5 Tips To Get Through A Bad Day

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A bad day. We all have them. Some of us have them more often than others but the fact is, we all have to deal with bad days. Moments where you just want to curl up in bed and let the day go by. When you really don’t feel like doing anything or when you want to do everything – but nothing is working. I feel you, in fact – at the time of writing this: I have a bad day myself. These are 5 tips to get through a bad day and make the most of it.

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I have always struggled with mental health and I have previously written blogposts about mental health too. Panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias, depression – I have had it all and working my  way towards those struggles learned me to appreciate every day. I shared my personal story with anxiety on my blog too. To make the most of every day. Especially with the world we are living in now. I don’t want to take another day for granted. Not another day to not live my life to the fullest potential. To let a day go by without making the most of it.

We are never guaranteed of a tomorrow. That is why I always try to get through a bad day while feeling all the emotions, accepting I have a bad day and try to get myself out of it and have a pretty good day at the end.

5 Tips To Get Through A Bad Day

However, to get yourself out of bed and begin with your day when you wake up and just know you have a bad day is really hard. I hope these things to do where you’re having a bad day will help you get through it. Are you struggling with panic attacks? I wrote a blogpost on how to deal with a panic attack that might help you out!

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Go outside

Depending on the day, going outside of a nice walk or to just stand there taking in the nice breeze or warm breeze will make you feel better. If you have a workday in the office, a short walk outside helps a lot too. Whenever the weather is nice, try to go for a picnic or a hike. Just you and some music or a podcast. Or if you feel like it, take someone with you!

Practice breathing or meditate

It’s easy to feel a little out of it during a bad day. Just feeling a little emotionless. Take the time to breath and forget everything you need to do that day. Meditating is a nice way to get calm as well, but it does take some practice before you know how to do it. Both ways help shift your mindset. Repeat this a couple times day when you feel things become too much. I wrote a blogpost with ways to calm down your mind!

Make a list of things you love

It is easy to get into a negative spiral and just think about the bad things in life. In those moments, it is hard to list positive things in life. Grab a notebook and write down what you’re grateful for – even the little things in your life. Gratitude is a very powerful practice. You’re living on this earth. You have endless possibilities. You can grow as a person. Work towards your goals. Read this blogpost about gratitude to get more into this topic.

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Do an at-home spa day

Treat yourself to a lovely at home spa day! Re-decorate your bathroom with candles, relaxing music and fill your bath with your favorite bath bomb. Paint your nails, do a facial at home or do your hair. My good friend Simone from Beautymone wrote an entire blogpost about having a spa day at home.

Go for a long drive

I love driving when I feel down. I always play a good podcast that makes me feel motivated and excited to start working on a current project or start a new project. A fun music playlist makes me feel happier too, more than the usual songwriter music I listen to. Enjoy the surroundings and take the scenic route in your neighborhood.

These are the things I love doing when I have a bad day. I try not to stay inside during those days but it is okay to accept you don’t want to go outside. If I really don’t feel like it, I just stay inside and watch Netflix or play The Sims which are two things I really like doing to relax my mind. However, I always try these tips before switching to Netflix or The Sims.

Remember it’s always okay to not feel okay. Mental health is still a topic we need to talk about. More and more everyday and I’m happy it is becoming a more discussed topic. It’s totally normal to have a bad day. Read why you need to make self-care a priority to minimize feeling overwhelmed. No matter how glamorous someone’s life looks on social media – they have bad days too. Don’t compare your own life to other people’s lives. Comparison is the thief of joy. I will write another blogpost about comparing yourself to others because I feel like that’s a big part of mental health as well.

How do you cope with a bad day?

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how to get through a bad day, tips to get through a bad day, mental health topic
how to get through a bad day, tips to get through a bad day, mental health topic

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