Why I Hate “The Perfect Bikini Body”

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Summer has arrived, and the temperatures in the Netherlands are (surprisingly) still rising. And with every summer: the race to get the bikini body starts. And every summer I’m disappointed that I didn’t go to the gym enough to have that perfect bikini body. But why? Why do we care so much about having a bikini body?

I’ve always been very conscious of my body and I have my moments of going crazy at the gym and moments where I lay in bed for days watching Netflix. When it’s summer, I absolute used to hate those days because I didn’t get the perfect bikini body I envisioned because I didn’t go the gym on those days. And as they say: the only bad work-out is the work-out you didn’t do. I believe it’s important to take the best care of your body, because you only have one. However, I feel like things got a bit out of hand in the last couple of years. The entire health trend has been going on for years, and I am pro health trend but there’s a very fine line to where it’s becoming “too much” in my opinion.

How crazy is it that we (sometimes) work so hard to achieve that one fitness goal: the bikini body? Like I said, this has been my goal for years and I honestly never achieved my bikini body. But is it really because I didn’t work out enough to achieve that goal? Or is it because my vision of the perfect bikini body changed over the weeks and months, resulting in a never ending challenge to get that bikini body you may never achieve because your perfect image changes. I hope I’m making sense now, but changing your self-image and improving your confidence is way more helpful than setting that specific goal.

I feel like social media has a big influence on the bikini body trend. All the “perfect” bodies reflect on me and making me want to achieve that body as well. However, lately there has been a shift in the health trend and the reflection on this trend. Body positivity is becoming more and more popular and I love seeing Youtubers, bloggers and other influencers talking about this subject.



At first, I was quite hesitant about this body positivity thing. It takes some time to change the way you think about a certain topic and the fitness goal was stuck in my head. After some time, I am now finally realizing how important body positivity is. Working out is great, eating clean and healthy is good but I don’t want to have that specific goal anymore. I want to work out and eat clean because it’s good for my body and mind, and not because it’s going to make me look a certain way. You can work out as much as you want and eat clean as much as you want, but what if your self confidence isn’t the best and it’s actually weighing you down? I’ve said this before in other blogposts, but mental health is SO important and it needs attention.

You know, we can do whatever we want but if it’s not making us happy: it’s not worth it. It’s much more effective to reflect on the thoughts we have about achieving the perfect bikini body. Why do we want it? Why is there one specific perfect bikini body? Who decided what the perfect bikini body is? What is actually MY perfect bikini body? Does it mean that I can’t wear a bikini if I don’t have that bikini body? Absolutely not. The entire concept of the bikini body is complete bullshit. Who decides what a bikini body is? No one. I don’t know two persons who have the same body type so why bother achieving that bikini body that may not even work for our body?

Honestly, I can try and get my upper body as small as I want but my broad shoulders really won’t go any slimmer than they already are. I can do my absolute best to achieve the perfect round butt and do dozens of squats at night, but it’s just not going to work. I can run, do leg workouts and other exercises to slimmer my calves: but it’s just my body type and I can’t change one bit about it. It’s so, so useless to work on these things while it’s not going to change the way you look: it may only make you frustrated because you can’t see the results you envisioned.



I’m not saying that working out and eating clean to become more fit and to lose weight is bad. I might be the last person to ever say that line. However, I do believe it’s very important to re-think your reasons. I never wanted to get a perfect bikini body before I saw pictures and video’s. I started to compare myself to those pictures and that’s when it became my reason to work out. Motivating yourself and searching inspiring images and quotes is great, it helps me to get off my lazy butt and go to the gym. Just re-think your reasons. Is it actually what I want or is it what the outside world “wants”?

Every body is a bikini body. I’ve read this so many times and I couldn’t agree more. Just put on a bikini and you’re there. Like I said before, the concept of having a bikini body is complete bullshit. I love the body positivity trend because it’s just so positive. Being happy with what we have, happy about (hopefully!) having a good health and loving life. You know, my broad shoulders love life. My love handles love life. And I love life. There’s just more to love, I guess. No matter what body type you have: please don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t buy or wear that bikini you love so much. Always think about what you want. Do I want that bikini? Yes. Am I completely going to rock that look? Hell yes!

I kinda needed to write this post for everyone out there that is struggling with this and I needed to write this for myself and put it all in perspective. I have a bikini, and I have a body. So yes, I have a bikini body and I am going to rock and show off that bikini like there’s no tomorrow! Who’s with me?!



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