The Kitchen Design | The Building & Moving Series

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I got to design my new kitchen last week for my new apartment in the region of Rotterdam! This kitchen design is the first part of my new Building & Moving Series on my blog about the process of my new home. Let’s hop right into the blogpost about the kitchen design.

I had the meeting on the 24th of June in the city where I’ll be living. Beforehand, I already received the documents with the available option for the kitchen so I already knew what I wanted in my kitchen! 

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A background story – I have a new one bedroom city apartment which they are still building and the planning is that I’ll move in January. It’s a rental apartment and I had the opportunity to design my own kitchen at my own costs of course. Since it’s a rental apartment and since I still have my own oven and microwave from my studio apartment during university, I decided to not get a build-in oven/microwave! It’s the same with the freezer and fridge, I decided to buy this one separately so I can buy a bigger one for less money! If you want to read more about my apartment – go ahead and read my fun life-update I posted last week.

The Kitchen Design | The Building & Moving Series

I had the option to design the kitchen cabinets, the build-in appliances, the countertop and the backsplash tiles!

The kitchen cabinets and the countertop

I’ve always loved the more simplistic kitchens and that’s exactly what I want for my own kitchen. Since all my furniture is white with a brown wood color, I decided to keep my kitchen free of alllll wood colors!

As you can see, I went for Magnolia colored matte kitchen cabinets which is basically an off-white color. The counter top is a black meshed color with dark brown patches in it and I love how it looks. It fits perfect with my light wooden floors and the dark wood on my furniture. I have black furniture too so it all blends in nicely.

Build-in appliances

As I mentioned before, I already have my oven and microwave so I’m just bringing my own to the apartment. They still work like a charm and it saves me a lot of money because man, build-in appliances are freaking expensive! It’s the same with a build-in freezer and fridge, those things cost a lot of money and I’d rather buy a separate one that looks pretty and saves me half of the money.

The one thing I did decide to get was a build-in induction cooker (please correct me ifI’m wrong in the translation). I’ll be able to take it out if I ever leave this apartment which is nice. I also got an extractor hood (correct me again please!) and those two are the main build-in appliances I have.

The backsplash tiles and handles

I went for a basic color on the backsplash tile – just an off-white color and it looks like it matches nicely with the rest of my kitchen. Its the two right bottom tile in the picture.

In total, it’s a minimalistic and basic kitchen and I’m very happy. I have my own bar furniture that’s going next to the freezer/fridge. You’ll see it once I am moved in! My oven is going on top of this bar and the microwave is going into this bar on one of the shelves.

The handles are matt black! I’ve always wanted black handles and these are more square shaped and the matt black looks so pretty in my opinion. In the picture, its the silver one at the bottom, just above the black one, and the silver one will be in the matte back color.

The rest of the kitchen

new kitchen design, building a house, apartment

The basic kitchen was smaller than what I have now! I added extra counterspace and countertop for extra space and more storage. In addition, I have three LED lights underneath the hanging kitchen cabinets.

This is the look of my future kitchen and I’m excited to see the end result in my own apartment. I have to wait at least another 6 months before I see it unfortunately! In the meantime, I’m going to pick out my wall paint, the curtains and so much more. Exciting things are happening and I am so grateful to have found this gorgeous apartment.



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my kitchen in my dream house, how i designed my new kitchen, moving and building process, city apartment
my kitchen in my dream house, how i designed my new kitchen, moving and building process, city apartment

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