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This year was definitely the best year of traveling so far! I visited three different countries, which isn’t even a lot to be honest: but I have loved every second of my travels this year! Next year is going to be even more amazing, but for now I am doing a travel recap of my favourite travel memories in 2018!

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I love to do this recap, because it just brings me back in time! All these travel experiences feel like they were yesterday, and I can’t believe it’s already been months and months ago! I’m definitely doing a travel recap next year.

I have three countries in this travel recap! I visited Bali in Indonesia, Singapore in Singapore and Paris in France. I was supposed to go to Madrid in Spain, and I even paid for the trip but my infected hip was too bad so I decided to stay home and rest! Such a sad decision, but I do believe that health is the most important thing in life and I’m sure the infection in my hip would have gotten way worse if I went.


I remember arriving in Singapore and literally almost being hit with the heat. It was so incredible hot and humid and I was NOT used to it. The time spent in Singapore was short, only two days, but I have loved every second of it! The jetlag wasn’t bad at all, and I got used to the humidity and heat pretty fast. Here’s to my first destination and first travel recap: Singapore.

Let me tell you, Singapore is one of the prettiest cities I have ever visited. It’s so well taken care of, the infrastructure is great and the buildings are gorgeous. We walked the evening of the first day to Gardens by the Bay, and it took us about an hour but I highly recommend just walking around Singapore. It is such a safe city, I haven’t felt unsafe for a minute while walking in the dark!

The experience at Gardens by the Bay was such a special one. We walked around for a bit before we decided to sit down and enjoy the music and light show. I was so mesmerized by the lights and the sounds and I love how intimate it felt while being in such a big city! During the light and music show, I recorded the show and I still watch it sometimes.

The second day, we went to Marina Bay during the evening and the view was the best one I have seen. The elevator up to the roof of the Marina Bay was CRAZY! It felt like my stomach was flying through my belly and I, to be honest, just enjoyed the elevator like it was some sort of rollercoaster! I never knew that Marina Bay had three buildings, so when I was in the taxi, the taxi driver asked us to which building we wanted to go. We were not prepared, so we just tried to explain that we wanted to visit the roof and he did not understand to which building we wanted to go. We eventually stop at building three, but I believe that the entrance for the roof of Marina Bay is on the first building. However, I will write a more in-depth blogpost about Singapore soon!

Even though I had a short stay in Singapore, I feel like I did see the best highlights. I visited China Town with a tour, walked around the local neighbourhoods, visited Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay, had a peek at the Formula 1 circuit in Singapore and had the best food! However, I definitely want to go back for a couple more days to enjoy the city more and discover new places!

B A L I 

Bali sounded like a dream before I even arrived at the destination. I was already used to the heat, humidity and time difference so I was ready to go once we landed! Without a doubt, Bali is the highlight of my 2018. I’m not even sure, but I feel like Bali did something to me (without it sounding to cheesy) and I know now better who I am and what I want in life. Obviously, I haven’t figured it all out yet. I spent three weeks in Bali and did so many amazing things during these three weeks. Here are my highlights of my Bali trip and my recap!

I went surfing for the very first time! Safe to say, I was completely rubbish at it during the first 30 minutes but I did get the hang of it after and enjoyed it a lot. I can’t wait to go surfing again because it felt amazing. Also, I don’t even want to know how hard the locals have laughed at us surfing but it was all worth it!

Bali was also the time where I realized that I don’t need to have people around me to have the best time: I can get my happiness out of other things like the locals, my surroundings and myself! This happened during the entire trip, and made things so much easier and much more enjoyable!

Ubud was such an amazing place to be and I completely fell it love with the rice terraces. We also had the best tour guide here: he was so happy, genuinely and did everything for us so we could have the best time. Our tour through Ubud and through the surroundings was incredible and his vibe definitely helped!

The Nusa islands were so much more gorgeous than I expected. I stayed in a small wooden house and had an outdoor bathroom which really is something you need to experience in Bali! Nusa Lembongan was my home base during the trip on the islands and all the transportation happens via a scooter! I visited Nusa Ceningan with the gorgeous Blue Lagoon and I hadn’t seen water so blue in my entire life! Devils’ Tear on Nusa Lembongan is one of my recommendations as well: the sounds of the waves is amazing. The highlight was Nusa Penida. I loved the group I was with and we visited the best highlights of the island. However, it was such a struggle to get our pictures because it was so crowded. It didn’t make it any less pretty though!

I was so sad to leave Bali, and I can’t wait to go back one day. It’s just one of those places that completely steals your heart!

I regret the straw in this pic: I’m not using them anymore! I just love the sunset in this pic.

P A R I S 

Oh Paris, whenever I need to go to a place that I just knows will make me happy: Paris is my place to be. I have been here three times now and every time I visit this city, it just makes me happier. The vibe in the city is just amazing and the architecture is incredible. Funny enough, both three times were with my mom! The first trip was with my parents and my sister, and the other two were just the two of us. I love doing mother-daughter trips. Here’s the recap of Paris 2018!

Because I had already visited Paris twice before, I had already seen a fair bit of the highlights. However, just strolling around the city, grabbing a croissant and a cappuccino, walk on the Champs Elysees, enjoying the sunset in de Jardin des Tuileries, looking at the view of Paris from the Arc de Triomph, and even surviving the rush hour in the underground metro: you just can’t get used to it.

My favourite memory of this trip, and this is my favourite memory from my previous Paris trip too, is watching the Tour Eifel sparkle at night. This is definitely something I wouldn’t get used to: it always has the same magic to me.

The view from the Arc de Triomph was definitely the best one for me: you can see the Champs Elysées, the Tour Eifel and many other gorgeous buildings and it isn’t even that crowded! I also loved the picnics all over Paris and just the moments spend reading in the parc.

Paris can feel like such a rushed city, especially during rush hour in the underground metro. However, you can feel and enjoy the silence and peace in one of the many parcs. Paris definitely has both sides and that’s what I love about it. If you love the rush, Paris is great for you. But if you love a city trip with a balance between relaxing and the rush: Paris is great too!

I loved doing this travel recap! It made me relive my travel experiences of this year. I would have loved to do more traveling this year, but I’ll do that in 2019!

2018 was a special year for me. Not only because of the three countries I visited, but also because 2018 was the year I started my blog. I’m still enjoying it as much as I was during March of 2018 and I can’t wait to share more travel stories, travel tips and destinations with you in 2019! Here’s to a lovely 2019 and I hope all your goals and dreams may come true. Cheers!




    1. I know!! It’s been such a crazy yet fantastic year, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring me! I really think you would love Bali, it’s such an unique place that will fit everyones wishes!!

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