I Graduated University | Everything About My Bachelor of Arts

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I am so freaking excited to write this blogpost. A 4-year journey has come to an end: I graduated university. It’s been an amazing journey and this blogpost is me wrapping up my university time and talking about my Bachelor of Arts and my future plans once again. Let’s get into this story time!

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My university journey started in September 2016 when I started my degree in Tourism Management in Breda, the Netherlands. My university was called NHTV at the time, but they changed their name to Breda University of Applied Sciences also known as BUAs. A lot easier to say as well since it’s such a mouthful! I did a life update a couple of weeks ago when I was still graduating, it’s a fun one to read.

*Disclaimer. This blogpost does not contain any affiliate links. It’s just a fun story time and personal life update!

I Graduated University | Everything About My Bachelor of Arts

signing my degree on the diploma, graduation ceremony

Year 1 | All Round & Introductions

In 2016 I made the decision to live in a semi-studio apartment where I had my own shower, kitchen, balcony and room. The toilet was shared with my roommate on the same floor. I travelled for 3 months from my parents home to my university which was around 1 hour to 1.5 hours single trip so about 3 hours a day. Absolutely loved living on my own and cycle to school, live in my college town and do my own thing!

Year 1 was mostly focused on the introduction into Tourism Management, finance, business and marketing. It was an all-round year preparing us for the three years to come where we were able to choose our own specialisations. I went on a one week study trip to Spain during the first year and visited Benidorm, Alicante and Valencia! Valencia was definitely my favorite city to visit in Spain, it’s so divers and fun to explore.

Year 2 | Destination Management

I specialized into Destinations in year 2 which meant I learnt more about the different stakeholders on the destinations and the impact of travelling. This is the first time I started thinking about how I can travel more responsibly. It definitely helped to learn about the stakeholders like the businesses on the destinations, the tourists, the local community and environmental organizations (just to name a few) to think about the different impacts. It broadened my perspective on travelling which made me become passioned in travelling with positive impact.

Year 2 was also the year of the most epic study trip E V E R and that’s the trip to Singapore and Bali. Singapore was absolutely incredible and I never expected the city to be THAT green. It’s such an international city with so many cultural sides as well. The Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay are both awesome and I couldn’t help but have a little peek of the paddock of the Formula 1 race in Singapore, as the circuit is usually a street circuit. We were there for only 2 nights, such a short stay but we definitely made the most of it. Singapore is one on the list of need-to-re-visit!

Bali was the ultimate moment when I decided to be a better traveller. I learned to respect the locals more in overcrowded areas like Kuta. I learned to be more appreciative of conversations with locals about their culture in Ubud. And I learned to be more passioned about the planet while enjoying the views on Nusa Penida.

Each trip on Bali, even if it was a day trip, taught me something new. It made me so appreciative of my own life in the Netherlands and I saw the pure joy of the locals doing what they love, despite their home or how much money they had. I learned to live in the moment and enjoy and appreciate the little things. It’s what’s on the inside that matters most and where you’ll find your joy.

Bali was a true eye-opener for me and it’s a trip I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I started my blog a month before this study trip and was already developing my niche of responsible travel during this trip but wasn’t really sure how to work with it.

I wrote two seperate blogposts about my trip to Singapore and Bali. The Singapore & Bali Diaries starts with my journey in Singapore and the beginning of my Bali trip. The Bali Diaries highlights the ultimate moments of the rest of the Bali trip!

Year 3 | Specialization in Online Marketing

My third year is the year where I started with my specialization in online marketing and where I learned lots about affiliates, SEA, SEO, social media, internet of things including chatbots and truly so much more. This was without a doubt the year where I learned the most – career wise but also business wise.

This knowledge was so valuable for me in growing my own business. Everything I learned could be used for my own blog and business as well. It was the year where I learned about SEO and how to work with affiliates. I started working with Google Ads and learn how to set up a campaign on Google. A lot of stuff happened and I tried everything out during my study before implementing them on my own website.

The third year was the year of my internship as well! My internship was focused on creating content on the website and on social media. Up to this day – these two things are still my passions when it comes down to a career. Writing and social media are the two things making me very happy!

stationary on a desk with a laptop

Year 4 | Minor & Graduating

I continued on with online marketing in my minor. During this time, I was part of a project called the Travel Impact Lab. We were able to choose a tourism related company and work on a project with them for the upcoming months. The projects varied from building an app, creating more customer experience or to develop new products in sustainable travel (just to name a few – there were tons of assignments to choose from).

I went with a project focused on creating awareness and products to increase the interests in sustainable travel among millennials. Once again, I loved responsible travel so this project felt like the right one to do.

It was such an amazing experience and I learned a lot. I learned so much during the years, that I felt comfortable to do my thesis research for my own business rather than doing the research for an external business like everyone else did. It was definitely hard and scary – but it is the best thing I could have done.

My research focused on finding my perfect target group, research the interest in responsible travel and creating a digital product. As you know if you’ve read my blog – the digital product are my To-Go Guides. You can sign up down below to stay updated on those because I’m currently working on one of them!

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    This college year was the moment where I realized I wanted to make Rosy Melissa a true business. I made it a legal business, got all my documents and was able to call myself an official proud business owner in October 2019!

    I passed my thesis research and only had to do my oral defence to graduate college. An oral defence is basically an hour long exam where they ask tons of questions to see if you can answer them and “defend” the choices you made in your research.

    I saw it as an opportunity to get more critical questions about my business, which is what I got, and it gave me more ideas to work on in the future! A true win-win situation. Now I have graduated university. I officially have my Bachelor of Arts. So proud and happy to end this chapter and start a new one.

    The future

    The future is a little unsure because I did graduate in Tourism Management which is obviously a sector that got hit hard during the COVID-19 situation. I have lots of plans with my business and I am one hundred percent going to keep working on it multiple times a week. And I’m hoping to find a job in tourism or online marketing for about 3 days a week to build my experience in the work field and learn more on different topics!

    graduation pictures in the forest, university graduation

    The future is always unsure and I have hope and faith in a good one. We never know what’s going to happen. That’s one thing we have all learned in 2020. We can make plans but only one thing has to happen to cause chaos. I’m not going to plan that much anymore. Just going to do my thing and see where my life will take me.

    I’m excited for future adventures related to travelling, my business and my career. University life is over and I’m not sad or scared – I’m ready for the next step. Whatever that might be!



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