black Friday. If not: Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving where stores give the best discounts so you can get the best deals! Cyber Monday is simply the Monday after Thanksgiving. It’s usually one of the most chaotic and busiest shopping days off the year!


Firstly, my wish list wasn’t that long to be honest. My priority was to buy all of my Christmas presents. One of the budget tips I gave in my “Holiday Shopping: Shopping Tips & Budgeting Tips” was to buy your Christmas presents on Black Friday or on Cyber Monday to save money! So I wanted to buy the Christmas presents for my parents and for my sister. Furthermore, I had some make up I wanted to buy. I’m not the best at taking care of my make up as in: I’ve been using my bronzer and highlighter since I was 16… I’m 22 now. Yes, it was time to get some new make-up. I bet my skin is going to be happy with me! I didn’t make a list of all the specific make up from different brands but I did write a list about the products I wanted:

  • New MAC lipstick
  • New bronzer
  • New blush
  • New highlighter
  • The Anastasia Sultry palette

Furthermore, I needed to get some ear warmers since it’s been SO cold in the mornings and I got the worst cold-headaches while riding my bicycle to my university! And I’ve been wanting to get a new bag. I have a small bag but it’s sort-of light blue grey-ish and it’s just too summery for my liking so I wanted to buy a darker bag (that wasn’t black).

My Black Friday shopping started on Thursday evening when I saw that the discounts on make up already had started!! I bought the Anastasia Sultry Palette that I’ve been eyeing for so long since I’ve seen reviews on it. The only high-end eyeshadow palette I have is the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette in the mini version. It’s the perfect travel sized eyeshadow palette and I’ve been using it so much, but I needed a bigger one! In addition, I bought a bronzer-blush-highlighter kit from Benefit, the Kinda Sexy lipstick from MAC and as a present I got a mini Becca highlighter. All in all, a great deal and I can’t wait to start using it! This blog post is a bit later because I wanted to wait until the delivery came in so I could take some photos of my products. I’m obviously not a beauty blogger and I’m not going to write any reviews about it but I did wanted to show you the products.

Anastasia Sultry Sultry palette Benefit kit Benefit Brow Benefit Palette MAC Kinda Sexy

The next day, on Friday, my mom and I went to Rotterdam early in the morning and spent the entire morning and afternoon shopping! It started off as a quiet morning, but it did get crazy busy around 3 PM so we were glad to leave after we had bought all the products we wanted. I managed to buy all my Christmas presents and I’m so happy about all of my presents! Obviously, I am not going to tell what I have bought as the Christmas presents.

I have had a Pandora bracelet for years and recently I decided to change up my charms and create a new bracelet that fits the adult me instead of the child me. I will get two charms for Christmas, so I will show these in the “what I got for Christmas” blog post. However, I ended up buying a charm myself to remind me of Bali. One of the best moments of Bali was the day when the baby turtles got released into the sea. It was such a cute and magical moment so I decided to buy a water turtle charm! It will remind me of Bali every time I look at it. In addition, I would love to buy a new charm after every special journey to keep reminding me of it.

Pandora bracelet Sea turtle charm

I wasn’t planning on it, but I did buy another lipstick from MAC. They have a new collection and it’s the powder lipstick collection. Not sure, but I guess it’s just a lipstick with a powder finish and they looked amazing online. I ended up buying “Mull It Over” and it will be one of my favourite lipsticks EVER! Here’s what it looks like.

MAC Mull It Over

Later that day I managed to find the perfect dark red-ish bag. I’ve been looking the entire morning but nothing really fitted the bag I had in mind. I love smaller bags, because the larger the bag: the more unneeded stuff I bring with me. Eventually, I found the perfect fall and winter bag and I am so excited to start using it. Only thing is that my wallet does not match the bag perfectly, but I guess that’s a good excuse to buy a new wallet. At the end of the day I managed to buy the ear warmers which are going to save my life!!

Red bag

This was my Black Friday haul and I think I did a pretty good job! I bought the accessories and the products I wanted without going overboard. Today is a fun day, because I’m going to decorate my home into Christmas vibes and I’m decorating my Christmas tree. I might do a blog post about it to show you how I have transformed my home into Christmas.



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