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Why do people decide to leave their beloved home and travel all over the world? Why do some people love travelling more than being at home? Every traveller has her/his own reasons of doing so. The love for travel is the reason why. Here are my reasons why I love traveling so much.

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I’ll give you five reasons why I love travelling so much. I’m not going to write a whole essay about it, but I could. I think I am loving traveling more and more since the last couple of years and I can only see my love for travel grow even bigger. My reasons for the love of travelling will only expand. And that’s such a cool process.

Why I love traveling – it’s eye-opening.

I have never been one to live in her own little life bubble and forgetting how life works in other places. Even so, traveling is extremely eye-opening. I love to watch how people live in other countries, what their traditions are and learn about their traditions and even celebrate with them. It might give you a new perspective on life and make you (more) humble of the life you have. When you’re travelling: you can do anything, you can go anywhere and I am so willing to try new stuff and push my own boundaries because I am in a new place. It gives me more strength and courage to step out of my comfort zone.

It also gives me a perspective on my own life. The life I’m currently living, doesn’t have to be my life forever. There’s so much out there which makes life so exciting. You don’t have to stay in that same position or same country if you’re not completely happy.

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Why I love traveling – Explore, explore and explore

Along with the eye-opening part, I absolutely love exploring. Every country has its own beauty. Every country has its own story. I love to get to know the story through talks with locals and by looking around the place and getting to know the history. The landscape of a country tells so much without words. Sometimes I’m just in awe, even when no one has spoken. That feeling of admiration, pure happiness, calmness and excitement is something I want to explore every day of my life. I’m naturally very curious and very eager to learn and travelling combines these two perfectly!

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Why I love traveling – Getting to know yourself

Such a cliché, I know. People take a gap year to travel and to “find out who they are.” How many times have you heard it? And as cliché as it sounds, it is true. Traveling gets you out of your comfort zone, especially if you travel alone. You have to let go of your own way of living and adapt to the lifestyle of the destination. The only one who you can really rely on, is yourself. You have to trust yourself and your instincts. This is such a great learning process and you will get to know yourself so well. It might also give you a possibility to reflect on life.

That’s what I did when I was in Bali and I came back such a happier person. I’m always looking ahead of looking back. What’s going on tomorrow, what has to be done for next week, how can I achieve that one goal and WHY did I do that stupid thing two weeks ago. That was my mind for years and years. My journey to Bali and the things I learned from the locals gave me a new perspective. To live by the day. To enjoy everyday to the fullest. To live in the moment. And I have gotten so much better at it and I’m so much happier. Less stress, more happiness. Let’s all embrace the “living in the moment” vibes. We have no control over yesterday, we have no control over tomorrow. We do have control over today, so let’s take full control of our lives.

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Why I love traveling – Appreciation of your own life

The new perspective gave me a new appreciation of life. Sometimes I’m so sucked up in the daily life, that I lose sight of what I have. There really isn’t a place like home and you’ll get to know that when you’re traveling. The simple things you always took for granted don’t seem to be as simple as you thought. Traveling is also a way to connect with your friends and family if they are traveling with you. I have made some awesome memories with my family and friends, that none of us will ever forget. No matter how far apart we are.

A shared experience will bring you closer together. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling with your close family, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your best friend or your group of friends. Travel will deepen your relationship. Travelling is also a great way to build new relationships, doesn’t matter if they are fellow travellers or locals.

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Why I love traveling – Escaping “reality”

I love the saying that you need to build a great life at home where you don’t need escaping from. But don’t we all need to escape sometimes? We sometimes seek things we don’t have in our own life. Simple things like the nicer weather, a nicer scenery or that gorgeous beach. Or more complicated things like freedom, experiences and happiness. I love planning trips ahead because it makes me excited. It does get my mind off things and in some way helps me to  “escape” from my life. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy with my life. I am very happy at home. However, I am very happy while traveling too. To have the best of both worlds is such a blessing.

Travel also has the power to not only give you the freedom, but it also gives you the time to heal. A new place full of new experiences, challenges and exciting things will give your head some time to process.

I feel most alive when I’m traveling. And that’s because of the exact reason I said before: I can either be really sucked up in life or be too busy with thinking back in time or thinking ahead of time. I’m almost forgetting to live. It’s the ultimate awful daily routine. I get up, go to school or work for the day, return home, do some stuff, go to sleep, and redo the entire process the next day. Traveling brings me so much excitement. It doesn’t have a routine. You can’t have a routine while traveling. Everyday is new and you just have to wait and see what the days brings. That’s what I love most. You can hardly plan it.




  1. I agree with all of these so much. In fact I wish I could travel continuously but you’re right about it making me appreciate my life at home too. It’s such a balance

    Jenny | Local Leo

    1. It really is a balance! I wish to travel full-time as well, however it’s nice to have a place called home I guess. It has two sides :-).

  2. I think that travel make person peaceful. If some are anger if that person travel in nature that may also relax with travel. With travel we also go near to the nature and it teach that how we have live in nature in bear way.

    1. I agree! It makes us re-think our daily life and think about the things we stress about. I’m always so relaxed while travelling and full of energy when I get back!

  3. I am so grateful for this article you’ve provided here. I have really been looking for a good traveler’s blog as good as yours. I must say, you’ve really made my day and I would definitely be revisiting your site for valuable information.

  4. i too love to travel, but need to balance job and family. Hope this virus soon be over and I am thr to fly again, thanks

  5. The last time I traveled was in last weekend of February and after that I just check out my old pics and vlogs to make myself believe that everything will be over and we will be back someday, hitting the roads, climbing the mountains, embracing nature…

    1. Haha that’s been me as well! My last time was during Christmas in Paris and I’ve been looking at old travel photos ever since. We will be back someday tho, it’s just going to take a while. 🙂

  6. Hi Melissa, this is a great piece!
    Many people love traveling. It is a crucial part of life. Whether you are always idle or a busy bee, you need to consider traveling at least once a year.

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