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I’m a sucker for art, photography, a world map and paintings. Every moment I get to share travel memories or collect travel memories: I take it. I make sure to develop one big photo of each trip and hang it up in my room. However, these pictures can get lost in each other so I’m excited to have this amazing piece of art on my wall!

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Heads up – this blog post is in collaboration with a Dutch company called They were so kind to give me a free product of choice in return of a review and story on my blog. All opinions in this blog post are my own and I would never recommend a company if I wasn’t fully behind it. Due to it being a Dutch company, some links are in Dutch. However, I have translated it for you non-Dutch readers.

Me, being a tourism student with a big love for travel, didn’t have a world map painting in her room. I have wanted one for so long, bought a few, but never had one that I loved. Personally, I love the minimalistic designs of paintings because they go with every type of furniture, color and type of style. I never wanted something that would limit my creative ideas of designing my home.

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I was so excited to see that had so much options to chose from. They have colorful paintings, pastel colored paintings, black and white paintings and minimalistic ones. You can even choose to have them on wood or on a canvas. Mine is on a canvas, but you can choose whatever you would like. I love canvas because it’s lightweight so it’s easy to hang up on walls. Not all walls in my room are made for heavy objects. I’m also not very handy AT ALL so I love to just have a few screws in my wall and to hang it up almost immediately. It’s also a lot less “out there” and a “foto op canvas” or a photo on a canvas is the best option for me at the moment.

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The packaging of the painting

However, I would love to have one big world map on wood one day if I have my own house. I can imagine it above my couch in the living room or have an important place above my dinner table. Those paintings can be the best eyecatchers in your room without it being too much.

As I mentioned before, I love taking photos during my trips and having them printed out in a big frame. I have multiple in my room of Singapore, Bali, Paris, Mallorca and more to come of Barcelona and recently Madeira. As much as I love these frames and the look of it, it can feel so cluttered and hectic on my walls. Especially because my room isn’t big at all and I don’t have a lot of space to hang them up separately. There’s a possibility of having your travel pictures printed on wood. You can do this on a lovely website where they print the pictures on forex. A “forex foto or forex photo gives you the best quality of your picture. I’d love to make a minimalistic collage of my favorite travel pictures. It can just hang up on my wall in once place without having all my photo frames in my room!

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Collecting travel memories is so important to me. I want to capture so many moments and just relive them whenever I can. A world map is perfect for it because it brings back so many memories by just looking at the map. The pictures in my room give me a quick visual of those moments. It’s so easy to forget those special moments when we make new ones. I never want to take those special moments for granted. I’m so lucky to be able to travel the world, meet new people and explore new cultures. None of these moments should ever feel like anything less than special!

I want to write a quick thing about the delivery of the package for any of you Dutch girls who got excited about the forex photos and the photos on a canvas. It took about a week for my order to arrive and I got notifications via my e-mail whenever it got shipped to me! It takes a little bit longer because most of the pieces are handmade. It was all wrapped up in plastic, bubble plastic and cardboard to protect the painting during the delivery. There’s also the possibility to order these little flags along with your painting, but I’d suggest to leave those and not make any holes in the painting. If you love to capture moments like that or the “places I’ve been” type of things – try polaroid’s!

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I’m personally going to do this if I (one day) buy the HP Sprocket. This is another great replacement for the frames in my room. I can just print my favorite pictures and place them on the painting without actually damaging the art work! They are all hand made so I love to take a little bit more care of them. And it also makes the world map a lot more personal. How much fun is it to look at Bali and see your favorite Bali picture there? It’s going to take you back to the most amazing time you had!

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I’m also a sucker for the old time photo books. Yes, I still take photos, develop them and glue them into my photo book. To be honest, this is my favorite thing to do after a trip. No matter how long it takes me, I just take my time. Gotta be honest, I’m still working on my Bali pictures from May 2018 but that’s fine! It makes me relive those moments. I love to have these books for later to scroll through and look at those small, but amazing memories I made. There’s something about the actual books with so much work in it that I love so much.

Now I’m wondering if you’re more of a digital photo book traveler or the old school traveler like me, that still has photo glue and takes hours to glue the pictures in the book?



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