Welcome to my sustainable travel blog: Rosy Melissa!

Hi friend! I am so happy you’ve decided to have a look on my travel blog where I share my own adventures, travel tips and guides, and sporadically post blogposts about lifestyle, life updates and sustainable living in your daily life. I’m hoping this will be a place for you to get new insights about destinations, to feel inspired and excited, learn more about mindful and responsible travel and where you free and safe to leave comments and share your thoughts.

I want to help you create memorable travel experiences with sustainable and affordable travel. It’s not always necessary to travel far away to have exciting travel experiences, whether you want to have an active trip or if you want to hang out on the beach. And everything in between, whatever you want your trip to be!

If you do want to travel far away, I hope to inspire you with travel inspiration, help you create the most unforgettable trips with my travel tips and guides, and hopefully help to create a little spark in travelling the world in a sustainable way. I love travelling locally, but I’m just as much a fan of travelling internationally in Europe and outside of Europe!

Besides all the travel stuff, I love writing about sustainable living with tips to use at home and while you’re travelling: win-win! I am sharing easy tips to implement in your life and travel without changing the way you live or travel. And I’m a fan of trying out new products and sharing my opinion and tips about it on here as well: travel and lifestyle related.

As I said, I will sporadically share some personal blogposts like life updates or a general brain dumps on here. I hope you will connect or recognize some of the feelings I have about life, mindset, mental health and so many other topics!

Hi! I’m Melissa, the face behind Rosy Melissa!

You now know what to expect here on my travel blog, but who is the writer behind all of it? That’s me, Melissa! I am 24 years old and I live close to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Tourism Management and that’s where I learned the impact of tourism on different stakeholders like the local community, local economy and the environment. I have a specialization and minor in online marketing which comes in handy with my online business!

I absolutely love being creative – whether that’s photography, videography, writing, design and so much more. As I got older, I began to admire nature and how much the earth is giving us every single day.

sustainable travel blog

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

– Robert swan

I was 10 years old when I started writing. It became a childhood passion and I quickly ended up writing for hours a day. If you ever needed to find me, I was either sitting in a corner reading a book or writing on my laptop! It got harder for me to find my creativity during my high school years but I rediscovered my passion in my sophomore (second) year in university which is when I started this travel blog. My creativity comes and goes: I have months when I write hours a day and months when writing doesn’t come easy or natural at all. I feel like that’s a normal process all writers deal with!

Another passion of mine is photography and videography! I only recently started fully discovering this side of me and I’m currently in the Lost Creator Academy. Definitely recommend this photography and videography course. It all comes together for this blog.

Lastly I want to share some random and personal facts about me! I have an older sister and she’s 4 years older than me. I used to travel around Europe in my childhood and we used to go camping as a family. France is my all-time favorite destination, but I have a soft spot for Bali and Madeira. I’m vegetarian and working towards being fully plant based. I love coffee, especially iced coffee. My favorite ice cream flavors are pistachio or any fruit flavored ice cream. I live on my own in a cute 1 bedroom apartment with a big balcony – this is currently my writing spot if the weather is nice enough!

I’m a big lover of nature and being outside. I love picnicking. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons but I get excited for Christmas around October. Which is also my birthday month! I’m a libra and have absolutely no knowledge about anything related to zodiac signs and everything connected to it. I’m pretty shy and introverted but become more extraverted around the right people!

This travel blog is honestly my biggest passion project and I enjoy writing for you every single day. I cannot wait to inspire you to travel the world in a sustainable and affordable way. We are all in this journey together. Doing it all imperfectly is so much better than doing nothing at all! I have big dreams for the future and as you follow my journey – you’re going to find about I’m a big dreamer in general. It’s what keeps me inspired, happy and motivated to work towards my goal!

I hope you’re going to hop on the sustainable journey with me and others to discover new eco-friendly products, hidden gems and unforgettable travel experiences!


Rosy Melissa

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