Looking Back At 2019 | Travel & Business Recap

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Hiya! It’s time for the annual recap of the year. This year has been incredible and I’m so grateful for everything that has happened. I’m looking back at 2019 and why it was such an amazing year.

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Last year, I did a travel recap of 2018. Singapore and Bali were two of the biggest travels that year. No big trip this year, but I definitely visited two amazing destinations and a third one today! As I said back then, I love recaps. Time goes so fast and it’s so nice to look back at these moments. I’m so excited to write this blog post while looking back at 2019 and to write down all the amazing things that happened.

Looking Back At 2019 | Travel & Business

looking back at 2019 | travel and business recap, the harbour in barcelona, spain, grateful for all the travels, white boats on water in the harbour


I visited two destinations this year: Barcelona and Madeira. When this blog post is going live, I’ll be in the oh-so gorgeous Paris. My one and only love. No, it still hasn’t gotten boring to me. When you follow my blog, you’ve seen many posts about Barcelona and Madeira!


I returned to Barcelona in the month July of this year with my mom and enjoyed a midweek in this city. The weather was amazing, we had awesome breakfasts and dinner, saw the most amazing views and enjoyed our time!

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looking back at 2019, travel and business recap, grateful for travelling, black sand beach on the portugese island madeira with mountains in background


This was the first time I visited this gorgeous Portuguese island and I have to say – this is one of my favorites ever. I was so impressed by the nature of this island and the lovely people. Definitely one of my top recommendations! The forests, the black sand beaches, natural swimming pools, the historic city of Funchal and the many flowers. Eat your heart out if you love nature and culture!

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Ok, little bit cheating here. I’m currently in Paris, I took the train from Antwerp this morning (travelled from the Netherlands to Antwerp) and I am so excited writing this blog post because IEK I love Paris. There’s a strike going on, but my hotel is pretty central so it’s fine. We can walk around a lot and we’ll have the best time! Definitely follow my Instagram so you won’t miss my Instagram stories and the pictures I will be posting. Of course, there will be more Paris content on my blog. Some Christmas related, but just save it for next year!

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looking back at 2019 | travel & business recap, travelling to madeira and barcelona, starting my own business, meeting new people, being grateful for all the blog readers


You guys, when I’m looking back at 2019… This year has been an amazing year for my business. My blog views have been increasing and breaking records since these last few months and my hard work is paying off. I’ve finally managed to get the hang of Pinterest because o my, that’s not as easy as it looks. I decided to invest in my business, buy expensive bootcamps with incredible value to it. The biggest thing – I made my business official in October 2019. I went to the Dutch “Kamer van Koophandel” where you officially register your business and you’ll be an official business owner. Rosy Melissa is legally my own business and I couldn’t be more proud.

More exciting news is that I’ll be doing my graduation project on my own business starting late January/early February. That means I have all the time until graduation to work on my blog. The research is about an exciting project I have in mind and I’m so excited to completely research it all. I couldn’t be more grateful to be doing this research for my own business and have full attention to it. There’s so much I have in mind and it’s so nice to finally have the time and seriously work on it!

I learned so much about just everything that has to do with blogging and other business related things. I found out what I actually want to do and my passion for photography and writing is still growing. I’m super excited for the future and I honestly can’t wait to keep writing and taking photos to share with you all.

looking back at this year, travel and business recap, travelling to barcelona spain and paris, starting my own business, grateful for the blog readers

Meeting new people

Because of my business, I met so many amazing people. I met with incredible businesses who are interested in working with me, I met other entrepreneurs to drink coffee with and talk about our ideas and struggles. I went to some amazing events and learned SO much about my own niche and the general business stuff. I’ve met new people outside of my business and grew already existing friendships in friendships that will last forever.


As I said, my blog views have been increasing during the lasts months and breaking records at the end of this year. I’m truly so grateful for each and every single person who reads my blog. When I started this, everything was about writing. I never thought of it as a business, I just wanted to get back into writing. I never would’ve thought writing would become my passion again and that I could share it with all you guys. You all motivate me everyday to deliver better work and find out the most amazing places and interesting facts about travelling. I’m just so, so happy to have you here. Without getting cheesy, but seriously. Thank you.

I love looking back at 2019. At the beginning of the year, I never thought this was going to happen. I’m going to do a little look into the future during this month too and share what I’m up to in 2020. How crazy that we are going to end a decade. 2020 is going to be amazing and I am so excited for the future. Scary things are happening, but also amazing opportunities!



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