Why Fall Is My Favourite Season

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One of the first blog post I wrote was a post about the things I love during spring. It’s now fall and this might be my favourite season. After spring and summer, fall is the perfect time to cosy up. Here’s why fall is my favourite season!

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1. Fall clothes
I love summer and I love wearing flowy dresses, sandals, bikinis and shorts but it’s so nice to start wearing different and warmer clothes when fall arrives. Especially now, I’ve been wearing summer clothes from April until early October because of Bali and the summery weather here in the Netherlands! During fall I like wearing black jeans, biker boots and a nice cosy sweater but I do love to dress up with some tights, a dress or skirt and some nicer boots or heels! It’s the perfect season to change it up everyday and almost everything is wearable.

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2. Warm drinks
This might be more for the winter season, but fall can be quite cold so I love to drink hot chocolate with whipped cream!! Especially after a long day at school or after an horrible rainy day when you’ve been completely soaked after cycling in the rain: the best thing to do is to grab a hot shower, get into some comfy clothes and drink a hot cup of chocolate. I am also a tea lover, especially in the early morning when I just woke up! Ginger lemon tea is my go-to morning cup of tea, it helps the nausea I have during the day and I love green tea in the afternoon or in the evening! Besides tea and hot chocolate, I need my coffee during the day. I can not go a day without a cup of coffee, so I always drink a cup of coffee in the morning!

hot chocolate

3. Decorations
I never know how to style my home during the summer so I’m always very excited to start fall decorating! It’s so much fun to go pumpkin picking and fill up your place with pumpkins, pine cones, leaves and cosy lights. It makes my home look so much different and so much more cosy and fun!

4. Make up
This season is the best season to wear more make up, I believe I wrote about it in this blog post. Summer isn’t the best season to wear make-up, I just sweat it off basically so I love to wear a darker lip and darker eyeshadow in the fall because it just stays on perfectly!! Rainy days as an exception obviously.

5. Apple pie, pumpkin pie…
Pies!! I’m in love with pies and I especially love to bake them myself. Rainy days, cold days, darker days and cloudy days: it’s perfect to light a candle, play some cosy music and start baking!! Honestly, it’s the best to come home in a house that’s lit up with candles, with cosy music on and the smell of freshly baked pies. I do love to pick my own apples at the farm near us and bake the apple pie from our own picked apples!

pumpkin pie

6. Candles
I love to light candles during the gloomy days and in the evenings. It gets dark earlier and it makes my home smell amazing! It’s also great to warm up your house, because mine is pretty cold during the fall and winter and if I light some candles: I don’t need my heating as much! Also, it just looks cosy and I’m all about cosiness if you haven’t noticed already.

7. Gorgeous sunsets
This is something I’ve noticed recently: fall has the best sunsets. I don’t know if they are just prettier in the place where I live or if I’ve never noticed them: but the sunsets are absolutely gorgeous here. The sky has the most amazing purple and pink tones!

8. Photography in the fall: YES
I’ve been getting more into photography and fall is an amazing season to photograph. The colours are just amazing and the surroundings are incredible to walk around in. Nature is best during fall and spring! The forest also smells amazing during the fall which makes photographing even more special (and I love to get a hot chocolate after!)

fall colored forest

9. It’s getting closer to Christmas
I needed to mention this, and the people who know me will know that I live for Christmas. I breath Christmas. And I must admit, I already listened to one Christmas song. To be fair, I’m actually doing really good at postponing listening to Christmas songs!! I’m making plans to decorate my home for Christmas and even though that’s in the winter season: I’m getting really excited during fall.

10. Books!
I’m always out and about during the summer but I love to be inside during fall. What I do is: I basically combine pretty much all the points I just mentioned and create the best spot to read. I light some candles, play chill music (I love songwriter music), get a cup of thee/coffee/hot chocolate, get into my comfy clothes (didn’t mention this but it’s a necessity) and grab a good book. It’s my way of relaxing after a long day, which means I do this mostly in the afternoon or at night.

Those were my ten reasons of why fall is my favourite season! Winter is definitely a close second, mainly because I love love love Christmas. What is your favourite thing about fall?






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