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I love bucket-lists. It kinda adds a new meaning to adventures. I think everyone has thought about a bucket-list or actually wrote a bucket-list. My bucket-list is very long and very much focused on traveling and the specific countries I want to visit, and things I want to do at those destinations. I sometimes forget the things I already did and have accomplished.

We are always in a rush, always thinking about tomorrow and what has to be done. We make a bucket-list, cross one thing off and think about the next thing. So, what about a reversed bucket-list? Today, I am sharing eight of my accomplishments or things I once crossed off my bucket-list.

Now, to be completely honest, I never really had a “real” bucket-list. I never wrote a list with things I wanted to do or places I wanted to visit. I haven’t written these wishes down. However, I do have a “bucket-list” in my head that changes over time. Maybe it’s a good idea to actually write them down.

Visit Paris.
How predictive? My first blogpost was about Paris, and it was always a city I wanted to visit SO bad. Everyone talks about Paris and the pictures are captivating. It was on the top of my list and I finally visited Paris in 2014. It has lived up to my expectations or even exceeded them.

Living on my own.
I am only 21 years-old, but since my mid-teens, I always wanted to live on my own. It was a challenge, I did have bad social-anxiety which made things really difficult. However, as scary as it was, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was 20 years-old when I first moved into a (kinda) dorm with a few housemates. After six months, it wasn’t living up to my expectations. My parents moved closer to my college town, and I decided to move back home. In December last year, I decided to live on my own once again. This time, in a studio apartment, and I couldn’t be happier about having my own little space. It brings me peace, it helps me reflect on the day and it was one of the best things to do in overcoming my social anxiety. It still isn’t easy at all times, I am lonely sometimes but I do have a lot of friends living nearby. It is so easy to stay at home, watch a movie and go to bed early to be fresh and concentrated for the next day. But, sometimes we just have to go and take the day off to spend some time with friends and work on our social status. That’s something I still struggle with.

Getting my drivers license and own a car.
Oh, I remember how nervous I was when I had my first driving lessons. I was almost shitting myself. It was SO scary. We have to be 17 years-old in the Netherlands to start our driving lessons, I was 19 when I had mine because I was too scared to start. To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. My sister had the same instructor for her driving lessons and my dad got his motorcycle license with the same instructor. So, it was familiar face and I knew that he was a very calm man. I never experienced the lessons as something negative, even though I was always nervous. It took me about six months to get my drivers license (about 20 lessons and I passed both exams in one time) and it has brought me so much freedom. I got my first car to drive to school and I freaking love my car. It is an oldie, I have a Seat Arosa from 2004, but I love it. It is my little car and I am SO proud. If you have any doubts about starting your driving lessons, just do it. Just do it, it’ll be worth it. I promise!

Going to university.
I feel very blessed to be able to go to university and have a good education. I have had my doubts about my degree, just because my interests are pretty much everywhere. I love economics, I really like psychology and I’ve always been interested in Law. Unfortunately (but very understandable), there aren’t any degrees that contains all of those interests. However, I do have some economics in my current study (mostly Management based), some International Law (I love these colleges) and a small bit of consumer psychology. I can see myself working and being happy in the working field in the future.

Having another dog.
It just love dogs. They are the most cute and friendly creatures, so furry and I can’t stop myself from wanting to pet every single dog I see. We got our first dog when I was eight years old. She was a Golden Retriever and the most friendliest and cutest dog ever. She was truly a sweetheart and I loved her with all my heart. Sadly, she was diagnosed with bowel cancer and there was nothing we could do. We had to put her down, not even a week after we heard the news because she was just in so much pain. This completely broke my heart, but as a pet owner you have the possibility to end their suffering. That’s what we did and I’m happy to have the memories of her as a happy, running dog and not a dog that was suffering. This was in 2015 and I missed having a dog in the house. We thought about in for a while and in August, last year, we got a puppy. She is the most playful and curious and very much stubborn dog, ever. She is a white Swiss Shepard. I love her, but we kinda forgot (I was only 8) how exhausting it is to have a puppy. But, it is worth all those frustrations when she comes to you for a cuddle. Here is a cute picture of her when she was still a puppy!


Overcoming my social anxiety.
This has been a very long road, and I’m still not at the end of this road. It just is a very long journey, but I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished. There are some things that I still need to work on, but I’ve overcome so much. I might do a blogpost related to social anxiety!

Drive on a jet-ski
This was SO cool!! We were in Croatia and we rented a jet-ski for about 15 minutes. Me and my dad went out to the sea and o my god. This feeling is something I’ve never had before? Just that moment when you’re basically flying over the waves (and almost fall off, seriously) and when all the waters splashes onto you: it’s amazing. It feels like freedom. To be honest, it is quite hard to drive a jet-ski because of the resistance when you hit the water (or I’m just weak) so I enjoyed sitting on the back more. My dad was more fearless than me, so he just went for it and gave full throttle. It was awesome.

Floating in open sea.
So this might sound weird, but I’ve always had a fear of water. I wasn’t scared of showering or anything like that, but the bigger areas of water frightened me. A swimming pool was fine, until I couldn’t feel the ground of the pool. I couldn’t even look at a river, the sea or a lake without feeling so anxious. This fear was kinda weird to me, because I didn’t know why it was freaking me out that much? Maybe the fear of drowning, or not knowing what lies underneath the water. We were on a boat in Croatia and the water looked so peaceful and crystal blue. So, I just went for it. I dived in and, once again, I felt so relieved and free. I think I overcame my fear of water at that specific moment. I floated for about ten minutes and I wasn’t scared or anxious at all. I love the ocean now, and I even want to surf in Bali. It’s crazy how fast things change, because my fear of water was still very much alive in 2016.

These were eight of my big accomplishments, or small activities that I wanted to do. I think it’s so important to realize what we’ve done and be proud of our accomplishments.

I’d love to hear what’s on your reversed bucket-list!

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