The Top 15 Amazing Travel Subscription Boxes

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If you travel a lot, eat new foods and meet new people – wanderlust is bound to take over when you’re home for a while. There’s nothing like strolling through a new city, relaxing on a beach and exploring new destinations. We can still virtually transport those travel feelings to our home with travel subscription boxes! They are all locally created, indigenous ingredients, travel related books and so much more to cure your wanderlust.

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If you start a travel subscription box, you will receive a different box every month or quarter filled with fun travel items that can be home decor, food, lifestyle products and travel essentials. Every box is different which makes it perfect for every type of traveller – whether you’re a nature lover or beach lover. The surprise of opening these boxes is so exciting.

I’ve been researching these boxes myself to get one in the future and thought I’d share the ones I’ve come across during my search for the perfect one! What I mostly love about (almost) all of them, is that they are focussing on making a positive impact and send you authentic local products to support the local community as well.

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All pictures of the subscription boxes belong to the owners and creators of the subscription boxes!

10 Travel Subscription Boxes To Check Out

the vacation crate box, travel subscription box

Vacation Crate

Price: starts at $32.00/month

The subscription box Vacation Crate sends handmade treasures made by artists from all over the worlds most beautiful places. Vacation Crate has a monthly subscription or you can decide to get a 3, 6, 9 or 12 months plan. The boxes are responsibly and ethically made making sure to treat the planet nicely and to help locals create a better and safer community.

Shipping: Vacation Crate ships worldwide from the United States every first week of the month.

subscription box, travel, books, the wordy traveller

The Wordy Traveller

Price: starts at $49.99/month

When you first enter their website, you’ll read the following statement “Wanderlust delivered to you, lives changed around the world”. That sounds exciting! It is a luxury quarterly subscription plan with books that will immediately transport you to the most tropical and exciting places in the world.

The Wordy Traveller subscription box has four different subscription boxes in different price ranges. You have the full suitcase – non-fiction option, the backpacking edition – non-fiction, the backpacking edition – fiction and the full suitcase – fiction subscription boxes.

Shipping: The Wordy Traveller ships worldwide, four times a year on or before the 15th of the month.

jetsetter chic travel subscription box, flight attendant tips

Jetsetter Chic

Price: starts at $15.00/month

The subscription box Jetsetter Chic promotes itself as a travel lifestyle subscription box curated by a flight attendant for women who take the airplane frequently. They feature two boxes: the Travel Cosmopolitan and the Travel Connoisseur. It is a box filled with 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle products like face masks, aromatherapy, hand sanitizers and a to-go pouch. The box is shipped monthly.

Shipping: Jetsetter Chic ships worldwide on the 5th of every month.

the try the world subscription box, travel box, food box

Try the World

Price: starts at $19/month

Try the World is a food subscription box to discover the world through food. The box provides two options: a snack box or a countries box. The countries box has a curated selection of gourmet foods for cooking, or to create snacks or drinks. The snack box has a selection of snacks from around the world. They believe every new discovery enriches our life and I must agree with that. The production is authentic and all items are sourced in their country or origin so you’re always getting the local product.

Shipping: Try the World only ships to the US and Canada at this time.


Price: starts at $40/month but is cheaper with a subscription plan

Globein delivers unique artistic goods to your doorstep every month. You’re always in control of your box and you can swap it with any of the other boxes, or keep it or skip it if you want. They currently have four featured boxes The first one is the baker’s box, the second one is the jubilant box, the third one is the lively box and the fourth one is the revitalize box.

The baker’s box has all the ingredients you need to bake delicious breads and pastries every month. The lively box has unique glass work in enchanting purple and pink colors including incredible flavors like chocolates. The lively box brings gorgeous handmade items for a unique and colorful home experience (I need this for my new place). And lastly, the revitalize box will give you self-care products for body and soul with incredible glasswork. Every product you receive has its own story and all products are locally made and Globein makes sure that the creators receive a percentage of the sales.

Beside these four featured boxes, they have L O T S of other subscription boxes just as special as the ones above. The featured boxes are different each month.

