7 Tips For Working From Home Productively

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As a blogger, freelancer or as a full-time or part-time employee – we are sometimes working from home. I’m currently working from home everyday of the week to blog and write my thesis research for graduation. I know that’s it can be hard to work from home efficiently without getting distracted and to be as productive as possible. These are my tips for working from home efficiently.

We are in the middle of a period where we have to work from home, especially if you are reading this in March. During this pandemic due to COVID-19, we all have to stay inside to limit spreading the disease. It’s all we can do at the moment.

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These are my own tips that work really well for me and help me to work from home efficiently. I had been struggling for so long to get a good working environment. Before I had my current workplace, I used to work from my own bedroom and it wasn’t ideal. Now I work in the attic where I created my own office!

Find a spot that works for you

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Like I just mentioned, working from my bedroom wasn’t working for me. Even though I had a big desk and part of my bedroom functions as a living room with a big couch and tv. The vibe wasn’t there to love working from home. Working downstairs in the dinning room wasn’t working for me either.

The attic works perfect for me. It’s quiet, I hear the birds chirping ‘cause the window is located at the side of our garden. I’m the only one working here and we’ve created an office spot for me and my dad. What works for you? Are you working well in an environment with people walking around you and talking to you or do you prefer to work in silence?

My ideal working space would be different if I was living on my own again. I used to love working at my kitchen bar or at my dining table! It depends per home and whatever you like. I would suggest to try a few different spots and see what feels nice. It’s also good to change it up during the week if you work well in different environments.

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Have a second screen

I have a 27 inch monitor on my desk with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I connect my own laptop with the HDMI cable to the monitor so I work with two different screens. I’m not always using two screens, sometimes I just leave Spotify open on my laptop screen and do all the work on my 27 inch screen.

It’s particularly convenient if I have to do work for my thesis or whenever I’m editing pictures and see if they match with my blog and other pictures! I also like to have my to do list on my laptop screen. I wouldn’t be able to work without my bigger screen. Absolutely love it and it’s so nice to work from home and not have to look at my 14 inch laptop screen!

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use a second screen when you are working from home to stay productive

Create your workplace

I love having a work space with my planner, laptop and second screen and the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. In addition, I always have my noise cancelling Sony headphones on my desk to wear and not be distracted or to listen to podcasts without background noise. Furthermore, I do always have my water bottle and phone with me too. I’m also located right next to the printer which is very handy if you need to print something!

It’s also nice to have a larger workspace like a bigger table or desk. My desk is pretty large and I love it to have enough space and not having everything cramped together. Especially because I need to plug-in my laptop into my HDMI cable to have my monitor on.

In addition, I want my workspace to be clean and tidy which I recommend for you to do as well! It’s so much less distracting if you’re space is clean. I’m always getting distracted if I have a lot of stuff around me and wires tangled in each other.

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Make lists

Whenever I’m working from home, there’s so much I need to do which makes me feel a little overwhelmed. As I mentioned before on my blog, I love making to do lists. We can do this by writing it but I recently discover a new app to use on my phone and laptop!

The app is made for Android, IOS and Windows. You can also download it if you have an iMac or MacBook, but I wasn’t sure if that’s the IOS system like it’s on the iPhones but just know you can download it on pretty much every device and operating system.

The app is called “Microsoft To Do” and it was previously known as Wunderlist. They recently changed it and emailed me because I was using Wunderlist. What I love about it is the simplicity of the lists and the changes we can make. We can add new lists, change the background and themes to our liking and make our lists. Whenever we have made a list, we can add sub tasks into the “head” tasks which is so handy if you have multiple things to do for one big project.

This is easy ‘cause it’s synchronized with your Microsoft account so it’s always up-to-date on all the devices. No need to make new lists on different apps! It really is a must have for me if I’m working from home. Lists make my head more calm and I work more efficiently when I know what I need to do. There’s also an option to schedule tasks or set a timer for when it needs to be done.

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Create a morning routine

The best thing we can do is to get up at the same time, make our bed, get dressed and have a good breakfast. Creating a regular working routine helps to get our minds focused and feel more organized. It is so tempting to stay in bed and sleep in. I feel most productive when I actually get ready as if I were going to work or school. It gets me into the right mindset.

I do always dress casually and comfy when I’m working from home. It’s just so nice to be as comfortable as possible when you’re at a desk in your home. No need to wear fancy clothes if that’s not your thing. I still feel put together if I work from home in comfy pants!

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Stay in touch with friends and family

It can get lonely if you are working from home a lot and definitely during these difficult times. If your work allows it, facetime with a friend or call with a family member. You two can work from home together while enjoying each other’s company! They can help motivate you if you’re feeling a bit off.

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Take self-care seriously and be kind to yourself

The last tip is a very important one. It’s so easy to go a little crazy inside our minds when we are so much inside our home. We obviously have to work but take small breaks to get your mind off things. Go outside for a walk or chill on your balcony or in your garden to enjoy the sun. Spring is around the corner and the sun is coming out.

I sometimes feel unproductive after working from home but it’s not always the truth. Try to keep note of your achievements so you won’t forget what you’ve done during the day. Even the smallest tasks are still productive. Don’t give yourself a hard time because you wanted to do so much more.

These tips help me into getting more productive when I’m working from home and work more efficiently and effectively. It takes less time to finish a task and it gives me much more peace into working from home. The spring and summer time make me more excited to work from home ‘cause the sunshine and the space outside to work on make me really happy. You can get cozy during the fall and winter time which definitely have perks too!

I wish you all well, stay safe and be kind to everyone around you. What’s your best tip for working from home effectively?



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7 tips for working from home productively, efficiently working from home, work from home effectively, business, blogging, tips to work from home
7 tips for working from home productively, efficiently working from home, work from home effectively, business, blogging, tips to work from home


    1. Ah girl I’m with you! I have days when I’m super productive and other days when I just want to watch Netflix, YouTube and play The Sims haha. 😀 I hope these tips will definitely help you stay more focused!

  1. These are great tips! I’ve been working from home all week (not the first time I’ve done this) and absolutely love it! I get so much more done at home than in the office.

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