Why You Need To Make Self-Care a Priority

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Whenever we make priorities in life – it’s usually based on our work, own business or study. It’s almost normal to give these things top priority. After all, it’s what is important in life. We seem – and I seem – to forget to make self-care a priority. Today, I’m telling you why you should make self-care a priority and give you a few tips to actually do it.

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We work to make money and gain experience, we have our own business to work on our passion and we study to get a job in the working field we like. Very black and white written and of course there are endless other perspectives on it. However, those things don’t work if our minds don’t work. If won’t work if we are burned-out, uninspired, overworked or simply just really tired. To make these things work – we have to take care of our self. Sometimes I feel like self-care is a weird thing to talk about.

We’re always mentioning how busy we are. “How was your weekend?” – “Oh, you know. Busy.” Nothing wrong with being determined and motivated to get things done but do we always have to be so busy? I think it all comes down to making priorities.

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How to make self-care a priority

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In the end, it’s not always that we are busy. And in the end, everyone is busy. It’s so conflicting and being busy is very subjective to everyone. I’ll feel busy when my mind exploded with a million things to accomplish.

To be fair, I am not the best at it myself. I don’t always make self-care a priority. I’m scared to feel unproductive when I take some time off to do self-care. There’s so much stuff I can do in that time when I’m doing the self-care bit. But you know, there’s always a “but” to it. There’s always stuff we can do. There’s always more things to get done.

So where do you cross that line? When are you satisfied with what you’ve done that day? I know it’s hard but it is important to do. Make a list of priorities for that week – what are your goals? And how much of these things can you divide during the week-days?

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why you need to make self-care a priority, business, study, work, tips, lifestyle, mental health, mindfulness, coffee, blanket

Self-care tip 1: Define what self-care is to you

Self-care is differently to everyone. Some nights, it’s taking the time to have a really nice bath and read a book. I’m taking the night off – completely relaxing. And some other nights, self-care is taking the time to go outside and go for a walk or a run. It’s time to clear my mind. So what is self-care to you? How do you wind down? What makes you feel happy?

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Self-care tip 2: Make a planning

I’m a big fan of planning and schedules. My Trello board is absolutely stuffed with ideas and things to get done – but it doesn’t make it clear enough for me. I like to look at my board and select the things I want to get accomplished during that week. Whether it’s part of a project at uni, a blog post to write, pictures to be taken or things to change on my website. I write it down and divide everything over the different week-days.

It is hard when my study load gets bigger as it’s been the last weeks (hence the silence on my blog) but that’s okay. We all have those moments. Not every day is perfect – if any day ever is. A planning keeps my head clear and gives me the perfect overview of the things I need to do. When I’m done – I make self-care a priority to work on. And yes, this is hard which is why I schedule my self-care moments. It’s literally written down in my planner.

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Self-care tip 3: Make it a routine

Things get easier when it becomes a routine. Going to work is a routine. Working out is a routine. It all feels normal to do and you’re used to spending your time doing these things. When we make self-care a routine, even if it’s only 10 minutes, we give ourselves the time to wind down before the day begins our when the day ended. My simple routine is reading a book before going to bed. I put my phone aside and read a book for 20-30 minutes before I go to sleep.

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We all have a different life, some things work better for some people than it does for others. Try some things and see what works for you. It doesn’t have to be 60 minutes a day. Just 10 minutes is great start to make self-care a priority.

Are you good or bad at making self-care a priority?



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the ultimate tips to make self-care a priority, 3 top tips to make self-care a priority, self care routine
the ultimate tips to make self-care a priority, 3 top tips to make self-care a priority, self care routine


    1. I’m struggling with it too, but it’s so good to be more mindfull about it. Happy you enjoyed it! 😀

  1. Very well put! I often forget about self-care due to bring constantly “busy”. We all need time out for reflection on a regular basis 😊

  2. That’s such a good point about defining what self-care means to you. I mean it seems obvious but I’ve never stopped to really think about it. What’s right for some (a bubble bath) isn’t right for me so working out what is means I can plan it and – hopefully – make it more of a routine! Great tips, thank you for sharing them 🙂

  3. Warm words indeed, and actually I think that “to follow others’ routine is not 100% for you”, so what I plan is to understand what is the best for ME, and then make it a routine and make myself more comfortable about it. Guessing this is the trick for me to keep it longer.

    1. That’s the best thing to do! I can tell you 10 things that work for me, but they might not work for you. It’s so good to find out what’s best for you so you’ll get excited to have that self-care moment! 😀

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