The 35 Best Travel Apps For Android and iPhone

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Travel apps are our best friend as traveller. We honestly use multiple apps everyday to find the best walking route through the city, to find the cheapest flights and to plan our complete trip. These are the best travel apps for Android and iPhone you need during travelling!

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All of these travel apps for Android and iPhone are easy to use in different countries like Malaysia and Spain or somewhere else in the world like Europe. I added a few of our possible daily travel apps, I do use a few of them at home as well! As someone who always has too many photos, too many videos and too many apps on her phone… my storage is always full. So it’s nice to have a few apps to use in your daily life as well. Quite honestly, I’m sometimes too lazy to delete them all and download them again if I travel soon somewhere else. It’s different if you travel less!

The 35 Best Travel Apps For Android and iPhone

I have 35 travel apps to use for Android and iPhone all in random order, but you can click on the headlines in the table of content to jump to the ones you’re interested in.


Airplane apps

An all-round tip here. Download the app from your airline to always view your boarding pass and to be able to do an online check in beforehand. Super easy to choose your seat, book extra luggage and scan your boarding pass without having to find an actual laptop or losing your boarding pass somewhere in your bag! I also recommend downloading the app from the airport you’re flying to or from. I love this, because it shows the delays, where you need to check in, where to pick up your luggage and so much more.


The little bunny from Hopper shows you all the cheap flights in the upcoming days and weeks! This app is so cute and useful. It tells you when your flights are the cheapest or when the prices might increase. All of these recommendations are based on a designed algorithm which knows the pattern of price fluctuations. So easy when you know where you want to travel and need to buy a plane ticket. Check this app and know exactly when to book to find the cheapest price! Download it for Android or iPhone.


We all know Uber, right?! It totally depends on the destination if you’re able to use Uber or not. In most destinations you can, but Singapore and Bali both have Grab as well. Uber is a cheaper version of the normal taxis on the destinations. Super easy to download the app, find a driver and tell them where you want to go! Uber has a safety function as well which you can use if you ever feel unsafe in a Uber. Hopefully none of us will ever need to use this function, but it’s nice to know it’s there. Download it for Android or iPhone.


I love travelling by train so having an app that shows me the live times and disruptions of my train, tickets and price alerts and shows my digital tickets is awesome. It kinda works the same as the airplane apps I just mentioned. You can save your train ticket in the app so you won’t lose it and it has a feature called SplitSave which offers cheaper tickets. Download it for Android or iPhone.


This is one of my absolute favorite travel apps! It’s THE app to use if you’re travelling with the public transport on the destinations. I loved using this in Paris and Barcelona. It shows exactly which metro or bus lines to take, which stops the line has (so you can count with them if you need to!) and it shows the exact route to take. It is truly the ultimate transport app as they describe it! Download it for Android or iPhone.

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I use Skyscanner when I’m not sure where I want to travel. The option to find the cheapest flights shows all the cheap flights to different destinations. Are you looking for a budget trip? Book the cheapest flight and start from there! Furthermore, Skyscanners shows the different flight available if you’re looking for a specific destination. It shows the cheapest options and the different layovers. One of my favorite functions is the option to search for near-by airports. Most of them are cheaper than the bigger airports! And we all love to save money, right? Download it for Android or iPhone.


BlaBlaCar is a app for carpooling! Search and view different routes at the moment, choose the driver based on other reviews and book through the app your next ride. You’ll split the costs with the other people driving with you and you can even decide who drives with you in the same car. It’s all based on trusted profiles and safe travels. Download it for Android or iPhone.

Google Maps

Everyone knows Google Maps! I use the offline version when I’m not sure if I have enough mobile data or wi-fi to use the online version. You can download the map of your destination and view it even if you don’t have any internet connection. I also love to add hotspots on the destination beforehand so I know where to grab lunch, a coffee, have dinner or where to go for a good view point! It’s perfect if you’re walking around. I don’t think I’ve ever not used Google Maps! Especially during a city trip. Download it for Android or iPhone.


Hitlist is another travel app for airfares. Choose where you want to go, get the best deals and book the flight while receiving great itineraries and tips from other travellers. You can share your itineraries and lists with each other to get new inspiration! Download it for Android or iPhone.

Scooter Sharing Apps

Another more general app tip here. Almost every single city has sharable scooters or those fun steps in Paris. There’s lots of different ones so just check which ones your destination has. These are so easy to use. Download the app, fill in your payment details and you can just scan the QR code on the scooter/step and explore the city! When you’re done, just leave it somewhere in the city or destinations for someone else to use. Download it for Android or iPhone.


