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The summer of 2018 is around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. Since my return from Bali, I’ve been craving the sun and the nice weather. Luckily, the weather this past week has been lovely. I have planned my city trip for the summer, and I’ve some other exciting activities planned so I’ll be sharing my summer plans to get us all in the summer mood!

The city trip
My mom and I have our annually holiday/city trip together, it’s always our mother-daughter adventure of the year. We’ve been thinking of going to Marbella, or to the south of Italy, but since we have something else exciting happening this summer, we couldn’t go away for a week or longer. I must say, it’s not a surprising city-trip since I’ve already written a blogpost about it, but yes. We are going to Paris for the third time. We just love it that much. It’s kinda our second home, I guess? The hotel and the Thalys are already booked, and we have a lovely hotel in the 6th district with a 2-minute walk to le Jardin du Luxembourg. We’re staying five days and haven’t planned much yet, we might go a day to Disney and we want to visit Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame. We have seen these two buildings, but we’ve never been inside.

During our last trip, we had a lot of activities planned and we had kind-off a strict schedule. This year, we plan on just relaxing and enjoying Paris at an easy pace. I do want to go to Sephora on the Champs Elysées, because we unfortunately don’t have one in the Netherlands. Furthermore, we want to picnic in the parcs (if the weather is nice), go see the Eiffeltower at night (seen it before, it’s always magical), go to those buildings mentioned before, go to Galeries la Fayette, go to Montmartre and buy a painting (most definitely want to do this), and enjoy all the nice cafés and restaurants.

We have the Thalys on Monday around 11:50 AM and we arrive in Paris around 3 PM and we have the train back on Friday around 2 PM and arrive in the Netherlands around 5 PM. We decided not to take the early train on our way to Paris, we live an hour away from the train station so it’s nice to have a slow morning. We can check in at our hotel around 3 PM, so we can go straight to our hotel and get settled and go into Paris.


Planning my winter/spring internship
Time flies, and next year I’ll be in the third year of university. In that year, we have to do an internship and we need to find our internships in the beginning of September. I’ll be planning my internship this summer, and figure out what I want. I might go for an abroad internship, or just stay in the country. If I am going for the abroad internship, I’d love to do an internship in Paris (how surprising) or London. Australia has been on the top of my list since years, so I might take a look at the Australian internships. It is a 5 month internship, and I’m not sure if I want to be 5 months away from home since my parents can’t come and visit me.


Moving house
I do live in a studio-apartment in my university city, but I’m home in the weekends in my parents house and they are moving! This is the reason why my mom and I can’t go on a longer holiday. Very exciting, because they’ve bought this house last year and it’ll be done around the end of next month. We have a big garden, which is so exciting because we’ve been living in an apartment for the last year with a small balcony. I can’t wait to see my dog running around the garden, she’s going to have such a great time.

Learning French
I love French, and I love France so I want to continue learning French into the summer and upcoming years. I’ve had French for the past two years, but I won’t have French in the upcoming two years. I love the language, so I do want to learn the language during my own free-time. Especially if I want to do my internship in Paris, I need to step up my game with my French skills.

Now these were the “goals” and big things happening in the summer, but I do have some activities I want to do. They’re just simple activities, but they make me so happy and summery!

Go picnicking
I LOVE picnicking. I think it’s because me, my sister and my parents used to picnic a lot during our holidays in the past. In the mountains, on the beach, next to a river: basically anywhere if it was possible. I love to prepare my food at home, get a cute basket, get my blanket and just sit in a parc with friends or family and talk, laugh and just have a lot of fun. However, not a fan of all the little (or big) uninvited insects that want to enjoy the picnic as well.


Pinterest                                            Pinterest

Give a garden party
I must admit, I’m not a party animal so I never really celebrated my 21th-birthday. The new house with the garden gave me inspiration to throw a garden party with some of my close friends. Not with a lot of music, but if it’s a nice summer afternoon and evening, I’d love to give a dinner in the garden with some songwriter music and enjoy the evening. Pinterest gave me the best inspiration for the garden party, and I can’t wait to finish the garden and start planning the party!


Pinterest                                                Pinterest

Design my tattoo
The first tattoo that I got was when I was 17 years old. It’s an important one, if has a lot of story to it and I still love it. However, I have some new ideas and I am thinking of combining my ankle tattoo with the new ideas. The tattoo has some colour in it, and if I combine those tattoos I want to change those colours in black with some shadowing. Not sure if it’s possible, but I’m going to figure it all out in this summer! It’ll be fall/winter when I’m changing or expanding the tattoo, because it’s much easier with the healing process.

Start running again
I’m continuously falling in and out of love with running. I don’t know why, but I just can’t keep my motivation up to keep running. I feel like the summer is the perfect time to get back into my running game, and I do love to run in the early morning when it’s not as hot as later in the day. So, I want to find some good running spots, put on my running shoes and just go!

My summer plans may not be very exciting, I’m not planning a long and far trip because Singapore and Bali were my adventure of the year. However, I am very excited for the summer and I cannot wait until my study year is over in five weeks so I can enjoy the summer.  What are your summer plans?

A little blog announcement, I’ve decided to upload two blogposts a week: starting this week! On Wednesdays the blogposts will be about “Travel Tips”, and the posts on Sunday are just random lifestyle or travel posts!

So, I’ll see you on Wednesday!

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