15 Fun Passport Holders For Travellers

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Your passport is your key essential while travelling. It’s in your hand a lot of times, looked at and used on the airport and stations. A cute passport holder is perfect to spice up your passport game and make it look more-you, more personal and avoids the chance of mistakenly taken by someone else from the same country. I listed 15 cute passport holders for female travellers!

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I have a few passport holders myself and I always use them. It’s easy to find your passport in your backpack, everyone knows it’s yours and its overall a lot of fun to pick them out and have your passport in the holder. Basic passports from the outside all look the same if you’re from the same country. Every Dutch passport looks the same. It’s so easy to mistakenly grab the wrong one if you don’t check the inside of the passport. Luckily never happened to me, but it’s always good to reduce the chances with a passport holder.

Another reason to buy a passport holder is to simply protect your passport. All travellers know that your passport has to be visibly in a good shape. It can’t be too damaged, everything has to be readable otherwise your passport will be invalid. If you’re throwing it in your bag and don’t take good care of it, you’ll possibly have to get a new passport sooner than expected.

Ready to spice up your passport before all the travelling begins again? Now is the perfect time to get your new travel essentials and be ready to go if your next trip is coming up!

15 Fun Passport Holders For Travellers

Neutral passport case with RFID blocking

a pink passport holder with rfid blocking

I love this pink passport holder with RFID to protect your stuff from being scammed. This holder is available in many other colors if the pink one isn’t your thing! There’s enough choice of everyone: red, green, white, black, purple and so much more.

Neutral case with airplane

a red passport cover and holder with a little airplane on it

Simplicity is key sometimes. This neutral case with an airplane on it might be one of my favorites because it is so simple. Just one base color and a little airplane on the right top corner. I personally love the ones where the airplane is most visible and preferably in the bright red color! I’ll notice it right away in my backpack.

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Rose gold travel wallet with flowers

a colorful passport holder with flowers for travelling

This passport wallet with flowers is a very versatile one! Go for the patterned one with the flowers or decide to get a more neutral one with just a line of the pattern. There are a few passport holders for the people who love glitters! They have the glitter ones in pink, purple, silver and black.

Leotruny passport holder cover

a marble looking passport holder and passport case with an airplane

Another neutral one. This case has a marble effect with a little airplane on it as well. Simple, but fun and cute to have on your passport. This one has a few other pockets for your cards and boarding pass too, making it perfect to use for all your travel documents.

Vegan leather travel case

a colorful passport holder with icons and text made from vegan leather

A fun one vegan leather travel case! As much as I love neutral passport holders, I love the more fun ones with a quote and icons on it. This one makes me excited to pack my bags right now and go on a spontaneous trip. It’s made out of vegan leather which is a big plus for me personally.

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Sky green passport cover with RFID blocking

a blue or green passport set with passport holder and luggage tag

This passport holder has a gorgeous blue/green color and comes with a luggage tag as well, so you’ll have a two in one package! The inside is made for other cards and your boarding pass. It’s not a typical holder where you have to open your passport as a book, but your passport just goes in a side pocket. Easy to get out when you need to scan it!

Phone charging passport holder

a fun passport holder in a neutral color with a globe and quote on it, phone charging passport holder

Another neutral passport cover with a little twist to it. The globe in the middle of the passport and the text “take me anywhere” spices things up. They have a lot more of these with different texts like “jetsetter”, “wanderlust” and “wheels up”. This is one of my favorites as well because it has so many extra features. It has a place to store your power bank, your phone, it has a cable holder, a pocket for money and a boarding pass, cards and obviously your passport. The passport has RFID blocking as well.

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Vegan eco leather passport cover

a travel case and passport holder with a quote and mountains for the adventurers

A passport holder with a fun text and icons on it as well. This one is perfect for the adventurers among us! There are other options here too, passport holders with more icons and more colors in it too. I do love the mountains on this passport holder too.

Mud Pie fall speckled passport holder

three different passport holders in a neutral colors with a fun quote

This is one that looks like a package of three passport holders but it’s only one! There’s the black one, a cream one and a grey one. Just look at the color before you buy it to make sure you have the right one. I’m a fan of the cream one, it’ll fit perfect with my other travel essentials.

Getaway passport holder and luggage tag

i'm outta here travel case, luggage tag and passport holder in ink for travelling

Yay, another pink passport case! This one is so colorful, looks so happy and there’s a luggage tag included as well. There’s another set with flowers on it, very pretty and cute. A good luggage tag is so nice if you have a pretty basic suitcase. You’d know almost instantly it’s your bag (just check it to be sure)!

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Kate Spade botanical cover

kate spade passport holder, beige holder with botanical flowers on it

Kate Spade has the most gorgeous passport holders, so I had to include one of her covers. This is one is colorful and neutral at the same time which is perfect for the travellers who like more subtle covers.

White and grey passport set

a travel set with passport case and luggage tag for your next travel trip

Two other very neutral holders for the minimalist! This is a white or grey set including a luggage label. It simply says “passport” with a little airplane on it. Simple, simplistic and it protects your passport perfectly.

Leather passport holder with RFID blocking

a bright travel case, passport holder and passport case with an icon and quote

This is a special passport holder. It is very bright, it has an icon and it even has quote. Definitely not subtle or minimalistic but perfect if you love this vibe! It even has a zipper for cash, places for cards and a separate place for your passport. The holder has RFID blocking too.

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Beth Briggs passport cover with icons

colorful passport cover with a lot of travel icons with a luggage tag

If you love icons, this is the one perfect travel case for you. To be honest, I absolutely adore this one. It makes me so happy. All the typical travel icons are on this cover and it screams exploring the world. Another luggage tag with it as well!

Sunflower Passport Holder

a sunflower travel case, passport holder and luggage tag for female travellers

The last passport holder is one full of my favorite flower – the sunflower. Sunflowers are always associated with happiness and summer – making it the perfect passport holder for your next trip. This one comes with a luggage tag as well so your travel essentials will match perfectly.

These are all awesome passport holders to buy and use for your own little passport baby, as it’s the most important thing to take with you on your travels! Without it, you’re going nowhere. I’m not really a fan of pink but I do really like the pink passport holders. It is such a happy color for my passport. Obviously, when you have to scan your passport, you need to take the cover off most of the times but you can just put it back on when you’re done!

Which one is your favorite?

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female passport holders, fun travel cases, travel sets to buy, passport covers, passport cases, travel essentials for your passport


  1. These passport holders are all so cute!! I love the Leotruny passport holder. I have been in the market for one, so I will make sure to use these links when I purchase one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Omg! I love so many of these! My favorite has to be the Let the Adventure begin one though. Do you know if most/all of these have RFID protection?

    1. Almost all if not all of these have RFID protection! It’s always mentioned in the product description tho, just to double check if you want. 🙂

  3. These are all so pretty! What an amazing collection. I usually always get Kate Spade passport holders, but I also love the neutral case with airplane that you included. I’ll definitely be checking that one out!

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