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This is the last weekend of 2019! How crazy that we’re about the enter a whole new decade. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. I have so many business and travel plans for 2020 that I’d love to share with you!

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If you’re on my e-mail list, you’ve received a little personal Christmas email where I wished you a merry Christmas and talked a little bit about going into a new decade. I did a blog post last week “Looking Back At 2019 | Travel & Business Recap” where I looked back at everything in 2019 related to my business and travel. If you want to know more about it, read that blog post!


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I don’t have much planned yet, only 1 trip is fully booked. However, 2020 is going to be very exciting  because I’ll have all the time in the world to travel. I’m graduating college and so happy to travel around the regular holidays. I’m also doing my own graduation project related to my own business, which gives me a little more time to do fun weekend trips!

France & Monaco

This trip is all booked so it’s the one and only confirmed destination for 2020. I’m going to the south of France for 2 weeks and I’ll be visiting Monaco as well. So excited to visit Monaco because this country has been on my list for so freaking long!! Promise I’ll upgrade my French during the next 6 months so I can speak some French while I’m there. I haven’t written much about France, only about Paris where I’ll upload new blog posts regarding my Christmas trip to Paris. So I’m happy to visit other regions of France to write about. France used to be our family’s destination to visit during the summer and I think I’ve almost seen everything of France. Never took any pictures, so I have an excuse to visit them again and write about it.

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New York

This trip has been in the planning since October of this year. I promise it’s going to happen in 2020! We haven’t booked anything yet and still have to figure out when we want to go. We were thinking of going in April or May but definitely give your recommendation if you have one! I’ve been dreaming of visiting NYC when I was a little girl and Gossip Girl only made this dream bigger.

I have so many more dream trips in my mind like visiting Iceland during next winter, going to Prague during Christmas time next year, visit Stockholm or Helsinki at the beginning of the next year and going to Austria around February/March. Nothing is decided yet, so keep your eyes open on my Instagram account because I’ll share everything on Instagram. And, starting this next year, I’ll be sending more regular e-mails on Wednesdays.


business and travel plans for 2020, new york city, france, monaco, email list, blog, freelancing, business talk, motivational


If you are subscribed to my e-mail list, you receive an update email on every Sunday of the week. It’s a little summary of the posts I published, nothing special really. But, that is going to change. I’m so excited because I’ll be sending e-mails on every Wednesday to all of you who are subscribed. They’re going to be more personal, about my travels and what I’m up to, but also about travel tips, special destinations and blog posts to read. I’m also going to share freebies in certain e-mails! You’ll be able to reply to my e-mails and I will reply back to you. Like we have a little one-on-one conversation. This is all coming in the new year, so definitely subscribe if you’re ready!

Start freelancing

2020 is going to be the year where I officially start freelancing. I’ve started a little bit and have some contacts here and there which I’m super excited and grateful for. 2020 is going to be the year where I’ll hopefully take it into the next level with copywriting and VA’ing. Once again, doing my own research project for my own business also gives me the opportunity to look into this and spend more time into my own business. So grateful!


No big changes on my blog – I’ll keep uploading twice a week. These last two weeks have been a little different because I took time for myself and enjoyed the holiday with my family. Starting from this week, there will be a blog post on Tuesday and Saturday with the additional e-mail on Wednesday and the current updates e-mail on Sunday.

Web Hosting

That’s all! No further news yet, these are the things I have in mind for 2020. I love to see where the time and hard work takes me so I do like to leave some space for spontaneous actions. I re-read my own blog post from last year and update – I think I have improved all those goals this year. One thing I definitely did was figuring out what I want with my business: that’s crystal clear right now. I’m still working on being more spontaneous guys, it’s getting better but can be improved much more. I just need to stop worrying and overthinking everything! And yes, I got more organized. It’s not perfect either, but I have good moments. Let’s cherish the good moments. I’m still going to work on the same goals for this year.

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Look out for the post on the 31st related to 2020 as well! If I don’t “see” you here on the 31st – I wish you a happy new year and hopefully a happy and safe transition into this new year. Be careful with fireworks if you’re allowed to fire your own like we do in the Netherlands!



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