Shipping: Globein ships worldwide from the United States.

camp life crate, subscription box, box for camping

Camp Life Crate

Price: starts at $44.95/month

The Camp Life Crate subscription box is perfect for the campers among us. Every quarterly box includes five to seven items and the monthly boxes have 3-5 items inside. Everything is focused on the camping life which means your items will differ from clothing, camping supplies, RV gear, guidebooks and planners, camp food and a lot more.

There are two different boxes available: the Outdoor Essentials (the monthly box) and the Camp Life Quarterly (the quarterly box). If you want, you can join the Camp Life Community to meet like-minded tent and RV campers.

Shipping: Camp Life Crate only ships within the United States.

the wanderlust subscription box with bikinis and other beach essentials

The Wanderlust by

Price: currently $85/every 3 months

The Wanderlust box almost speaks for itself if you read the name: bikini’s. And lots of them! Perfect for the beach lovers – whether you’re going snorkelling, sunbathing, surfing or just strolling on the boulevard. You will receive a discovery box with beauty, style, fashion and fitness essentials.

The box will arrive at your doormat every 3 months. The box changes every 3 months and the price will differ a little bit as well. They have had boxes focused on Venice, Puerto Viejo, Phuket Island and the Amalfi Coast!

Shipping: The Wanderlust box ships worldwide from the United States.

life's a wave beach box, travel subscription box, beach and ocean items

Life’s a Wave Beach Box

Price: starts at $49.95/month

Life’s a Wave Beach box is perfect for the beach lover. The ocean and beach lover inside of me already spent her money on the previous box, this box and the next box (but read this one first!). These beach boxes are everything I didn’t know I needed.

This box includes beachy items like candles with essences of the ocean, beachy jewellery, handmade cards, bath salts and so much more. The items are very divers so it’s always a surprise to open the box and see what you got. The subscription box is made to help the ocean stay clean and inspire others to do the same.

Shipping: The Life’s a Beach box ships worldwide on the 7th – 11th of the month and may take 1-4 weeks depending on your location.

the seacrate subscription box with beach essentials, travel subscription box


Price: starts at $42.00/month

The Seacrate subscription box will bring the oceand and the beach to your home if you can’t be there physically. They search the beach every month to send you the most perfect coastal treats plus beachy bonusses to get the waves into your home.

Every themed box has 4 beachy and ocean themed items for your home decor, body, bath and jewellery. You have the chance of winning a free gift or bonusses each month. Seacrate donates a portion of the sales to organizations that help clean up the beaches and organizations who rescue marine wildlife.

Shipping: Seacrate ships internationally from the United Stats on the 7th – 11th of each month.

vegan and cruelty free lifestyle, beauty and travel subscription box

Freedm Street

Price: starts at £21/every 2 months

The Freedm Street box is for the travel eco-friendly beauty lovers. Beauty is important to consider if you’re travelling often. We need to keep our skin happy if we fly a lot. We need to stay hydrated. This box is the ultimate beauty travel box with travel sized products. They are all vegan and cruelty free and are shipped in eco-friendly packaging!

You will receive a package every 2 months filled with make-up, skincare, bath & body, hair, wellbeing and more. Freedm Street will plant a tree for every 5 boxes sold and 10% of the box profits are donated to a charity that changes every 3 months.

There are three different boxes. The mini box has 3-6 products and is focused on beauty. The original box has 5-8 products and is focused on beauty as well. The deluxe box has 7-12 products and has items for beauty, lifestyle and snacks.

Shipping: Freedm Street ships worldwide from the United Kingdom every second week of the months February, April, June, August, October and December.

Little Passports

Price: starts at $15.95/month

A perfect box for the families reading my blog. This monthly travel subscription box will inspire little and junior adventure seekers to learn more about the world.

Little Passports has different boxes based on the age of your child. The Early Explorers box is for children from 3-5 years old and has information about music, oceans and dinosaurs.

The Science Junior box is for the 5-8 year-olds and launches them into a lifelong interest of technology, science, engineering and math.

The World Edition box is for the children in the age from 6-10 years old and they will learn discover new countries with souvenirs and hands-on activities.

The USA edition box is for the children from 7-12 years old where they will learn everything about the USA. They’ll learn two different states in every package with related activities.

They have another box called the Science Expeditions for the children above 9 years old. This box tells the secrets and answers mysteries of places in the world through activities and science.       

