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Hello, I'm Melissa!

I'm a 23-year old Dutch girl with a passion for travel. I write about my future travels, travel guides and diaries, travel inspiration, life, budget travel and give some travel advice. Most days you'll find me writing or reading a travel book. I'd love for you to join me on my journeys and share your stories with me!

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The Goal Behind Rosy Melissa

Rosy Melissa is a steady growing travel blog for travellers who want to leave a positive impact on the destination. The mission of Rosy Melissa is to inspire travellers to travel responsibly and show how easy and fun it is. This is Rosy Melissa doing by providing guides on responsible travel, destination guides, sharing travel stories and travel tips, and do research about responsible travel for the travellers. This way - the travellers can find all the information on Rosy Melissa and don't have to do the research themselves!

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