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I can’t believe this year came around so fast. Last week I started my senior year of college. My last first day of college! I have a college talk for you instead of the Chit Chat Wednesday. I’ll tell you about my study and this bittersweet moment.

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I haven’t done many personal talks with you guys except from the chit-chat Wednesday I did during the summer. To be honest, I do love writing these posts once in a while. Even though I love writing about travel and other lifestyle related topics!

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I’m now a senior college student at Breda University of Applied Sciences which is located in Breda in the south of the Netherlands, if you were wondering. I study Tourism Management which is a management based study with a focus on the tourism industry. It’s very general with lots of marketing, management and financial subjects but all classes are focused on a real tourism case company. This means that every assignment we do and have done was for an actual existing company. It’s amazing to do this and it’s so motivating. I obviously want to deliver the best work for the company.

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Starting from year two, you’re able to choose a specialization. I did a specialization based on destination management. In short, I learned how to do destination marketing and make destination analysis. The study trip to Singapore and Bali was with this specialization! Such an awesome place to do some field research and enjoy the gorgeous places.

I realized that I loved marketing from the beginning of my study. It’s something I have always loved and my interest got bigger every year. However, I never knew if I wanted to do offline marketing or online marketing. My third year specialization was all about online marketing. I learned a lot about SEO, SEA, affiliates, chatbots and a lot more! My internship in the beginning of this year was focused on social media.

Now, onto the fourth, final and senior year! I chose the online marketing minor ‘cause I love it so much. It’s so interesting and I love learning all about the digital world. I’ve been in the minor for about a week and heard about all the plans this semester and I could not be more excited. I’m ready to broaden my knowledge about online marketing.

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This also means that I will focus on my senior year of college and work incredibly hard to do well and get good results. We, as online marketing students, will work a lot of amazing companies and it is our chance to shine. I already had a few great opportunities in this past week. It also means that I may not always upload twice a week like this week. I will do my best to upload twice a week. However, some weeks are going to be crazy busy. I will still upload in the weekends though! So there’s always a blog post to read at the end of the week.

It’s so bittersweet to start this final senior year. I can’t wait to get my degree and work either on my blog fulltime or work in the online marketing sector. But I also love going to college and I will sincerely miss all the fun times and the college life! I’m still debating about doing grad school and getting a masters degree. We will see what a decide during this final year.

I’d love to have a chat with you guys about senior year of college. I know a lot of you are still in college or (recently) graduated. I’m pretty sure that the transition from college to work life is challenging. How is or was your college experience?



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