Travel Gift Guide | 9 Things To Buy For A Traveller

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Fall has officially begun and that means Christmas is coming our way too. I always struggle to find the perfect gifts for friends and family so I always turn to the gift guides for Christmas! This is the perfect travel gift guide including the best travel essentials for them to take on their next trip.

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This is the all-round gift guide for travellers whether you’re buying gifts for an adventure seeker, a city tripper or a budget traveller who loves hostels! All these gifts are perfect and I as a traveller myself would love to receive these products. And in the end, it’s not the gift that matters but the message behind it 😊

What to buy for a traveller | Travel Gift Guide

Travel subscription boxes

camp life crate, subscription box, box for camping

If you want to give a special present, Cratejoy is the way to go. This website sells subscription boxes in all different niches like travel and lifestyle. Decide how many boxes you want to gift and surprise your friends or family!

Would you love giving this to someone? I wrote a blogpost with 15 perfect travel subscription boxes and I’m 100% certain there’s a box that will fit your friend or family member perfectly!

Passport covers

the gift guide for christmas, travel gift guide, passport holder

Who doesn’t love a good passport cover? I love passport holders to spice up my travel game and to protect my passport. Green is one of my favorite colors so I love this passport cover in a more soft green. This passport holder is available in many colors so there’s something for everyone!

Ready to find more cool passport holder? Read my blogpost where I show fun passport holders to buy!

A small suitcase

the mint colored suitcase, travel suitcase, gift guide

Who doesn’t love a small suitcase for the perfect city trip? I absolutely NEED a smaller suitcase to fit in the cabin of the plane. Especially during city trips, you don’t want to wait to claim your baggage but go into the city immediately after landing!

This minty colored suitcase is available in three sizes: a carry-on size, a regular size and a bigger size. Perfect if you want to have the option of buying a bigger one too! This suitcase is available in 12 different colors like black, white and grey if you’re looking to get a more neutral suitcase.

A water filtering or purifying water bottle

a water filtering bottle, sustainable bottle, travel gift guide

I love bringing my own water bottle when I travel. Especially if you’re travelling to a country where you can’t drink the tap water. The LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle is perfect to take with you on these trips!

Beside a filtering water bottle, I love a water purifying bottle too. I love my purifying water bottle from LARQ which purifies my water during the day, making sure I always drink safe water without any germs and other bacteria’s in it. Wanna know if it’s worth the money? Read my extensive review of the LARQ Bottle!

A powerbank for on-the-go

a travel powerbank, gift guide, travel essentials as gift

Powerbanks are absolute life savers, right?! I cannot live without them. I feel so much safer knowing I can recharge my phone at any place and any moment.

I would suggest buying a powerbank that can charge their phone twice! This is perfect because they’ll charge their phone and powerbanks can charge your camera and other devices too. This black powerbank has the capacity of charging three times!

A travel set

a travel set, travel pillow, ear plugs and eye mask for travelling

Travel pillows, ear plugs and an eye mask in one travel set is perfect for the all round traveller. We all love a comfortable travel pillow to avoid neck problems during travelling. Ear plugs are an essential just in case there’s a child crying or you just want some silence! This travel set has it all.

Noise Cancelling Headphone

a noise cancelling headphone, travel essentiala noise cancelling headphone, travel essential

To be honest, this is my number 1 travel essential beside the obvious things like a passport. A noise cancelling headphone is the perfect gift for Christmas! I love the Sony headphones I have the SONY WH-1000XM3 which are absolutely perfect. The WH-1000XM4 just came out so the WH-1000XM3 is a lot cheaper.

Read more: Travel Essentials For A City Trip

Bluetooth speaker

bluetooth speaker to bring during travelling, gift guide travel essentials

What’s travelling without music?! Bluetooth speakers are awesome to take and listen to music in your apartment or hotel room. It makes it easy to watch movies and series on your laptop with friends. Connect the speaker to your laptop and everyone is able to listen!

A Kindle e-reader

the kindle ereader for travelling, a travel essential, what to bring, travel gift guide

As someone who loves reading when travelling, an e-reader is a lifesaver. Books are heavy and add so much weight to the luggage. A Kindle e-reader is the perfect solution: “carry” as much books as you want in your lightweight e-reader. And, as another plus, you can read your books on the plane when the lights are out. No reading light necessary for you!

These travel essentials are perfect to buy for your travel friend! I hope this gift guide for travel essentials has helped you out in finding your Christmas presents.

Which item from this list would you love to receive?

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the best travel gift guide for travel essentials, christmas gift guide, present inspiration
the best travel gift guide for travel essentials, christmas gift guide, present inspiration


  1. I love travel subscription boxes – they really do make a great gift for someone especially if they’re themed to match what they like!

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