Fun Life Update | Graduating, Moving and Freelancing

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It’s time for a life update! So much has happened over the last months and I always love to get more personal with you, my readers. I’m usually posting more informative blogposts but not today – this is a fun chit-chat and life update to keep you posted on what’s going on in my life and what the future holds! Let’s start with this life update about college, moving and the future.

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I have done a few different blogposts like this in the past and did them monthly. I really liked writing them but as soon as my senior year of college started: I really had no more exciting things to share. Fairly, my senior year has been so busy and crazy that I did not even know where to start with writing a life update.

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Life update | I’m moving, graduating and going into freelancing!

I’m graduating university

If everything goes well and I really hope it does – I’ll be graduating university on June 30th and have my Bachelor of Arts! I’m so excited to close this chapter and open many new ones.

My senior year of university was such a whirlwind of everything. My minor about online marketing taught me a lot about different factors in creating a new business with tools like design thinking and the lean start up method. The entire project we did for a touristic company took five months from start to finish. I learned a lot and it was so exciting to learn more about the actual process of having an idea and validating this idea to see if it’s feasible.

The past five months of my university life consisted of writing my thesis research. This is what we all have to do in the Netherlands if we want to graduate. It’s such a big process of writing a HUGE report and honestly, I had been dreading to start this process since my freshman year after hearing stories from others. However, this process of writing my thesis research has honestly been so much fun.

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I got the opportunity to write the thesis for my own company and was able to do an entire research about the interest in learning more about travelling with a positive impact. No matter what the outcome will be, this already has been so valuable for the future of my business. I now know the exact steps I need to take in the future to further expand my business! The To-Go Guides I’m releasing in this year are the end product created based on my thesis outcomes.

I still need to hear if I passed my thesis research and if I did, I have my oral defence at the end of this month to finish it all. Scary, but at the same time exciting to do this for my business again. It makes me feel confident going into this oral defence, knowing I’m the owner of my company and I know exactly the steps I took and why I took them in the process of writing my thesis!

I’m moving!

This news has made me SO happy and I’m still over the moon about it. I’ve been searching for an apartment in a city since the beginning of 2020 and it just did not work out. I saw a gorgeous apartment in a city next to Rotterdam (my favorite city ever) and decided to try and get this one. This was in April and I did not hear back so I assumed I was not getting the apartment.

However, I got a email last week saying I had been selected for an apartment and had to send my documents to them. It only took a day to hear back again and I got the apartment! Just signed everything and it’s officially mine. They are still building it which means I’m going to pick out my own kitchen. If everything goes to plan, I’ll get the keys in January 2021.

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My apartment is a 1 bedroom and 1.5 bathroom apartment with a huge balcony on the 9th floor. It’s on a gorgeous location. A river called “de Maas” is next to my apartment and you can walk along this river for miles and miles which means it is the perfect place to go on a run. I have a view on the skyline of Rotterdam, the river and the city where I live itself. I’m SO happy and already completely designed the apartment in my head.

This life update also brings me to a new series on my blog: the Building & Moving Series. I’ll be documenting the entire process of the build, picking out my kitchen and all the decisions I made and furniture shopping etcetera. I will film the first time in the apartment, which will be in fall of 2020 to walk around for a bit! I’m excited for this new series on my blog and I hope you are too.

I’m going into freelancing

Since I’m almost graduated, it’s time to think about the next steps in my life. It is really hard to find a job right now due to the corona crisis, especially because I’m going to be an alumni in the travel industry with a specialisation in online marketing. I’m relieved to have had two years of online marketing which makes me qualified for an online marketing job as well.

However, I absolutely love writing and I’d love to be a freelancer in writing. I’m now mostly focussing on this instead of other more traditional jobs since those are, as I said, really hard to find at the moment. It’d be a dream to work as a freelancer and to be able to work from any place in the world!

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I’m still really working on this so if you have any tips about finding freelance jobs, please let me know! I’m such a newbie in this freelance world.

All of my travels for this year have been either cancelled or are moved to next year because of the corona virus. I might book a last-minute trip in the future but I’m looking forward to exploring the Netherlands and writing more blogposts about hidden gems in the Netherlands. I’m going to work on the To-Go Guides about the Netherlands and cities in the Netherlands so that’s going to be my summer project! Lots of exciting content to come.

That’s my life update! I hope this life update gave you a good insight into my life right now and why I haven’t been uploading twice a week. Starting today with this blogpost, I will be uploading twice a week again. Let me know what you’d like to read on my blog!

How are you guys doing?



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