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Fall/Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I love how the leaves turn yellow and red, the colder weather, the cosy sweaters and the perfect booties. It is my favourite fashion season. Every seasons asks for its own essentials: and here are my fall essentials!

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This season is also one of my favourite seasons to be productive and to organize my life. The darker afternoons and evenings or the rainy days are perfect for productivity! Interested in organization and productivity?

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Fall Essentials: Fashion

As this is my favourite fashion season, it’s only appropriate to start with the fashion side of fall. I love wearing more business casual outfits, so during the fall I try to find the best business casual trousers, some softer blouses and a few blazers. I am still working on finding the best blazers, ‘cause I cleaned out my closet in the late spring and threw away all of my blazers. So exciting to shop for some new blazers!

I love ankle boots, preferable with a heel. To be honest, I really don’t need any more ankle boots but I just love them so much! Besides the ankle boots, I love a pair of biker boots as well to go with my more edgier outfits!

Cosy sweaters are key items in this season. As I said, I love business casual, but I can’t resist buying cosy sweaters to either match my pants or to just go with my jeans! I haven’t always been the one to wear tights and skirts in the fall, but I bought a few skirts last winter and I am so excited to start wearing these! I’m still figuring out how to wear skirts with warmer tops and sweaters.

The perfect fall coat is another essential for me. I recently bought mine at Zara, and it’s a longer button-up brown coat that’s perfect for the fall season: it has a hoodie for the rain and the fabric is perfect for the rain as well! It’s a more classy coat, which I love because it goes perfectly with my outfits.

Scarfs! Scarfs! Scarfs! I am probably of the biggest scarf addicts out there: I just love them so much. Stripes, squares or just plain scarves: I have them all and I still want more. I recently bought the perfect, softest fall/winter mustard yellow scarf at Galeries Lafayette in Paris and I am so excited to start wearing it!

This season is also the time where I wear more jewellery! I really like the combination between the blouses, blazers or the sweaters and watches with bracelets. My black Cluse watch is great for fall as well, and it matches perfectly with almost any clothes and jewellery.

Watch and bracelets

Fall Essentials: Lifestyle

Next is lifestyle! Since I have my own studio apartment, I get super excited when the new season arrives because it means I have a new excuse to change up my decorations. This season tends to have darker afternoons and evenings, so I like to hang up some (not really but yes Christmas lights but for fall purposes!!) lights and place some on my bar in my kitchen since this area doesn’t have any windows.

Furthermore, I like to buy the best scented candles to light them in the evening and buy fall essentials oils for my diffuser. As I said, I love decorations which means I go all out on the fall decorations. I buy leaves, red berries, pine cones and chestnuts and full up my entire studio apartment with these small decorations. Whenever you visit my studio apartment, I want it to scream fall with all the decorations and the smells!

Fall Decorations

Fall Essentials: Skincare

My skin gets a bit more dry in the season. I never really switch up my skincare routine because my skin is very, very sensitive and I like to just stick to the products that work for my skin. However, I like to use more face masks in the fall and winter time. The one I always use is this one from The Body Shop. It’s perfect for my skin! I am allergic to parfum in products, and this mask doesn’t have any parfum in it. Furthermore, I like to buy some chap sticks or moisturizing lipsticks which brings me to my next subject!

Fall Essentials: Make up

I feel like fall is the perfect season to start wearing more make up (if you want to obviously). I love doing my make up during this season, because my make up usually sweats off during the summer so I don’t bother too much during that season.

Fall is the perfect lipstick season, it’s great for wearing more bold lips and I love the wear lighter colours as well to balance out the (sometimes) more heavier eye make up! All in all, I just love make up in the fall. My favourite lipsticks are Rebel, Mocha, Honeylove and Velvet Teddy from MAC!

Make Up Brushes

I will write a more in depth “Fall Wardrobe Essentials” in the future and talk more about my key fashion items during the fall! This will be up in the upcoming weeks and I am so excited to start this new chapter on my blog. Fashion is something I love and I have been creating my own sense of style since a few months, so it’s great to write about it and start to take pictures of my outfits. I need to figure out how I can make the best outfit photos on my own or try to convince a friend to take the pictures of me!

My blog will stay focused on travel and lifestyle. However, I do like to throw in a bit of fashion! I have two excited lifestyle series planned to go up on a weekdays so I can go back to uploading twice a week! Lots of exciting things happening.

I’ll see you next time! Have a nice weekend.



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