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I have been wanting to go fruit picking for years now, but I’ve never lived in a place near  farmhouses or places to go fruit picking. This week, my mom and I decided to go fruit picking at the farm near our house. We moved to the more countryside of the Netherlands last year, so we have one close to us now!

We went on Wednesday this week, and it’s something we’ve wanted to do for a couple of weeks. Because of the moving and other stuff that’s been going on; we haven’t had the time. But, this week, the week after the move, we’ve been situated and everything’s under control so we had the time to go! We went in the earlier morning, the weather wasn’t great but at least it wasn’t raining!!

The farm that’s near us has a huge amount of land where the fruit and vegetables grow, and you can (obviously) go fruit picking yourself! You just get a cardboard basket (either half a pound or a pound) at the shop and start to pick your fruit or vegetables! Which fruits or vegetables are growing obviously depends on the months and this year has been a little different. Due to the extreme warm weather we’ve had (we’ve actually had a proper summer this year but the drought has been (or is) extreme) the harvest has been a little different. The farm also doesn’t allow people to pick apples on their own, they have specific days to go apple picking and I’m pretty sure it’s to protect the trees and the leaves. So, we didn’t go apple picking this time but I can’t wait to go back in the fall and go apple picking to make a delicious apple pie!

We did decide to pick two fruits: raspberries and blackberries. It took a little while before we found the right place to go pick the raspberries, honestly; it’s so big so we almost got lost. Little fun side note, they already had some pumpkins ready to harvest and it made me extremely excited about fall. Also, not too much because I’ll turn 22 in October and I’m definitely not ready. The raspberries looked so good, and it was so much fun to pick out the best ones and see your bucket getting fuller and fuller. Yes, I am a geek and I get really excited about these little things. I do think that fruit picking is a great way to get your mind together: I’ve written about “Why it’s good to take a step back“, and I really believe that fruit picking is a great way to do so.

The blackberries were all the way at the front of the land and I must say, I know they are ripe when they’re black but the red-ish or pink-ish looked really good as well! We picked two cardboard baskets of one pound for each fruit and we bought at the shop fresh apple juice. They have a shop as well and they sell juices, jam, honey, fruit and vegetables. So, it’s really easy to just drive there and get fresh fruit or vegetables which I love. I love going to the market and hand pick my fruits or vegetables, it’s much more fun than shopping at the super market.

We initially wanted to bake a pie with the fruits, but decided to just eat them at breakfast and as a snack. I need to find a good recipe for a pie with raspberries or blackberries so if you have one: please share!

My mom and I are already planning or next trip to the farm! We want to buy pumpkins in the fall, and to be honest; I have never bought a pumpkin before or carved a pumpkin before. Now, with our new house, I’m really excited about going to the farm, handpick the best pumpkins, carve the pumpkin and get our house all ready for Halloween! I have never made a pumpkin soup either, but you know, gotta do it this fall. And, as I mentioned before, I’m really excited (can you tell I’m excited?) about apple picking and about baking an amazing apple pie with my own picked apples!! There’s just something more special about it when you hand pick your own ingredients.

Honestly, I was looking for a sunflower field because I know they have one but they aren’t ready yet so sadly, I didn’t get a beautiful picture of a sunflower field but it’s fine!! I might go back one day and visit the sunflower field and handpick some amazing sunflowers because they will look great in my room. They are also one of my favourite flowers, ‘cause I just love how they always face the sun.

So, for the next time I’ll go fruit picking: do you guys have any recipes for me to try out? I’d love to know!



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