How To Save Time In The Morning!

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The lazy girls guide. The I-Want-To-Sleep-Longer guide. We all want the same thing in the morning. We all want to sleep as much as we can and for as long as we can. Honestly, just waking up 10 minutes later than usual already feels like “sleeping in”. Ok, but not really. Every possible way to save time in the morning is my way of rollin’. With my current internship, my alarm goes of at 6 AM in the morning. And trust me when I say that you do not get used to waking up early unless you are the perfect morning person. Which I am certainly not. But with these tips: you’ll get to sleep in a little bit longer!

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Prepare your breakfast the day before

Depending on the type of breakfast you like: see if you can make it the day before. I eat oatmeal every morning, so I make sure to have my bowl and my oats on the counter so I only have to add my almond milk and heat it up! It takes me about two minutes and I’m ready to enjoy my meal. Overnight oats is even quicker! You’ll prepare this the night before, place it in the refrigerator and eat the oatmeal cold the next morning. I might try this next week!

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Plan your outfit the night before!

One of my many, many early morning struggles: figuring out what I want to wear. I am not kidding you when I say that it can take me 10 minutes. So, life saving tip: plan your outfit the night before. You are ready to jump into your clothing once you get out of bed! And it’s much easier to see the colour differences the day before when it’s still a little bit light outside. With outfit I mean your underwear, clothes, accessories and shoes!

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Get your bag ready

I always make sure to have everything in my bag the night before. My wallet, my work laptop and charger, my planner and even the snacks and meals that don’t have to be in the refrigerator overnight. I’m almost ready to just grab my bag and leave! ALMOST.

Prepare your lunch the night before

This saves me so much time in the morning as well. I make sure to always prepare my lunch the night before and leave it in the refrigerator during the night. So I can grab it in the morning, place it in my bag and I’m ready to head out the door! If you do have a little bit more time: making your lunch the same morning will make it more tastier. It really depends on the lunch you’ll bring though. I noticed that making wraps in the evening and eating it the next afternoon, makes them a bit soppy and that’s not nice.

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Real multitasking here, but I always take my breakfast upstairs and do my make up while eating! It takes me about 10 minutes to do my make up and eat my breakfast at the same time. I’m a really slow eater in the morning, because I always feel sick due to my low blood pressure. So combining these two saves me loads of time!

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Greasy hair? I got you.

When you really want to save time in the morning: shower at night. I personally like it more to wash my hair in the morning, but I simply don’t have the time. Usually I wash my hair every two-three days and I need dry shampoo to cover that up. Whenever your hair gets a little bit more greasy, try to use dry shampoo at night and leave it in during the night! Your greasy hair will be gone the next morning. It can make you scalp pretty dry, so I don’t recommend doing this too often!

These tips save me about 15-20 minutes in the morning. Just washing my hair in the morning would already cost me 30 minutes extra time. I think I save about 10 minutes when my breakfast is almost ready and when I do my make-up while eating. About 5 minutes because I planned my outfit the day before and 5 minutes because I don’t have to prepare my lunch and pack my bags. 15-20 minutes more sleep. Yay!




  1. I love these tips! I often struggle in the morning as I am the Snooze Queen. When I’m rushing in the morning, it ruins my whole morning and I feel off for the day. I’m doing this tonight, and I’m sure I’ll have a much easier time in the morning.

    1. I love to snooze in the morning as well but it also makes me even more tired! Hopefully these tips work for you 🙂

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