How to make a house feel like a home

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Moving house or moving into a dorm / studio apartment is always exciting, and a little bit scary. A new house means a new beginning, but the surroundings are empty and new, and it can be a bit challenging to make that new place feel like a home.

I’ve moved about eight times in my 21-year old life. It’s a lot, but it never felt exhausting (maybe a little) and I’ve never experienced moving in a negative way. I gained some “moving experience” during all those moves, and I feel like I have some fun but basic tips to make a house feel like a home.

Find out what your style is
A new house is super exciting, doesn’t matter if it’s your complete house or just your bedroom. You can make new choices: the walls, the furniture, the accessories and the floor. There’s so much to choose from, and I always get a little overwhelmed during these decisions. However, it’s not something that has to stay there for years. It’s obviously smart to think out the decisions of the floor and the walls because it’s not something you can change that easily.

I (sort-of) recently moved into my own studio apartment (in January) and I took my time into deciding what I wanted the studio to look like. A few things I wanted were neutral walls and a neutral floor, and the furniture in black/wood/white. It is supposed to be my quiet and safe place, where I can concentrate to the max but can relax to the max as well. I’m very happy with how my studio-apartment has turned out, because it’s exactly that quiet and safe place I envisioned!

The inspiration and ideas for the studio apartment were all from Pinterest (follow me!). I’m pretty sure everyone knows about Pinterest, but if you don’t: it’s a great, inspirational platform with pictures about almost anything you can think of. It’s great if you’re searching recipes, home ideas, DIY’s,  inspirational and motivational quotes and to find some travel inspo or tips.

Pictures of your friends and family
The best way to personalize your house/room is to hang up pictures! Pictures of your funniest memories, the best trip you’ve ever taken, maybe inspiration about your next destination, pictures with your friends and family or simply a picture of your pet. I don’t have a lot of pictures in my studio-apartment, none of my friends and families (I do have one of my, sadly passed-away, first dog) but I do have three pictures of the best destinations I’ve visited. I does not only bring me back to that time, but it makes the room feel more “me” and more personal.

Create your own window style
Windows may not seem very important, but trust me: it’s one of the key elements in your house. The house/room can either be completely empty without curtains or blinds, or it has basic curtains and blinds. Try and customize the window with a style and colour that fits the colour palette and furniture style in the room. It brings everything together, and can either make or break the entire room.

Hang up your favourite art
I love art. It gives the room a touch of colour or it can bring some calmness to the room. It doesn’t have to be a big piece of art. For example, I love the little summer signs or motivational quotes or to make a part of the wall covered in polaroid’s. I do have a big piece of (sort-of) art: it’s a big canvas of a world map. Furthermore, I have a few big images hung above my couch and a few in my kitchen. It gives the room more “body” I guess! I am still working on filling up my walls with my favourite art pieces and collages.

Pinterest                                                  Pinterest

Aroma diffusers for the win
Some smells take you right back home, wherever that home might be. For me, those smells are vanilla, lavender and rose. The best way to get those smells into my studio-apartment are by using an aroma diffuser. I absolutely love my diffuser. It helps me to sleep at night and relax after a long day, especially if I use the lavender essential oil. In addition, I love the magnolia essential oil for my head aches and sore joints. One tip, I’ve read that lemon essential oil can prevent mosquitos, fly’s and mots in your house or room!


Add layers and texture with accessories
Yes, I love accessories! I can walk around the store for hours and search for the best pieces. Accessories can help make your house or room feel warm and inviting, especially if you use pillows, blankets and some throws. Once again, I like to mix and match but stay within the colour palette in my house. If you love mixing different (not matching) colours, do your thing! I’m just very sensitive about my surroundings, if it’s messy or not my style: I won’t be able to concentrate and study. My couch and bed are filled with pillows, and it makes everything look a lot more inviting. It helps to make the house more inviting if you throw a plaid over the end of your bed or a blanket over the couch as well. As a bonus, you can just grab a blanket if you get cold!

Plants, plants and more plants!!
Plants do not only make your room or house more homier, they also help to improve the air quality so it’s a win-win situation! I love succulents, cacti and flowers to fill up my room. Succulents and cacti are very easy to take care of as well! The flowers are (again) a little bit of colour into my room and I love to have a fresh bouquet of flowers in my studio-apartment. I absolutely love peonies (who doesn’t?), tulips (couldn’t get more Dutch) and gladiolus! I make sure to have a fresh bouquet of flowers almost every week.

Cosy lightning
Even if it’s fully summer, cosy lightning is still very nice to have. I love my warm, cosy lights because it (again) makes my studio feel more warm and inviting. Candles are great for the winter as well, especially the scented candles!

Smart storage
The storage space in a dorm or a studio-apartment is not unlimited unfortunately. Smart storage is the key! Find some cute wooden baskets, copper bins or a chest with drawers to storage all your stuff. Pinterest is great (again) for finding the best DIY’s to make and design the best storage spaces. It’s so easy to switch up your colour scheme with these storage spaces!

These were my personal basic tips to make your room or house feel more like home! I wanted to give you easy and fast tips so you wouldn’t have to do lots of things to succeed into making it feel like a home.



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  1. This is an awesome post, just makes me want to move into my own place and redecorate and hit up a local Home Goods and hang vintage lighting and cozy blankets with cute couches and adorable throw pillows, with warm candles in the fall and winter.

    megan |

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