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I’ve been blogging for a month now, and I thought I’d be fun if I explained a bit more about myself. I have obviously written a short description of myself in the “about” page. I’ve come up with a few questions, and they’ll (hopefully) help you to get to know me a little bit more!

What is my full name?
I don’t have a second name, so it’s very simple: Melissa Roos.

How tall am I?
I am 168 cm!

What does your name mean?
I quickly searched my name to find out what it means and apparently it means: honey bee. It sounds kinda cute!

Am I in college?
Yes, I am! I am a second-year student in Management Tourism. It’s a degree that is mostly based on management and economics, but with a specific view on the tourism sector.

What is my favourite drink?
I love coffee (cappuccino, latte or cortado) and I am a big tea lover as well! If I’m not drinking coffee or tea, it’s mostly likely water that I’m drinking.

What is my favourite color?
I love red!! Especially on my lips or nails, but I’m always too scared to wear red clothes because it’s so out there.

Favourite perfume?
I think “La Vie Est Belle” is one of my faves, but I love “Valentina” as well!

Do I speak any foreign languages?
I do speak a bit French and a tiny bit of German. (and English of course!) I have French during my degree, but this semester is the last semester with French in it unfortunately! I am thinking about using French as my extra subject, ’cause I really want to speak French fluently!!

Do I have siblings?
Yes, I do! I have an older sister, she’s 25 years old. We don’t live close to each other anymore unfortunately, so I don’t see her as much as I’d like.

What phone do I have?
I have the iPhone 7! I used to have an iPhone, then switched to Samsung, and eventuelly switched back to iPhone because I like the IOS better than the Android system.

How would I describe my fashion sense?
Hm, that’s hard because I wear a lot of different styles. I guess it’s more business casual, especially towards the spring/summer/autumn. In the winter I’m basically covered up in black jeans, black bikerboots and a big sweater to keep me warm.

What was my favorite/worse subject in highschool?
I absolutely hated math. I’m not good at math, no matter how hard I learned or tried: always just passed the test. It was SO frustrating. My best subject was history I guess! I love history, and didn’t mind studying for it at all.

What is my favourite holiday destination?
I have been to Spain MANY times, and specifically to Mallorca, and that island is beautiful. It has a lovely beach near Palma (I believe it’s called Playa de Palma) but Cala D’or is amazing as well. I don’t visit Mallorca anymore, because it’s too crowded for my taste but it definitely is my favourite holiday destination.

What is my favourite sport?
A sport that I like to do is running. I haven’t ran in a very long time, but I do want to start running again, after Bali! My favourite sport to watch is somewhere between figure skating or the Formule 1. (Yes.)

Am I a dog person or a cat person?
One hundred percent a dog person. I LOVE dogs. I used to go crazy when I saw a dog outside, and my poor friends had to keep up with me, but I’m not that crazy anymore since I have my own dog again. All of my dog love and needed cuddles go to my dog. I do like cats, but I’ve never had one, and I feel like I’m quite bad with cats.

Am I scared of heights?
Hm, not really I guess. I have no issues with heights, but standing on the edge of a cliff has my heart racing. However, I do want to go skydiving or bungee jumping once so I guess I don’t have a fear of heights!

What is at the top of my bucket list?
On the top of my bucket list is visiting Australia. That’s my dream since I was about fifteen years-old. I don’t know what it is, but I just have a feeling that I need to visit Australia. Next year, when I need to do my internship, I might (very possibly) try to do my internship in Australia!! How exciting.

Do I have any pets?
Well, I just mentioned my dog, but I do have a bunny as well! He is five years old, and the cutest little bunny EVER. He loves cuddling and I just love him so much, he has been my little furry friend since I was sixteen in the time I was struggling with my anxiety.

I did have a golden retriever, but she sadly passed away about three years ago. She was so sweet and my heart broke when she died. The two pictures below are my rabbit and my current dog!

What is my best physical feature?
I think it’s my either my eyes or my hair. I’m really happy with my hair, ’cause it’s very thick and it grows SO fast.

What is my eye colour?
My eyes are a brown-green colour, and they are different every day. I don’t if that’s normal with eyes, I guess so, my sometimes they are more green and sometimes they are more brown!

Do I have a tattoo?
Yes, I do! I have a rose with an anchor on my ankle. The anchor stands for my past with anxiety and the love, peace and hope means a lot to me as well. I decided to tattoo the anchor with a rose, because of my last name. It makes it a bit more personal and “original”.

What was the first concert I ever attended?
My first concert ever was in 2009 and I went to Britney Spears with my sister and two nieces! I was a big Britney fan, sang along with all of her songs and had the best time.

When was the first time I was on a plane?
I was six years-old and me, my parents and my sister went to Orlando! I don’t remember much, I believe I slept the whole flight (to Orlando and back).

One thing I know now, and that I wish I had known as a kid
I wish I knew that not everyone has to like you. I was always trying to impress others and to make sure that I was likeable for everyone around me. Now I know that’s just not possible and I waste of your time.

What are some of my favourite things about myself?
I am very caring, a good listener and very driven to get things done.

What countries have I visited?
I visited Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, the US (Miami) and Croatia. I am writing this post to upload a few weeks later when I’m in Bali, so at the time of upload I have visited Singapore and Indonesia as well!

What countries would I like to visit?
Obviously Australia, that’s on the top of my list. Furthermore I really want to visit New-Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland!

I hope I’ve answered some good questions! Please let me know if you’d like to know more of me, and ask the questions in the comments! I’ll definitely answer them for you.

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