How To Rediscover Your Hometown In A Fun Way

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The perfect staycation involves rediscovering your hometown, your city or your region. But how do you exactly rediscover your hometown without seeing the usual things? I rounded up ten ways to get out there and completely explore your hometown in a fun way. You’re going to love travelling through your own country!

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Rediscovering your hometown is a perfect way of celebrating a staycation as well! This is perfect during hard times when we’re not able to travel but it is definitely an amazing opportunity too if you are able to travel. Our own country holds so many treasures and hiddem gems. Those are perfect to discover during the year!

10 Ways To Rediscover Your Hometown

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    Go on a solo adventure

    A mini solo adventure is perfect to rediscover your hometown! Visit a national parc near you, go into a forest or have a lake adventure. It does not have to be a long adventure – a mini one for a few hours is perfect to discover new places near you.

    Check with the local tourism board for new activities

    Make sure you’re not missing anything near you. These tourism boards are a good resource to use if you want to explore your hometown, city or region. They know the spots you cannot miss and exciting new places to visit. You can either go to the office itself or visit their website to find the lists of highlights to see.  

    Most of the cities have an office called the VVV tourism office – this is the one to visit if you’re in the Netherlands. Read my Rotterdam Insiders Guide if you want to discover Rotterdam ór read my blogpost with 5 awesome Dutch cities to visit next!

    Create a local bucket list

    I always make bucket lists when I’m travelling to a different country so why not create one for your adventures at home? Make lists based on the information you found on the website of the tourism board or from the information you got in the office. Another way of creating a local bucket list is by scanning Google Maps on different satellite modes to find cool spots to visit! You can find castles, abandoned houses and hidden lakes if you search on Google Maps. Instagram or Pinterest are two other good resources if you need travel inspiration.

    Go to local events and festivals

    Stop avoiding the local events and festivals and actually attend them! Even if they are small and not so popular, this is a great way of meeting new people and seeing your hometown in a different light. Some hometowns have local food festivals, a drive-in movie night and so much more. The local tourism boards will know this as well, including the local marketing agencies.

    Browse through local travel guides

    Travel guides are perfect if you don’t know where to start in rediscovering your hometown. I’m creating my own travel guides called the To-Go Guides and I’m currently working on a city guide about a city in the Netherlands. I’ll create many more To-Go Guides in the future and you can stay up-to-date if you want to! Another way of finding travel guides is through travel blogs. Many of us write free guides on our blog full with information about a certain destination. Simply Google a place close to your home and I’m sure there are a few blogposts about it.

    Bring a camera with you

    Capture all those gorgeous places! I find that I am way more invested in my surroundings if I carry a camera with me. You are looking for special moments to capture and pretty sights to take pictures of. It means you’re actually looking around and take a moment to find those special places. If you do this – you’re going to see way more details!

    Discover your hometowns during different times

    I love capturing my hometown during different times and different seasons. The change in colors, the mood in the pictures and the different views on the nature. It shows the place in such a different way and it will feel like you’re in a totally different place. Especially the nature near forests are absolutely stunning during the change of seasons!

    Buy local made products for your home

    This is what I try to do when I’m travelling abroad. I love buying souvenirs, art works and home decoration in a different country like Spain or France and save it for my future home. It will remind me of all the different places I visited and make me think of the experiences, the locals and the culture. If you’re a travel lover like me, I’d say this is almost a must. It creates different perspectives in your home!

    However, as I have always been doing this in other countries, I can definitely do this in the Netherlands as well. I’d love to get a painting of a pretty beach in Zeeland or a landscape painting of the Veluwe. See what locals are making near you, create memories and save those memories in your home.

    Relax with a book on a gorgeous spot

    Sometimes we just need to relax. Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Play your favorite music. All of this while enjoying a good view. What we tend to do when we’re travelling: admiring the view and relaxing at the beach. Pretend to be an actual tourist and do what you usually do if you’re travelling through another country! I love these 5 inspiring business podcasts for productivity – they always leave me inspired, motivated and ready to work on my passions,

    Take a different turn and drive through town

    Go on a Sunday afternoon drive through your neighborhood and enjoy golden hour. Take a different turn and drive through a different part of town or the region. I like to find a fun location on Google Maps and avoid the highway on my way there, so I’m driving on the country roads with pretty views. It takes a bit longer to get to the destination but it is always so worth it! I just take a different turn when I see a sign of something cool and later continue with my journey to the original destination.

    I would love to know which of these 10 tips are your favorites and if you’re going to use them for rediscovering your hometown, your region or your city! I’m definitely taking more drives in my region and I just bought a bigger shoulder bag so I can always carry my camera with me. It fits in a backpack, but I don’t always want to take a big backpack with me. I will take lots of pictures and write my own local bucket list! Let me know what you’re going to do.



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    1. This is a fantastic idea, and I’m currently planning a “staycation” because I need to take a little bit of time off work. Thanks for the tips!

    2. Absolutely agree with all of these! I’ve been doing a lot more of this (well, we’ve been “forced” to) and it’s actually been really good for me – since I’ve lived here my whole life and have only just discovered some things near me I had no idea existed! Love the tip about asking the local tourism board!

    3. Now is the perfect time to learn a little more about where we live, and although I’ve always loved the city I chose as my home, I agree that these are great ways to pay more attention. It’s easy to just breeze past places you see every day but just not take notice. I love finding a spot and sitting with my book and I love taking photos too so I think I’ll spend most of this year with a book and my camera in my bag because you never know what I’ll see or where I’ll end up

      1. Definitely! Such a good plan to take your camera and a book with you. I’ll join you and always take a book with me as well. 🙂 I decided to always bring my camera too, and I’ve photographed some awesome hidden places.

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