Perfect 20s Bucket List | 24 Things To Do At 24

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It’s time for the yearly birthday blogpost! I turned 24 today on the 17th of October and I love looking back at the past year so see what I’ve learned compared to other years. However, I am doing something different this year. Instead of telling you what I’ve learned, I am going to give you a bucket list of things to do at 24. This could easily work as a 20s bucket list too!

If you’re interested in knowing what I have learned in my life, I wrote an entire blogpost about 22 things I learned at 22 and to be fair, a lot is still relevant to my life right now. However, this current situation with COVID-19 made me think about what I would love to accomplish next year. This year taught us we’re not guaranteed of a normal tomorrow. That’s why I made a bucket list of things to do at 24, for me, for you and everyone who loves bucket lists as much as I do!

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As a travel lover, I wish I could stuff this bucket list with destinations to visit next year. I did add some destinations in here, but in reality – we don’t know when we can go back to care-free travel. This is a realistic bucket list of things I am honestly ready to tick off. Travel or not, business things, blog things and personal goals. I encourage you to create bucket lists if you turn a new age. Even though it doesn’t change anything (after all: age is just a number), it creates some perspective of new challenges and opportunities!

Perfect 20s Bucket List | 24 Things To Do At 24

1. Design a website

I would love to learn about how to code my own website. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. I love working on my website, being creative and the current options in premium themes are awesome – but I’d love to do so much more with my website. I’m either creating my own website or will have a web designer creating one for me!

2. Start looking at investing

I’ve never looked at investing before and it sounds so interesting. Obviously, it has to be done safely and smart. I have looked at articles and information sources and it is something I definitely want to get familiar in and see if I want to start investing a small amount of money.

3. Become organized

Organization comes in many forms and ways. I’d love to work on organization mentally and in real life, really plan out my day and organize my planner and financial stuff. I have become better at it during the years but it’s honestly a learning curve and I hope to work towards the top this year.

4. Self publish a book

As a little girl, the biggest dream I had was writing a book. I started writing when I was around 10 or 11 years old. I have fallen in love with writing since starting this blog and I would be so, so happy to dive into the creative world of fiction and write a book. Makes me wonder, if you would write a book – what would it be about? Think about it for a sec.

5. Jump from a great height

You know what, I always wanted to go bungee jumping, skydiving or anything else related to height. I’m not scared of height, I love it. I would want to jump out of a plane, go bungee jumping and go paragliding. I’ve always been a thrill seeker in some sort of way. Things that make me feel extra alive.

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6. Get new tattoos

I have two tattoos at this very moment of writing this blogpost. I’ve been wanting to get a new one for so long and recently decided to plan a new tattoo appointment in February. So yes, this one is already kind of planned. I don’t have them yet, but can almost tick this one off the list!

7. Work towards running a half marathon

Running has always been my greatest love when it comes to sport. It clears my mind. I love being in the outdoors, especially where I live now because the area is gorgeous. The mornings are so pure and crisp now, the fog over the meadows, the birds, the sunrise and the silence are perfect. This is going to change when I move to the city, but I have a wonderful trail along the river to go on endless runs. I haven’t ran in months but I’m determined to start again and go for it. Might skip a day if it rains though!

8. Become vegan

Or almost vegan. I don’t really like setting these high goals because I think things like this should come natural. I’ve been doing my research on being vegan and the benefits of it. One of the biggest reasons for me to go vegan is the animal welfare. I’m already a vegetarian, I don’t eat dairy anymore so I feel like I’d do well in becoming more vegan when I live on my own. Like I said, it should come natural because that’s the only way its sustainable. I don’t have any problems with not eating meat, fish and dairy because it became natural and normal to not eat them.

9. Travel to a city on your own

I want my first solo trip to be Paris. This is truly where my heart is as I mentioned a lot on this blog already. Did anyone watch Emily in Paris? That show made me even more excited to visit Paris again even though I visited Paris in December. Paris is going to be my home one day and I would love going to Paris on my own and be on my own in the city.

10. Learn a new language

Languages are such a beautiful thing to learn. We come across many languages every day. Online, like English in this blogpost, Dutch in my daily life and other foreign languages you might hear on a daily basis. French is the language I want to learn. I’ve had six years of French and I’m ready to get back into it and speak it fluently. When I move to Paris one day – I need and want to speak French fluently.  

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11. Seriously plan my Australia trip

Australia has been on my list since I was 15. Not even kidding – I knew I wanted to visit Australia years ago. Even thought of moving there after graduating university. Who knows what will happen in the future! I want to go backpacking through Australia, become a local and completely dive into the Australian culture. This is what I want to plan as my big, big next trip.

