10 Badass Desk Essentials Every Girl Boss Needs

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As a blogger and someone who works from home a lot, I know how important it is to have an organized desk with all the desk essentials near me. It helps me to work harder, stay concentrated and it makes working more exciting. These are 10 badass desk essentials every girl boss needs.

I will be sharing 10 desk essentials like desk items and tips to decorate your home office to stay inspired. It will increase productivity, inspire you and spark your creativity. If you have a job or business related to creativity, you know creativity can’t be forced. To me, it is so important to have an inspiring workplace to spark my creativity and help me to increase productivity.

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10 Badass Desk Essentials Every Girl Boss Needs

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A water bottle

It is important to stay hydrated while working in your home office. I have a few different water bottles who help me keep track of my water intake or have inspirational texts on them to help me drink more water. To be honest, I often forget to drink ‘cause I simply do not get thirsty. I will drink enough water if I have my water bottle next to me!

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Coffee mug

As a coffee lover, I need a good coffee mug to get me through the day. I’m not as addicted as I used to be, but  I still love to have at least one cup of coffee in the morning to start the day. A cute coffee mug with a motivation words or a fun design is a good way to decorate your home office and it’s a desk essential for me!


A planner is one of the most important desk essentials for me personally. I cannot function without a planner. I love my Erin Condron planner with my business name on it – it makes it so much more fun to work on it and it inspires me to increase productivity. Without a planner, I’m lost. I combine my handwritten planner with an organizing app called Notion to help with my social media and content planning.

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Noise cancelling headphone

I’m sure everyone has loud neighbours sometime in their life and it’s the absolute worst if you are trying to get things done. I bought my Sony noise cancelling headphone somewhere in January and it saved my concentration many times. This desk essential is so important to me because it helps me stay focused and work without any distractions.

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Where are my fellow plant lovers? I need some greenery around my desk. It helps with oxygen in the air but it’s also an awesome way to decorate your office and make it look more homey. Fake plants are a good option if you are not good at keeping plants alive! Most of them don’t look that fake and still give you the greenery in your office.


Obviously a key desk essential. I’m not getting any work done without my laptop. I love working on just my laptop, but use my second screen monitor most of the time to work on my business. This gives me two screens to work on and it’s so easy to keep a good overview of all your tasks. I usually have my Notion app open on my laptop itself and display my content planner or to-do list and do the actual work on my monitor!

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Sometimes I just need to write down some ideas instead of typing them in a document on my laptop. It truly helps me to organize the mess occurring in my head all too often. It takes longer, but it also gives my mind the time to balance itself and get less chaotic. I’m a fan of fancy planners, but I honestly just buy simple and plain notebooks to avoid any clutter on my desk!

Inspirational decor

This is obviously different for everyone, but since I’m mostly a travel blogger and my complete business revolves around travel – I have (to be exact) 7 photo frames with travel pictures in them. The wall next to my desk has a dark green color to give me jungle vibes and I have some dried flowers in colorful vases. It’s the perfect inspirational decor for me to spark my creativity.

A desk lamp

A desk lamp is one of the best desk essentials if you work early in the morning or later at night. I live in Europe so it’s spring/summer here and the sun sets around 9 PM which gives me lots of time to work without any lights on. However, on gloomy days or in the winter – I need a good desk lamp if I want to write in my planner or notebook.

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Cute stationary

These desk essentials are small but really irreplaceable in my opinion. I love to have a few good pens to write with, have paperclips if I use any documents that need to stay together and I use post its to make notes on these documents. This is especially handy for me if I work on any online courses that include specific worksheets!

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desk items, essentials on the desk, items to have on desk, girl boss, boss babe, home offcie

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