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Water is extremely important for your body and your health in general. However, it’s hard to drink enough water sometimes. It’s easier in the summer, the warmer weather makes you thirsty but I can’t be the only one that “forgets” to drink more water sometimes.

I truly forget to drink water sometimes. This might sound weird, but I’m never really thirsty during the day so drinking water isn’t one of the first things popping up in my head. It is during the summer, the warmer weather makes me drink water like crazy and I always feel so much better when I drink more water. And there are a few reasons why you’re feeling better when you’re drinking more water. Personally, I don’t need tips to drink more water during the summer but I do need a few tips to drink water during autumn and winter because the colder weather only makes me crave coffee instead of water. One thing I do drink more during the winter is tea, so I guess I do drink a bit of water during these seasons. As we are moving (slowly) to autumn, we have a little week of summer here in the Netherlands, I thought I’d be nice to talk about the reasons why drinking water is important and some tips to do so. And yes, I will do my best to follow these as well.

There are a few reasons why drinking water is important for your water and health. I have 6 tips why drinking water is important.

  1. It helps your body maintain the balance of body fluids.

So I had to use Google a little bit myself because my anatomic knowledge doesn’t reach this far besides this general knowledge: your body is composed of water for about 60% and that’s a lot. One of the other anatomic happenings related to this are the transportation of nutrients and maintaining your body temperature.

  1. It’s good for your skin.

Whenever I drink more water, I always notice my skin becoming clearer and looking more fresh and healthy. This is because dehydrations makes your skin go dry and more vulnerable to premature aging and skin disorders.

  1. It helps to lose weight

So this one needs a little bit of explanation. It doesn’t instantly mean that you’re going to lose weight if you drink more water, but it does help. A lot of the times our “hungry” feeling is caused by a bit of dehydrations: we’re actually craving water instead of food. I never noticed this, so I would just eat instead of drink a glass of water. Whenever I feel hungry or when I’m craving something, I always make sure to drink a glass of water first to make sure I’m actually hungry. It’s also helpful to drink a glass of water before your diner to prevent overeating but if I’m honest, I never do this ‘cause it’s actually filling me up more than I’d like. One other thing related to this is that you’ll be less bloated.

  1. It helps your kidneys

The kidneys are an extremely important organ of our body because they regulate fluid through our body. In extreme cases, the insufficient water intake causes kidney stones and other problems.

  1. It reduces the change of a hangover

I feel like this is something everyone knows, but drinking more water when you’re partying and consuming alcohol can help reduce the change of a hangover. Which is pretty nice.

  1. It helps to concentrate

Our brain is mostly water, and drinking more water during times when you’re concentration needs to be good, like when you’re studying or doing a difficult task, will help to stimulate your concentration and focus. It also helps to be more alert and to feel more energized.

  1. It reduces headaches

I have the worst headaches sometimes, migraines and other horrible headaches are sometimes a daily business for me. One thing that’ll help reduce headaches is drinking more water, which is probably related to your brain mostly containing of water. I read it’s good for releasing back pains as well.

  1. It flushes out toxics

Water gets rid of waste in our body through urination and sweat which relates back to your kidneys and it can prevent UTI’s.

So, now we all know why drinking water is good for you. It’s nice to know all of this, but to actually do it is one step further along the road. I have a few tips to follow if you want to drink more water, and I will follow these tips too.

Get a fancy water bottle.

This may sound weird, but it actually does help for me to drink more water. I love buying a fancy and good looking water bottle because it reminds me of it and I remember to place it on my desk rather than keeping it in my back. Which brings me to my next point.

Add your water bottle to your desk or other working space.

This is easy, just place your water bottle on our desk or simply next to you and you’ll be reminded to take a sip once in a while.

Drink before every meal.

I mentioned this before, but drinking a glass of water before every meal is very helpful. If you’re eating like me: three big meals and three smaller meals a day, and you’ll have a glass of water with each of these meals: you already have had six glasses of water at the end of the day.

Eat water melon or any other fruit that contains water

If you’re not into water, eating something like a water melon might be an interesting option for you. You’ll increase your water intake while you’re not drinking water, how easy?

Water with fruit

Some of us don’t like the taste of water, and no, water doesn’t always tastes the same!! This is especially great during the summer but totally doable during the colder seasons: fill up your water bottle with cucumber, lemon, mint, strawberry or any other fruit you like to give it a flavour!

Use an app

There are many apps to help you drink more water! I personally don’t use one, but I do track my water intake in the FitBit app. Another thing I do during the day is drink half of my water bottle or a glass of water every hour when my fibit gives me a reminder to walk. To be honest, this doesn’t always help but it’s a start.

So these were the tips that I have found helpful in my journey to drinking more water. If you have any other tips, please let me know! I hope these tips will help you as well and hopefully we can all go to a more healthy lifestyle and drink more water.



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