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The new school year and first semester have been going on for a month, and time goes crazy fast. With all the assignments, presentations, deadlines, exams and the blog stuff, more random and personal stuff: I need to organize my life or I will go crazy. I will share my tips and my how-to’s to live the best organized life as possible.

First and foremost, get a planner. In this blogpost you will notice how much I love the good old paper which means I don’t use anything digital for my organization. However, if you are more into the digital planners: do your thing and work it! I have a planner and I literally can not live without it. I’m pretty good at remembering things but my head is a lot more clear when I actually write it down and when I do not have to stress about missing any important dates or any important meetings.

Before I start this blogpost, I am so sorry about the bad lighting in the pictures. The weather was awful and I just couldn’t make a good picture.

The planner I use is a yearly planner from Jo&Judy and it is dated from July 2018 until July 2019. I love yearly planners because I find it way easier to work with than an academic planner. For example, I never use the time schedule for the classes and I never write down my grades because my time schedule basically changes everyday and all my grades are online.

This is my beloved planner and I am thrilled about it. I have just been using it for about a month and it is everything I need to organize my life. The monthly spread is very easy to create an overview about the month and to have everything sort-off figured out. The weekly spread is lovely as well, the writing space is great. One thing that made me fall in love with this planner is the “Projects” section. I have a lot of projects at school but I also see my blog as a separate project and this section gives me the best overview and much needed clearness in my head. All my tasks, assignments, presentations and my to-do’s are all visual in two pages.

To have everything at two pages is great, but the amount of writing and text can be chaotic. To avoid this, I use markers to colour code my activities. Everything related to my time-schedule at school is green, anything related to my blog is yellow, personal stuff is orange/pinkish, fitness is purple (hardly ever use this one) and travel is pink! The colours don’t make the pages chaotic, it helps me to give me the perfect overview.

I bought the “Getting Stuff Done” planner by CGD London before I bought my actual planner and I still use this one. This is more of a daily fun planner where I like to keep track of my expenses, shopping list and write down inspiration for a blogpost. It has become my inspirational planner, I could say, and it is very handy to use. To be fair, I usually do not use this as an everyday planner but more as a weekly planner which is totally fine because the pages aren’t dated. This is my favourite way to organize my blog and other personal projects! I love to keep my study and personal projects more seperated.

After I have figured out the entire planning section which is about 60% of my entire organization life: I move on to my workspace. I am obsessed with looking at photos of neat and clean desks. In addition, I can not work in a room that’s messy. I can not focus, or get inspired, when there’s stuff all around me and almost screaming my name. The first thing I do, and I have become a pretty neat person (my parents are proud), is clean my room and make sure that there are no distractions.

The desk is the third project. I need a big desk and not because I have a lot of stuff, but I want to have a bigger workspace where I can place my planner, my laptop, my markers, my food and drinks and other convenient items on without having it feel like one big mess. I truly believe that a clear desk fixes a lot of the focus issues or just the stressed-out feeling I have sometimes. To keep my mind organize, I need to make sure to organize my desk the same way to keep productive.

Two tips left, and I am working so very hard on this one: do not procrastinate. Oh, I am the worst at this to be honest and I hate it. I have moments where I am like “YES” and I go turbo at completing my tasks and I feel so relieved and proud afterwards. However, that’s maybe 10% of the reality: the other 90% is me watching videos, watching Netflix, going outside, reading other blogposts, going on social media, talking with friends and family or playing with my animals. None of these things are on my to-do lists and literally hours go by without me doing any work that needs to be done. This HAS to stop and I need to stop procrastinating. It will save me loads of time, and I might actually be able to squeeze out two good blogposts per week (yes I just did that, I’m working on it).

Another thing that goes along with the procrastination is time management. Another thing I am not great at, but very proud to say that I am working on it. Yes, it is a work in progress. I used to make lists and time schedule my work but somehow things always take more work and more time than I imagined. Honestly, I feel like I will be better at managing my time when I stop procrastinating. Not procrastinating (what a word) and my planning skills must improve my time management, right? If you have any time management tips, please let me know!

I will have a blogpost going up next week about how I stay productive and I feel like these things go hand in hand which is nice. However, I am still not the greatest at organizing my life because I am quite chaotic sometimes. These things definitely help me in decluttering my head and keeping my focus on the important things though.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!




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