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We all get a little bit fed-up with our work, school and just daily life. When we think about it: there’s always more stuff to do. There’s almost more work left. There’s always too little time to get everything done. It can causes stress or we can even get physically sick. I almost want to say that stress is normal, because we all have it. But is it really? Here’s why you should wind down.

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I do think that, in a way, stress can make you more productive. For example, when you leave off that annoying school project until the very last moment. You have to stress and write is in one-time to finish it before the deadline arrives. The real student procrastination reaches it’s top level here. And I haven’t been here many times, but I do preform good or even better under pressure. Pressure is different than stress.

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Pressure isn’t always a bad thing. It can motivate you more and make your more productive to reach that one goal. It can be a safety net when your motivation is lacking. Pressure can turn into stress very fast and very quickly. And I believe that’s the time we have to wind down. Get it all together. Stop thinking about it for a second. Do something fun to get our mind off it.

And yes, I do think that winding down is hard. Because how am I supposed to get everything done? There’s already too little time to fix everything, so winding down is only going to cost me previous time. That’s where I’m wrong and that’s where you might be wrong.

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In a way, the stress is holding us back to a certain extent. Not always, but I’m talking about the real stress where you start to feel a little bit anxious. We can’t think as clearly, we might make mistakes and we might lose time worrying. We can’t all just go-go-go. We need to have a small pause button to give us a break.

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So I have been working on winding down. Get the real, hard pressure of me that turns into stress. Think about the things that make me feel relaxed and happy, so I can come backs stronger the next day.

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The real problem here isn’t “how can I wind down?” but it’s “why should I wind down?”. Because when we realize that it’s important to take that step back, have a little break and have some time for ourselves: you always find something that can make you feel relaxed.

I’d love to be the key to you finding the peace to wind down and I would if I could. However, it’s a process that us workaholics, productivity lovers, multitaskers, perfectionists or however you want to call the thrive to work and deliver good work people, have to go through. But once you do: it’s such a relieve.

Since we all have our own way of relaxing, I’m not giving you the guide to start winding down and start relaxing. A little inspiration always works, so here is what I like to do to wind down. And these aren’t even hard things to think about. It’s super easy, super simple and super effective. Yes, that’s a lot of “supers”.

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Taking a bath and read

I have always been a reader, but I cannot read when I mind isn’t clear. Next issue is that my mind is almost never clear. Another issue is that reading gets my mind clear. Do you see my problem here? I need to read to get my mind clear but I can’t read when my mind isn’t clear. Talking about complicated brain stuff. However, I find that having a bath relaxes me so much that it’s helping me to read! So, at least twice a week: I take a bath and read for an hour lang. Especially after hard working days when I feel mentally exhausted.

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Go for a run or walk!

I loved running when I was younger. To be outside in the nature, hearing the birds chirp, smelling the freshly cut grass and enjoying the beautiful scenery is already enough for me. Which is why I like walking as well. When I really, really need to get my stress and frustration out: running is my only option. I just go and run it all out. It works wonders for me, and after that run: I’m ready to tackle the workload!

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Watch a series

A series is about 40 minutes long and after working hard for a long time: this is the relaxation I need. The hard part about this is not watching another episode after the first one. See it as a little 40 minute break, get a cup of tea, something to eat and just forget the world when you watch the episode. The world is still there and ready for you once you finish the episode.

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The key to all of this is balance. We need to find a balance between go-go-go and being unproductive. We can’t always be productive and it’s okay to have times when we are not productive. That’s life. See what works for you and I hope you can find that balance to wind down!

What are your ways to wind down?




  1. It is interesting that you say stress can be a way to make you more productive. I think stress is a way to low key motivate you to do something better. It is good that you’re starting to wind down a bit. We definitely need it or else we’ll face burnout.

    Nancy ♥

  2. I don’t think I have ways to wind down.. it’s bad. It’s time to change that because the stress is truly overwhelming me right now!

    1. It’s so easy to just keep going. I think it’s going to make you feel a lot better if you wind down once in a while!

  3. Nature perfectly helps restore mental balance and the nervous system. Take some time for walks without a goal, just enjoying. At first it will be difficult.

    1. It takes a bit of practice to enjoy those moments without feeling stressed or anxious, I agree! 🙂

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