12. Become financially stable and independent

I want to be financially stable and financially independent. Whether that’s from working online, like freelancing and blogging, or in a more 9-5 based job. Save up money every month to reach that dream trip to Australia, being able to invest in my business and not worry about having money. This is a very big goal of mine and I feel like I’m ready to fully commit to this!

13. Know when to ask for help

It’s okay not to be okay, it’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay to go into therapy. If 2020 learned me something, it is that we need to talk more about mental health. I am not the only one struggling with mental health during lockdown and the unsure times that 2020 gave us.

14. Create a home

I’m moving in a couple of months to my own rented apartment in a really nice area. Super exciting and I want to create a nice and cosy home from this house. I have always loved interior design and it’s so nice to finally be able to do it for my future home. Still need to have some patience though!

15. Start a YouTube Channel

Little secret project reveal here guys! I want to start a YouTube Channel and make awesome travel videos for you guys. I’m always going to keep my blog because I love writing and photography. The combination of written articles with photos AND a complete video would be the most perfect combination to me. I’ve already started a videography editing course and I am beyond excited to finally create videos for you all. And who knows, I might start vlogging a little bit in them as well but the initial thought is to create more travel diary’s like cinematic travel video’s! What do you think?

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16. Start a podcast

I love listening to podcasts and I’ve been thinking of creating my own podcast. Something related to travel and the message I display on my blog. Not sure if it would be in English or in Dutch, but I’m definitely considering both options and might start a podcast this year! I would love to expand my creative skills.

17. Be more mindful with social media

Social media is part of my job and I really like social media. However, I want to become more mindful of social media and the people I follow. The content I see every day should make me feel inspired, motivated and happy. All positive vibes. The same goes for real life relationships, I want to be surrounded by people who support me and who I find inspiration, motivating and just nice people to hang around with.

18. Take a photography class

Photography has been a big love for a long time and I photograph places like destinations for my blog since two years. There’s just so much I still want to learn about photography! All the different settings, buying new camera lenses to create new special photos. There is a lot to discover and I love it!

19. Take a videography class

I am no expert in filming and I would really like to gain skills in videography to create those travel films for you guys. I might just start filming with my Sony A6000 for now, which is a pretty nice camera, but I want to know how to create awesome shots.

20. Buy a drone

Another big one related to videography, I’m serious about this guys! I already know which drone I want to buy and it’s on my saving list at this moment. Drones create awesome footage for the travel films and I personally always love drone shots in videos.

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21. Read 1 book a month

I used to be such a big book lover you guys! Reading was my thing when I was younger. However, I did not even finish an actual book this year. The thing with reading is that I need to have some sort of calmness in my head. If I feel chaotic in my head, reading is just not going to work. And I feel chaotic in my head, especially now during lockdown. I want to get back into the vibe of reading and read at least 1 book a month.

22. Design travel products

I don’t want to spoil anything here, but I have a lot of ideas to start my own product line related to travel. It’s no where near being finished and I’m sure it is going to be a long road before I release any physical products. The ideas are there and I want to find out how to create it, know the entire process and make it a true goal of having my own physical travel products on this blog!

23. Master a skincare routine

If you follow my Instagram, the struggle with my skin is not a surprise to you. My skin got bad during August of 2019 due to an allergic reaction from the Hoola bronzer AND from side effects from medication I needed to take. I stopped taking the medication and switched to something else but the damage had already been done. My goal is to master my skincare routine and create flawless skin again!

24. Volunteer

The last thing on my list is volunteering. If you want to volunteer too – think about: what do you care about? Do you love children? Animals? Elderly? Healthy eating? Doing good is good for others and so good for your soul. I would love to volunteer with animals, like walking and playing with dogs from the shelter and volunteer with elderly to make them feel less lonely.

I am fully aware that this list is… kinda extreme but that’s how I live my life. I love setting huge goals. I love dreaming big. These are the 24 things on top of my list to do this year and possible take on when I’m 25 and older. Some goals don’t just stop after you reached them, they will continue being a lifetime goal like being financially independent. And I may not reach all these goals but I will someday.

What’s something you’d love to do, learn or accomplish next year? Let me know in the comments!

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24 things to do when you're 24, bucketlist for your 20s, twenties bucket list, things to do in your twenties
24 things to do when you're 24, bucketlist for your 20s, twenties bucket list, things to do in your twenties

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