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I had the most relaxed weekend this past weekend. This year, the summer in the Netherlands just keeps on going and it doesn’t seem to stop? It’s officially fall but the weather is so nice which makes it still feel like summer!

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One of the things I love in life is being one with nature. Nature makes me feel calm, it makes me feel at peace and I just love to hear the birds chirping, walk through the fallen leaves, picking up chestnuts, smell the trees and autumn, watching the dogs play with the leaves and just being happy to be outside. We moved to the more countryside about a year ago, and we live pretty close to a (big) forest, so it’s super nice to go outside on a Sunday and just walk in the woods, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the lazy, chilled day!

We are all so caught up with work, our study or other activities in life and I still believe that it’s important to take a step back sometimes and just relax. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours during the week. Last week, I had exams, so the past two weeks consisted of studying, studying, more studying and being stressful about studying. The day at the forest was just what a needed.

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As I said, summer just keeps on going. I believe it’s finally starting to become a bit colder and more fall weather, and I am so excited because I LOVE wearing more fall outfits. However, it was nice to have a lovely sort-of summer day in 25+ degrees Celsius! I wasn’t planning on going to the forest this past weekend, I actually had a very excited weekend trip planned with some friends. In my last blog post, I wrote about my inflammation in my right hip, and I sadly had to cancel my weekend (four day trip) to Madrid due to the inflammation.

Stupid me, didn’t have a cancelation insurance, so sadly, I didn’t get my money back. Kinda sad about it, because I payed for a trip that I eventually couldn’t go on due to the amount of pain I had but it is my own fault. Always have insurance, guys. Don’t be like me! I saw the lovely photos of my friends in the city, and I was sad, but to be honest: health is always my priority. I am happy that I’ve decided to stay at home and rest to make sure my inflammation wouldn’t get any worse!

The day this blog post goes live, it’s actually my birthday! I’ll be turning 22 on this day, October 17th, and I will have a blog post all about the 22 years of my life on Saturday. Stay tuned for that one! This past week, my life hasn’t been the most interesting. I’m working hard to get my internship for 2019 and I had a job interview yesterday. Fingers crossed because I really love that company and the job offer!

I made some photos with my camera while I was enjoying my time at the forest. Hopefully you’ll like them, I definitely enjoyed shooting them and I love to do more with photography! I’ll see you on Saturday, with my birthday post. Have a lovely day!



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