9 Outstanding Travel Documentaries On Netflix To Watch Next!

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Travel documentaries are a good idea if you want to broaden your horizon and if you are in need of some travel vibes! I personally love watching travel documentaries if I don’t have a trip planned in the near future. It’s awesome to watch travel experiences from another perspective. I rounded up the best travel films, travel series and travel documentaries on Netflix to watch!

9 Travel Documentaries On Netflix To Watch!

Netflix is one of my friends right now. I work a lot on my own business, I’m looking for a job right now but will continue on working just as hard on my own business to grow it and be a fulltime entrepreneur in the future. However, don’t we all need some relaxation sometimes? I know I do to not feel burned out or overwhelmed. Since travelling is not the smartest thing to do right now during the COVID crisis, travel films fuel my wanderlust. These are my favorite travel documentaries on Netflix to watch and I will watch them again and again!

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Down To Earth with Zac Efron

Pretty new to Netflix and I just started watching this series with Zac Efron. He travels the world with a wellness expert called Darin Olien to find healthy and sustainable ways of living. I love this since I am myself learning to live more consciously and do better for the world. Absolutely recommend watching this one!

The Dark Tourist

This documentary focuses on dark tourism, which is essentially visiting a gruesome place as a tourist. All of these places have a horrible history or are still going through something really bad. One of the most known examples is Auschwitz, the concentration camp. Journalist David Farrier wants to experience dark tourism himself instead of watching a documentary about it. He travels to different unusual and something macabre places to experience dark tourism.

Watch the trailer of The Dark Tourist on YouTube. The thumbnail is pretty gruesome and quite shocking, I wasn’t sure what exactly it was portraying and I did not want that picture in my blogpost!

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Eat, Pray, Love

Not the typical documentary but such a great feel good movie. I love this movie and recently watched in on TV. Elizabeth Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, decides to start all over with her life after getting divorced. She decides to travel the world and this movie follows her in her journey throughout different countries and cultures!

Expedition Happiness

This title already makes me feel happy to be honest! This filmmaker, his girlfriend and their dog travel through North America in a renovated school bus. They travel from Alaska to Argentina and filmed an entire video diary which resulted in this movie.

Street Food Asia

Asia is known for its street food, if you ever travelled to Asia before: it’s one of the first things you’ll notice! This series focuses on a worldwide cultural expedition on the lookout for street food in Asia while listening to the stories from the people who are cooking those dishes. Personally, I think Asia has one of the best kitchens out there so it’s nice and fun to see it from a different perspective! This series travels through Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, India, Taiwan, South-Korea, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam.

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Street Food Latin America

The same concept as the “Street food Asia” series! This one, as you’d expect, travels through Latin America. Different Latin-American chefs tell their stories and give us an insight in their delicious dishes while incorporating tradition and innovation in the dishes. As a traveller, you’d know that these two worlds always collide. It’s such a great insight in perhaps new destinations you haven’t discovered yet! Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia are the main countries in this series.

The Kindness Diaries

This series is absolutely incredible. Leon Logothetis is travelling the world on his old motorcycle and stays the night in houses from locals. He pays them back with life-changing gifts in such an inspiring and special way. I only have season 1 available in the Netherlands, but I do know that season 2 is already on Netflix is some countries!

Pedal The World

Felix Starck travelled the world by bike and cycled over 18.000 kilometres! He crossed 22 countries on his journey. I am Dutch so you know, bikes are my thing, and this film from 2015 is amazing. It’s a very inspiring story, his way of sustainable travelling is so inspiring. To be fair, not sure if I could ever bicycle 18.000 kilometres but there’s so much possible.

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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Another feel good travel movie, yay! David Chang is a chef and curious to explore other kinds of foods, cultures and identities. He is travelling the world with lots of different celebrities. Cambodia, Morocco, the United States and Canada are the countries he’s visiting. A few of the cities are Phnom Penh, Los Angeles, Marrakech and Vancouver!

These are the ones I’ve watched recently and do recommend them to you guys. I’m sure there are more option available, mostly in the United States, but I am limited to the Dutch version of Netflix which does not hold all option unfortunately. I hope they’re going to upload season 2 of the kindness diaries soon as I absolutely loved the first season.

What’s your favorite travel series, travel film or travel documentary that’s not on this list? Please let me know! I would love to discover more. Not sure if I’ll be able to watch them on Netflix though but we’ll see.

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  1. Yay! I’m always up for more Netflix ideas! Definitely looking forward to checking out Down To Earth, Street Food Asia + The Kindness Diaries! :]

  2. I LOVE the watch list. Its great to stay connected to our love of travel even if we physically cant go places. Im adding these to my watch list ASAP. Thank you for sharing

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