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Shampoo bars are a whole other world to discover if you haven’t tried them yet. As unusual it was a few years ago, it’s becoming more known and more shops are selling them, making it easier for you to switch to a shampoo bar that fit your needs perfectly. They’re perfect to live more consciously and sustainable as well. In addition, I give you more information about the idea behind a shampoo bar, how to use them and where you can buy different shampoo bars.

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Why you should switch to a shampoo bar

What is a shampoo bar?

A shampoo bar is an all-natural solid bar to use as a shampoo or a conditioner. The process of making a shampoo bar is the same as the process for making soaps. They are full of essential oils, botanicals and butters to sooth your hair or skin.

5 Reasons to switch to a shampoo bar

It’s easy to use a shampoo bar and the idea behind it sounds reasonable, right? But why should you use a shampoo bar instead of your regular shampoo or conditioner?

reasons to switch to a shampoo bar, white shampoo bar with essential oils

It reduces the use of plastic

Each year, about 9 million tons of plastic get thrown into the ocean. Plastic lives on for 1.000 years, meaning it takes 1.000 years before one piece of plastic is decomposed. Combine this with the 9 million tons of plastic that gets thrown in the ocean each year. It is crazy to imagine what the world will look like in the future. Imagine that one garbage truck full of plastic is getting emptied in the ocean every minute of every single day.

Shampoo bars are package free and much better for the environment. They don’t require plastic packaging. Even though it may seem like a small change to make that wouldn’t change the plastic issue, but it does. However, as more people convert and more people use less plastic shampoo bottles, this will lead to less bottles in our landfills and water ways which ultimately does make a difference.

Read more. In my blogpost about ways to reduce your use of plastic I listed others ways of limiting your use of plastic.

They are easier to travel with

No more issues with counting how much liquid you take or the issue of having a shampoo that leaked in your luggage. They are perfect to take in your carry-on because they are small and lightweight and TSA approved! Another plus is that you do not have to use the small shampoo and conditioner bottles that the hotels so kindly offer. This will help our #1 plastic problem as well. Leave them untouched in the hotel room or give them back to the hotel staff. Do not throw them away!

They are true space savers in your luggage

As an over packer myself, someone who needs to weigh her luggage ten times before going to the airport, shampoo bars are a true space and weight saver for when I travel. If you travel with regular shampoo bottles in your luggage, you would know how much space these things take in. It is almost ridiculous to be fair. Shampoo bars are so tiny which means they fit in the smallest spaces in your luggage, leaving more space for you to take that extra set of clothes or pair of shoes!

Read more. I wrote an entire blogpost with tips for responsible tourism. It includes 20 easy tips to be a responsible traveller!

Shampoo bars promote healthy hair

One of the big benefits of shampoo bars is that they do not contain preservatives and chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils and often leaves your scalp feeling dry and irritated. It is the best thing for your hair to buy all natural hair products. It takes a little while to get used to it, but it is so worth it in the end. Your hair feels healthier, more fresh, less greasy or oily and feels super soft.

They are cruelty free

Another big, big plus is that the shampoo bars are cruelty free. As I mentioned, they are all-natural and do not need to be tested on animals. The brands that work on producing shampoo bars care for the environment and want to protect the marine life and wildlife.

a flat lay of a shampoo bar, nailpolish and essential oil

How do you use a shampoo bar?

It is so easy to use a shampoo bar! You hold the shampoo bar in the palm of your hand and apply it in circular motions on your head or skin. Your hair has to be wet before applying the shampoo bar. Try to start with your entire scalp and later on run the foam from the top of your head to the end of your hair.

Another plus of using a shampoo bar is that they’re multifunctional. You can use them to wash your hair, wash your body and even use them to wash your dog and get stains out of your clothing.

Where to buy a shampoo bar?

Luckily, more shops are selling shampoo bars nowadays. The most known one is Lush but I’d suggest searching online to find shops that sell shampoo bars in your region. Lush is pretty expensive and it really doesn’t have to be expensive! Smaller shops are often less expensive and we love supporting small businesses. If you are based in the Netherlands, I would suggest checking out “Happy Soaps”! They are pretty inexpensive and have lots of option.

Have you used a shampoo bar before?

why use a shampoo bar, reasons to switch to shampoo bars, how to use shampoo bars and where to buy shampoo bars, benefits of using shampoo bars
why use a shampoo bar, reasons to switch to shampoo bars, how to use shampoo bars and where to buy shampoo bars, benefits of using shampoo bars


  1. I fell in love with shampoo bars when I took one with me to camp last year to avoid any spills in my luggage. It was amazing to have on hand and cleaned my hair as well as liquid soap. I love finding bars now with original scents. 🙂

  2. Great point about the multi-purpose functions of shampoo bars! They can be used for more than washing your hair, and they work wonderfully! I’ve used shampoo bars in the past – they are perfect for camping, too. In addition to purchasing shampoo bars, it is not difficult to learn to make your own. Any good soap making book will have a recipe for shampoo bars. They nice thing about making your own shampoo bars is that you can customize the ingredients with specific essential oils that you prefer.

    1. The multi-porpose functions are honestly one of the best benefits! I’ll definitely look into creating my own, that sounds like such a fun project to work on. 😀

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