The Flixbus is one of the market leaders in bus travel. This bus stops in multiple European destinations and offers cheap tickets to popular cities like Paris and Rome. It’s a budget way of travelling and the comfort is not too high, but fine if you want to travel the world on a budget. Travelling by bus is a good way to travel more sustainable as well, since you’re sharing the CO2 and emission with your fellow bus travellers making your carbon offset footprint less high. Download it for Android or iPhone.



Not truly a designated travel app but I cannot travel without Spotify. I have the premium version and love to listen to new albums and podcasts on my phone. I download most of them to listen to them offline when I’m in the plane or on a train! They’re perfect if you are doing a road trip as well and makes the time fly by. I listen to Spotify multiple hours on a regular day and even more when I’m travelling. Download it for Android or iPhone.


Polarsteps is your personal travel log and travel tracker. It helps you to plan your trip, track your trips and revive your trips in a beautiful way. Polarsteps describes it as: “turning travel moments into lifetime memories”. I couldn’t agree more. I love using Polarsteps to share my travel memories with my family and friends at home. They can see your literal travel route and you can share stories, images and videos with them through the app. It works offline as well! Their new feature allows you to create a hard-copy travel book full of your travel memorie. Download it for Android or iPhone.

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Soulpicks is an app that’s community-driven. It’s made from travellers, for travellers. You and me can add our favorite local places and other travellers travelling to our place, can find those places in the app. They state it helps to find new favortes which is true! I love this one when I’m visiting a new city in the Netherlands or abroad. You can filter the options to only see the local coffee cafes or vegan restaurants. It makes it so much easier to find good places. It shows restaurants, cafes, local shops and so much more. Download it for Android or iPhone.


Packer is an app that’s only available on iPhone unfortunately. However, if you do have an iPhone – this one is perfect for your travel packing lists. You can categorize your packing lists so you have separate lists on your big list, like “toiletries” and “airplane”. The app provides weather forecast as well which is super easy for packing your clothes. It provides a 8 day weather forecast and it updates automatically. And, another plus, is that this list has a family mode which means you can pack for several travellers! Download it for iPhone.


Peakvisor is designed for the adventurous travellers – the ones that love to climb a mountain and go hiking in nature. The app knows some really cool details like the name and the altitude of a specific mountain. Another plus is that the app does not require an internet connection. All the data is downloadable which makes it a safe app to use while climbing a mountain. It also shows data and information from castles, summits, mountain huts and waterfalls! One final cool feature is the sun trail which is nice for photographer. The compass and the movement of the sun both tell you the optimal position for the perfect photo. Download it for Android or iPhone.

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Guides by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is on the top of the travel guides market and they have developed an app to take them with you. The apps offers different travel guides to countries and cities, has the option to bookmark your favorite places, offers offline maps which we love and has an audio phrasebook options so you can talk to the locals! Download it for Android or iPhone.


Another very known app and website is TripAdvisor. We all know this one since this is also one of the market leaders in providing advised restaurants and other places based on reviews from others. Look up your destination and see where you need to be for your dinner or lunch, or simply search for a fun excursion in the area. The options are endless! This one is perfect to use at home as well, especially if you are going to explore unknown areas in your neighbourhood. Download it for Android or iPhone.

Trip It

Trip it promotes itself as the highest-rated trip planner and flight tracker. According to Trip It, it’s THE app to use to have all your travel information in one place. Create your entire travel itinerary and add your flight details so you’re getting a heads-up through your entire trip. You have to forward your confirmation emails to this app and they will add everything in your account! Download it for Android or iPhone.


Yelp is a more all round app with information about restaurants but also practical places like a dentist and the doctor. I hope we never have to go to the dentist or doctor if we are abroad, but you truly never know. It’s good to have something like this on your phone just in case! Find a hair dresser, a beauty salon or any other services. Yelp has it all! Download it for Android or iPhone.


Another obvious one. is one of the market leaders in accommodations and it offers millions of hotels, apartments and even campsites to book for your trip. My favorite feature is the option to pay at the accommodation and the option to cancel your stay the day before. It makes it super easy to have a flexible schedule! This app holds all your booking information, making it really easy to check in and know where your accommodation is located. Download it for Android or iPhone.


One way of travelling on a budget is by couchsurfing. You’re sleeping on someone else’s couch. The host offers their place on this app and you’re able to sleep on their couch to save some money but also to get the ultimate local experience. Hotels are often not that local and what’s a better way of getting to know the local habits? Exactly. Sleeping in one of the local homes! Download it for Android or iPhone.


