6 Tips On How To Travel More Meaningful

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As a travel blogger, a travel enthusiast and a wanderluster – I love to travel and to explore different locations. I have been trying to create more meaningful travel experiences over the last years. To travel more meaningful changes my perspective on life and surprises me to see things differently. These are 6 tips to travel more meaningful and create more unique travel experiences!

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It is tempting to travel and see as much of the place as you can. That’s what I’d like to do too – fully explore the destination and see every bit and every corner. However, this is not the way I want to travel anymore. It sometimes feels so rushed, like I nééd to see it all.

Travel is all about exploring new cultures and new places, but I like it to be relaxing as well and not feel stressed. When I started to travel more meaningful – this all changed and I actually feel like I explore the destination so much better. I go to the places where I actually want to go and not because millions of people did it too. I’m exploring the places in my own way, doing things I love and that’s the best thing you can do when you travel.

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how to create unique travel experiences, travel more meaningful, travel inspiration

We are currently experiencing COVID-19 which means travelling is not an option right now. If you are reading this during this time, please stay home as much as you can and be safe. This blogpost is purely for future travel inspiration and shares tips on how to travel more meaningful when it’s safe to travel again.

6 Tips On How To Travel More Meaningful

Seek and meet inspiring people

One of the many joys of travelling is meeting new people, making new friends and learn about their life too. From travellers, to store owners and other local people you meet along the way. Conversations with them can lead to a lot of new inspiration, perspectives on life and an insight into their life. We all have our own way of living, even within our country, other countries have an even more different way of living. I absolutely love adapting to their lifestyle.

I wrote a blogpost about why I love travelling and it touches on so many topics related to travel more meaningful.

Stay longer at one place

I mentioned this at the beginning of this blogpost already. The rush of seeing everything on the destination, wanting to leave the country to explore another one. I’ve been doing my research about slow travelling which I will write a blogpost about in the near future. I want to stay longer at one destination to completely soak up the lifestyle, the culture and find out the hiddem gems while meeting the locals. I want to get to know the destination and have loads of time to do it. No rushing. No stress. Just me and the destination.

the beach and ocean during sunset with surfers in the water

Write and capture your travel experiences

Well, hi, the travel blogger here is talking to you – writing your travel experiences down in a bullet journal or even in your phone is so rewarding for the future. So many little details of your trip gets lost during the years. If you write them down, take loads of photos of small experiences and remember them for years will make you travel more meaningful too.

Take the time to write it down when you’re at a café enjoying a cappuccino (if you’re anything like me) and take the time to look around and take pictures. Take a picture of a lovely tree that’s fully blossoming, take a picture of a gorgeous local doing something authentic or take a silly picture of yourself at one of your favorite spots. It doesn’t matter how you do it and that’s the fun side of it.

Travel photography is something I absolutely fell in love doing since my Bali trip. Read my blogpost about why I love travel photography to maybe fall in love with it too!

Pack less in your bags and experience more with less

Hi, hello again, I’m always so overpacking guys. I always take so much stuff with me. So many pieces of clothing. So many things I don’t even use but I’m always afraid of forgetting something. Totally crazy, because the destination has clothing stores and other stores too. You can (almost) always buy anything at the destination. This is my goal for the future of travelling – take less with me. Don’t carry a lot of stuff. Live and travel more minimalistic and experience more with less. And if I do need something important, I will buy it locally and support to the local community at the same time!

a plane over a city in the united states with a blue sky

Be more genuine in your conversations

The conversations on the destination with locals or other travellers are incredibly meaningful to me. I want it to be so much more than just a quick chat and move on not even a minute later. I want to talk to them about their life, share my experiences and listen to their experiences. Be more personal and always show a lot of respect to them.

Be more spontaneous and open-minded. I love this because it means I am completely diving into a new destination: the culture, the locals, the history and so much more: it changed my perspective so much. I’m not the same since I travelled to other places in the world. My way of thinking changed, I’m more grateful and more positive in life.

Do you love to remember your travel experiences in a fun and creative way? I wrote a blogpost about two ways to create a travel photo album! Full with tips and inspiration to create your own.

Buy meaningful souvenirs

Sooooo this is a touristic thing to do but it is a very fun thing to do if you want to travel more meaningful too. Don’t just buy the first thing you see in a store – but think about the things you want to remember from that trip. I always buy postcards at every destination and glue them into my travel photo album before all my travel photos. Since a year, I started to buy fun souvenirs to store in my house later. I’d love to have big or small accessories or even furniture from different parts of the world!

Seeing the world changes us and we change the world while doing it too. If we travel more meaningful, think about our impact on ourselves and on the destination – we can create so many more positive impacts on the destination. That’s good for the future of travel and it’s good for us too. I wrote a blogpost about what I learned while travelling. Living in the moment is something I started learning when I travelled. Taste everything, smell everything and feel everything. Be present in the moment. That’s my final tip of this blogpost!



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how to create unique travel experiences, travel more meaningful, travel inspiration


  1. You have some great tips here! In recent years, I’ve also been looking for those special souvenirs, rather than the cheap junk. Sometimes I’ll just get one really nice item that I know I’ll love forever.

  2. I love this–so many great tips! :] Staying longer helps a lot–more time to check out the more “famous/iconic” spots but also leaving time to find some hidden gems!

    1. It definitely helps to stay longer at home place! 😀 Those hidden gems are so much fun to discover.

  3. Great post. Over the last years, I’ve always focused on cramming as much into my trips as I could and literally crossed borders just to add countries to my “inventory” until I realized how childish that is. I truly believe that special conversations with locals are the key to meaningful experiences because those are the stories you’ll never forget and tell everyone about many years later!

    1. I totally get why you did that though! Sometimes it feels like we NEED to see all those places because others are doing it too, as stupid as that sounds too. Good things to think about when we’re able to travel again! 😀 You are definitely right about those special conversations, I will never forget the ones I’ve had.

  4. Really great post! I love your travel philosophy! I guess I always assume that it is completely impossible to see everything in any destination, so I aim to see the things that interest me most (nature, good hikes, tasty food…) I tend to get bored if I am just ticking things off a bucket list.

    It’s totally true about souvenirs too. I like buying things I can use in the kitchen, or artworks. That way we can support locals with what we buy too…

    1. I really like your point of view. So smart to see the things you interest most, instead of following the crowds and visit the most popular sights on the destination to tick it off your bucket list. 🙂

  5. I love the idea of staying longer in each place. I used to always try to pack in multiple cities and locations in one trip, and ended up exhausted and not feeling like I could really soak in the experience!


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