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As you may have noticed: my blog is looking a bit different! I got a new theme and I’m so excited to start blogging on this lay-out. Let me explain what’s new.

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There isn’t a huge difference compared to my lay-out before. It is from the same company so the overall look and feel are the same, which is nice. The slider above the homepage will still show the featured or newest posts and the menu is pretty much the same. I did make a few changes in the menu and added some new main menu’s to categorize my (coming!) blog posts. As I explained before, I’m writing more about travel so I wanted to have the menu be 90% about travel. You can still find all the non-travel blog post under the “lifestyle” menu.

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The destination menu is still the same, however: I might change it in the future and categorize it by continents. This is a future project when I have written about more countries! The “type of travel” will highlight all the different sort of trips like budget travel, active travel and responsible travel. This list will expand in the future 😊. The “travel diaries” highlights the packing diaries, where I’ll post all my tips and tricks to prepare for a trip and the packing tips. The travel secrets are all travel tips that I have shared with you in the past and will share with you in the future. As you may have noticed if you’ve been around before: the destination tips are gone. I have re-categorized these under the new menu items so they are still on my blog: just in a different place.

The photography section is so exciting to me. I’m doing more and more with photography so I decided to have a different main menu for the photography stuff. Here you’ll find my photo diaries and inspiration posts.  I will be adding a photography portfolio in the future! And I might add travel outfits to this menu as well.

I love the homepage because it has featured categories from now on! I’m so happy with this theme, it fits my content perfectly and I am so motivated to crush this year and start blogging frequently again. I’ve been writing a lot so there are a lot of blog post coming. I’ll see you again on Tuesday!



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