Obviously, we all have used AirBnB before. This is platform and app is another perfect way to spend your trip in between the locals. Hotels are often based in a touristic area which is not bad at all, but AirBnB’s give you another look into the destination. It’s perfect if you’re travelling with a group because it gives you more space, more freedom and often more luxury as well! Download it for Android or iPhone.

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Hostels are another good way of saving money while travelling and you will meet tons of other travellers this way. Hostels are mostly popular with backpackers but are used by single travellers and other type of travellers as well. The idea of sleeping in a crowded room with nasty restrooms is no longer the image of hostels. You now have the option to book a private room with a private bathroom if you want, or to sleep in a room with only a few others. The options are endless! Download it for Android or iPhone.



Fairtrip focuses on showing authentic travel experiences provided by travellers themselves. It is a collaborative travel guide where we as travellers are the ultimate guide for others. The Fairtrip Team validates the suggestions and if they fit the brand, they will be added to the list. Same as the other ones, this app functions offline as well! You can follow other Fairtrippers and see what they love most on different destinations. It’s all focused on leaving a positive impact on different subjects: authentic, green, local, social and fair! I love this one. Download it for Android or iPhone.

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Wildlife Witness

Illegal wildlife trade is unfortunately a common thing in some countries. This makes me so sad. We have five species in the world who are mostly used in illegal trade. These are: the sun bear, the elephant, the rhino, the tiger and the pangolin. The app has different functions: make a report, issues map, wildlife to watch, reporting tips and find out more if you want more information. Download this app because you never know. Wildlife Witness states: “60 elephants will be killed and 12,000 bears are sitting in cages as part of the worldwide demand for wildlife products.” We have to work together to try and stop this as best as we can. Download it for Android or iPhone.



If you’re travelling with a group, you know the struggle of keeping track who owns who. Splitwise is the answer to this struggle. Add different balances per person to know how much everyone has paid and it shows how much you have to pay each other. Much easier than keeping track on your phone notes or wherever you’re using to keep track of all the expenses. Download it for Android or iPhone.

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is perfect for the budget travellers but basically for every other traveller as well. You can set a budget in this app, whether it’s a weekly budget or a daily budget. It tracks your expenses and gives you a good overview of how much money you spend and how much money you have left to stay within your budget. Money flows out of your pocket pretty fast while travelling and it’s usually the small expenses making the biggest difference. This app makes sure you know where to save money! Android has the Travel Spend app and it basically works the same way. Download it for Android or iPhone.

XE Currency

This one speaks for itself! As travellers we often are travelling in countries with other currencies and it can be a huge pain in the ass to convert it to your own currency, in my case to the Euro. This app makes it really easy to know how much you’re really paying. Simply add the local currency in the app and convert it to your local currency and you’re good to go! Download it for Android or iPhone.



Honestly, you’d never know how handy an app like this is until you really need to find a toilet and you have no clue where to go! No more with this app, because this app tells you exactly where to find the nearest toilet. It is a quick and easy app – simply open the app and have your location on so it can show you the nearest restroom on the map! It’s absolutely free and you can even search for a toilet without having an internet connection. Download it for Android or iPhone.

Google Translate

I use this one almost daily, especially when I am travelling! This is perfect if your host isn’t speaking English that well or if your taxi driver doesn’t speak English. Many travellers use the “speak” option, so you speak your question or sentence in your own language and the app will translate it to the local language. It obviously works vice versa as well so you can have an almost full conversation. In the hope that Google Translate translates it in the correct way obviously. Download it for Android or iPhone.

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First Aid

A simple app that can save a life. It gives you instant access to information about most-common first aid situations. The app provides videos, quizzes and simple step-by-step guides if you are in a medical emergency. In addition, the app shows all the different emergency numbers in each country! Download it for Android or iPhone.

Wi-Fi Finder

Find Wi-Fi anywhere and everywhere. So important if you need to look up information or if you simply just want to check your social media! The app shows a map of all the places with free Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspots. Easy to just grab a coffee if you need to buy something before you get the passport for the Wi-Fi! Download it for Android or iPhone.

Word Lens

Last one on this long, long list. This is another translate app but this one works with your camera as well. Simply make a photo of the text and the app will translate it in the desired language. Easy if you need to read a sign that’s only in a foreign language. You never know! Only Android offers this app. Download it for Android.

These are my favorite travel apps to use for either Android or iPhone. All different, some with similar functions but they all have their own unique selling point to it as well. Choose the ones you love, download them through the link and enjoy it on your trip!

What’s your favorite travel app?

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the perfect travel apps for android and iphone, travel apps google, travel apps, travel apps name, travel apps you need


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