How To Create Positive Intentions For An Authentic Life

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Happy new year everyone! I can’t believe we are in 2021. This last year has flown by and I am ready and very excited to start this new chapter. New years resolutions are always part of the start of a new year, right? I have decided to have a small twist to this and call them “intentions”. This is how you create your positive intentions and make sure you’re actually sticking to it!

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Intentions are small goals or plans that work as a guiding principle about how you want to live your life. It’s a way to bring your mind and heart into alignment. Some people describe it as a drawing map of where you would like to go and it becomes a good driving force or motivation to reach your goals. I feel like intentions are much easier to stick with and make the process of reaching your goals much easier!

This is good way to start living an authentic life. One of my goals for this year is to live intentional every single day and intentions are the perfect way to start doing this! So how do you set intentions?

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How to set good intentions for 2021 and beyond

1. Believe in your intentions
The most important part is to believe in your own intentions. That’s the only way you’re going to stick with it. So no matter what intentions you’re setting: make sure you believe in them.

2. Aim for short term intentions
My advice is to create short term intentions that are easy to implement in your daily life immediately. You can create them for the long term as well but make sure to break them down in smaller goals to make it more scalable.

3. Create intentions with growth in mind
I am trying to create intentions that can grow with me and possibly end up being a higher goal than I initially intended it to be. I’m someone who loves a challenge and always evolves, I get bored quite easily so I need my intentions to be measurable and reachable.

4. Think of your daily or weekly struggles
What are your struggles during the day or the week? Do you get stressed easily or do you grab your phone to just scroll through your feed without any reason? That’s my problem – I can grab my phone without thinking and mindlessly scroll through Instagram on automatic mode. One of my intentions is to be mindful about my phone usage and really only use it when I want to. I want to stop grabbing my phone out of habit.

5. Make them positive
Create positive intentions to make it a lot easier to stick to it. Every intention has a positive way of phrasing it so I really suggest to make it a positive one. Our minds love positivity and it makes us feel way more motivated and happy. So for me, instead of staying “I want to stop feeling overwhelmed”, I’m phrasing it as: “I want to create mindfulness and peace within my working environment.” It means the same thing to me but it’s phrased more positively.

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To give you more of an idea about intentions, here are my five intentions that I want to follow every single day.

My personal intentions

1. I want to be present, mindful and focused during every activity. This will help me improve my skills and be more productive at the same time. I’m often distracted and I lose focus pretty easily if I’m not fully committing to the activity!

2. My night time routine is just as important as my morning routine. I often rush at night but I want to start creating a good night routine to wind down. Here’s what my night time routine will (sort of) look like beside my usual skincare routine.
– A cup of herbal tea every night
– Using my aroma diffuser with lavender oil
– Meditation or yoga
– Stop working at around 7 PM
– Read something

3. I’m going to have more fun. I’m someone who cares way too much about how I come across in public and what people think of me. I’m always holding myself back in having “too” much fun, being too crazy and doing what I love and how I would like to act. It’s such a negative feeling and it honestly holds me back in my daily life. I’m going to let this go and just focus on me, what I want and make a lot more fun. Not caring about what others might think of it.

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4. It’s okay to take a step back if I’m mentally not okay. Many of you don’t know this, but I struggle with anxiety on a daily basis. My social anxiety comes up once in a while and I’m struggling with panic attacks once in a while. Luckily, they’ve become way less frequent. I am not the best at taking time for myself when I don’t feel well. This intentions is to make myself take a step back if I’m not okay and take care of myself.

5. I’m going to live in the moment every day. Forget about the past and don’t worry about the future. The only moment I have control over is now. I’m going to live in the moment, live every day to the fullest and work towards my dream every single day. I don’t want to look back and feel like I waste my days with fear and worry.

Those are my five intentions to live by. These are not only for 2021 but for the rest of my life. As I mentioned, they may evolve along the way but I need and want to follow these intentions every day to live a more authentic life and have meaningful days. Besides these, I have a few personal goals that I want to accomplish as well.

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Personal goals for 2021

1. Be a better friend. This past year has been weird in all ways, but I’ve focused a lot on my business. It has been hard to keep up with friendships in 2020 and I am going to do it differently this year. I’m making more time to facetime friends, text friends and hang out with them. I want to be a better friend and be more visible and available.

2. Spend more time with family. Another one that came to mind because of last year. I want to spend more time with family and make more free time to see and speak to them. This is the same as the previous one: through facetime, phone calls, text and to actual hang out with them.

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3. Create more free time for myself. I used to work, and I sometimes still do, every single day and sometimes even until midnight. It kinda goes hand in hand with a few of my intentions. I want to stop working in the weekends and create some me-time.

4. Visit three new international countries. I couldn’t help but mention one personal goal that has to do with travel. I’m so excited to start travelling this year again and I want to visit three new countries, preferably in East and South East Europe. I can’t wait to write about these places. Let me know if you have any recommendations for me!

5. Mostly rely on myself. I’ve been very dependant on the opinions from others. If I had an idea or goal in mind that made me really happy and enthusiastic, and a friend or family member wouldn’t be – it kinda broke me and I wouldn’t go through with it. This is something I want to break this year. My goal is to rely on my own opinions, knowledge and goals to do what I want and if it makes me happy and enthusiastic – no one is going to stop me.

I love setting intentions instead of new years resolutions. Intentions can be made every single day during the year. Every day is a new chance and opportunity to do better and go after your dreams. What are your intentions for 2021?

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