They say it’s a perfect after school activity for children to learn more about the world and actually get to explore some places before they arrive at the destination! This box is absolutely perfect for the little travellers some of us have. I’d suggest to look at this page > to see what every package offers your little one!

Shipping: Little Passport does not yet ship worldwide. Have a look on their website to see the specific countries! Some of the countries they ship to are the United Kingdom, Australia, New-Zealand, the United States and Canada.

the wanderkarma subscription box, handmade decor items, travel box


Price: starts at $30/month

The Wanderkarma box sends handmade travel products right to your home. These handmade products are by artisans from all over the world. The products from a different country each month making it a wonderful journey around the world.

You will receive 3-5 artisan products every month that can be handbags, home decor or jewellery. As a lovely bonus, you will receive a travel guide to the country to finalize your journey in this country. Wanderkarma gives 10% of the profit to an organization doing good in the world.

These boxes will take you to cities, islands and entire countries. Some of the examples on the website are Paris, Costa Rica, Greece and Japan.

Shipping: Wanderkarma currently ships within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Atlas Coffee Club

Price: starts at $9/shipment

As a coffee lover myself, this box sounds like so nice. I love coffee and I love tasting coffee around the world. With this box, you can make coffee from around the world in your own home!

The Atlas Coffee Club subscription boxes offer a coffee from a different country each package. Every box includes coffee and a postcard from a new country each month, tasting notes and brewing tips. Their coffee boxes have coffee from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Brazil and Costa Rica. There are over 50 countries that brew coffee worldwide so over 50 countries that can bring their coffee to your doorstep.

You get the option to decide whether you want a half bag, a single bag or a double bag of the coffee. For reference – the half bag gives you 15 cups of coffee and the double bag 60 cups of coffee. The package can be delivered every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. There’s an option to choose your roast preference ranging from light-medium, medium-dark or simply choose all roast types. And lastly, choose your grind type and pick between whole bean and ground.

Shipping: The Atlas Coffee Club only ships to the United States and Canada.

the happy glamper subscription box, travel box, box for glamping

The Happy Glamper

Price: starts at $39.92/month

The Happy Glamper box is for the fancy adventurers. The boxes focus on a different US state each month and has 4-7 items related to this state. The items are made by local artisans who create health and beauty items, jewellery, home décor, snacks and glamping gadgets. It will provide you with everything you need to make your camping experience the best luxury experience it can be.

If you are a subscriber, you will get a discount to the area’s top glamping destinations. Their July box was focused on Florida’s Historic Coast!

Shipping: The Happy Glamper only ships within the United States.

The Nomadik

Price: starts at $29.99/box

The Nomadik box has freshly launched gear, monthly outdoor challenges and expert tips for the nomadic adventurers among us. Every box will have 3-7 full-sized premium products. After you have ordered your box, you need to fill out a personal profile so they can tailor the box to your preferences! So it’s almost a personal box.

It is a box made for people who love hiking, camping and simply enjoy nature at its best. The Nomadik has 6 keywords: discover, quality, save, inspiration, learn and convenient. Discover the latest gear, quality in best in class brands, save a minimum of $50 retail value per box, get inspired by the outdoor challenges, learn outdoor tips and convenient because it is a hassle-free delivery!

Shipping: The Nomadik ships worldwide from the United States and the subscription boxes are shipped on the 25th of each month.

And that’s a wrap on all of these travel subscription boxes! Like I said at the beginning of my blogpost, there’s so much to choose from so there’s always something for everyone. Whether you’re a true camper, a glamper, a city trip lover or simply want to travel around in the world in your own home.

All of these boxes have monthly or quarterly subscriptions, so you’re able to cancel the box after you have received them. Perfect to try out if you want!

Which subscription box would you love to get? I’d love to get the Vacation Crate box!

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travel subscription boxes, travel gifts, travel ideas for home, wanderlust at home
travel subscription boxes, travel gifts, travel ideas for home, wanderlust at home


  1. These are all so amazing!!!! I had no idea there were travel subscription boxes! Definitely going to switch out my current box for one of these, it’ll just be so hard to pick one!

  2. Ahh, these are all such awesome gift ideas! I’m off to check out the Camp Life Crate! :] Very much loving the “Life’s a Wave” and the Secrate one too! *-*

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