Personal & Travel Goals For 2019

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I know that 2019 has already been here for almost three weeks but I really wanted to do a blog post about my goals for 2019. To be honest, I am not the person who will make new years resolutions. However, I do like to make more monthly goals that are more reachable during the year or make bigger goals for the year.

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I believe there’s no such thing as waiting for a new year to start making that big change or to start doing what you love: if you want it, I believe you should start doing it as soon as possible and not wait for the “perfect” opportunity that is called the New Year. On the other hand, making goals is always a good idea and if the New Year is that time during the year that will give you the best motivation and inspiration to start making changes: that’s great!

As I just said, I like making monthly goals but I will base them on a bigger goal. I have written about achieving goals before and personally: I find it more motivating to divide the main goal in smaller sub goals to keep me motivated and to keep going! Here’s what I have thought of for 2019 on the personal goals.

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Personal Goals

Girl with black nailpolish writing in a notebook

Goal 1: “Be more spontaneous”

I’m not getting real cheesy here so I have decided to keep it real, you know. One thing I really want to do this year is being more spontaneous. I can keep overthinking my decisions for days, weeks or even months before I finally decide to do it or to decide that I’m too scared to do it or if I’m simply not sure what I want to do. It started to frustrate during the end of 2018. So, I am going to be more spontaneous. Do more fun stuff when I haven’t really thought it through and just see where it will take me! For instance, and you might think “oh wow Melissa, what a decision!!” (insert sarcasm) but I cut my hair this past week when I just started thinking about it a few days before. People say that a girl is about to change her life when she cuts her hair, and you know what? I might actually be doing that! For the record, I did cut of about 15-20 centimetres and I could not be more happy with the end result!

Goal 2: “Business wise: figure out what I want”

I have had a few ideas popping up in my head last year regarding my blog and my website, and what I actually want to achieve with it. Blogging is really something close to my heart and I absolutely love doing it. This past year, I started my blog in March and wrote about so many different subjects. And to be fair, I have loved writing every single blog post! However, I want to be more specific while writing my content and there is one passion where I can write about (pretty much) all day long and that is travel. So I have decided to start blogging way more about travel. I’m so excited to dive back into previous journeys and start writing city guides or other fun blog posts!

Goal 3: “Be more productive and organized”

How funny, I actually wrote two (yes, two) blog posts about organization and productivity. And yes, I can be really good at being productive and organized. When my head is clear, my desk is clear and my room is very much the cleanest it can be. That’s great, isn’t it? Well. My head isn’t always clear and when that happens: chaos is happening. Everywhere. My desk is a mess. My room is a mess. My laptop is a mess. Everything is a mess. And that has to stop. I need to get it together and start to be organized all-the-time. That’s so much easier said than done though. Sometimes I’m so proud of myself when I’m organized and the next day I can be thinking to myself: “what in the world happened here?” I’m not even sure. What I do know is that it’s so much easier to be productive when your workspace is clean. So I am going to start being more organized. Yes, I wrote it down which means I have to. Oh my, do any of you have tips to be more organized?

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Travel Goals

Road trip with snowy mountains and a world map

So far my personal and sort-of business goals that wasn’t actually a business goal. More of a blogging goal, right? I’m focussing more on travel blogging and travel photography and basically: all about travel. In order to continue writing about travel, I actually need to travel. This brings me to my other (yearly) goals: my travel plans so far. I’m so excited because I have already decided to visit two new countries this year!

Goal 1: “Get Scottish in Scotland”

My friends, I am visiting Scotland this year and I’m not sure why this is so exciting, but it is?! I’m going to visit a lovely friend who is going away for (cry) about seven months on an internship in Scotland and I will be there for (as for our “plans” right now) about a week. I will be visiting Edinburgh, and this city has been on my list for SO LONG. To be honest, the vlogs that Zoë Sugg made about Edinburgh might have started the fever of wanting to go to Edinburgh but I’m not even mad. It looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to go! We will be exploring Scotland by car and I am SO ready to do a Scottish road trip. This friendship match is great though, because she’s probably the most chaotic person I know and my organization skills so far aren’t so… great which yes, is the best match you can have! We will be fine.

Goal 2: “Get some sun on Madeira”

This one has been on my list for so long as well and I am so happy that I’m finally going this year! I haven’t booked anything yet, but me and another friend are about 99% sure that we are going to visit Madeira, an island of Portugal, in the summer! I literally can’t wait for it to be August and to visit this beautiful island because it does look gorgeous. And I’m ready for some sun too, because this weather here has been the gloomiest it can be. There’s snow coming next week. I’m not prepared for snow. So, dreaming about Madeira makes me happy and it is so much fun to plan our trip now! If you’ve been to Madeira, or if you know someone who has visited Madeira, please let me know if you have any suggestions and tips! I would love to know.

Goal 3: “Do more short trips”

I’m starting my internship in about two weeks so I will be working about five days a week. This doesn’t leave much room for me to travel and that’s totally fine! I have decided to do more short trips and more budget trips. This means I will be at a city (for example) for about two days during the weekends and this is so much more inexpensive than spending, let’s say, five days at one destination! Which means: I get to visit more countries this year. However, I haven’t made up my mind yet about any places that I want to visit. So again, if you have any recommendation for a city trip or another fun trip that can be done in two days: PLEASE let me know!

I am ready to tackle 2019 and make it the best year of travel, personal development and the best year of blogging too! I can’t wait to write more content on my blog, and I know I’ve been lagging a bit, (okay big time), but I’ll be back with great content: I promise! If you want to follow me along my journey through life and when I’m not uploading a lot, you can always follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to! Let’s tackle 2019 together, reach our goals, be nicer to everyone around us and to ourselves as well, and try to have the best year of our lives.




  1. I am completely the same with goals and never set ‘new years resolutions’. Good luck with all of them, you seem very organised so I am sure you’ll achieve them. Paris is always a good weekend destination plus you could get the train!

    Jenny |

  2. I think these are some great goals for the year. I feel like just from looking at your site you’ve accomplished a few of them too!

    1. Ah yes!! So good to look back at the blog post. I did accomplish a few things indeed, so excited about that!

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